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  1. Schulmania

    Looks nice! Plenty of trees to climb, as well.
  2. Schulmania

    A picnic!... that seems to have already happened. I wonder how they managed to convince a cat to go underwater...
  3. Schulmania

    Remember to be careful with the delivery, don't want to spill any of the cargo onto the tracks!
  4. Schulmania

    Renovations? Do they include plenty of elevated walkways along the walls and various things to climb?
  5. Schulmania

    Yay, greenery! Also plenty of potential prey for the kitties to pounce on and play with!
  6. Schulmania

    Congrats on a million views! Not often that you see skyscrapers in Schulmania... or cars, for that matter. Ooh... construction waffles...
  7. Schulmania

    Ahh. A map would be nice for all of the new cities and stuff... And option 4. And I wonder what the situation with Queensferry is at the moment...
  8. Schulmania

    Who or what is a purkeyluo?
  9. Schulmania

    Leech Apothecary! Seems like playing hockey with a yarn ball runs the risk of the ball of yarn unraveling during play... what happens then?
  10. Schulmania

    Ooo, nice. Up nice and high so that the cats can easily see out over everything in the area.
  11. Schulmania

    Looks good! And the power of time travel (AKA: Scrolling) gives you plenty of time to look at everything, even when the tour guides try to hurry you along!
  12. Schulmania

    They better be careful with the flaming ring, wouldn't want any burnt fur, right? Miß Alice?
  13. Schulmania

    Santa Kitty! Also, that looked a bit confusing at first until the camera turned so that you could see the cat's rear legs...
  14. Schulmania

    Do we all have to share the same box? Merry Soon-to-be Christmas to Schulmania!
  15. Schulmania

    That Wirdleccino looks like it would be hard to make... Looks good, can't wait for more (chocolate)!