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Nacar Day 1: Newcomer

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Lyhoko Leaci


Misa.pngMisa: And here's the beginning, as the doctor has ordered.

*I'm the Leech, not a doctor!*

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Or in Myonian that would be "Ai'm ðii Bladwurm, naat a liich!". Or written as it would be in English, "I'm the Bloodworm, not a leech!" It's pronounced pretty much the same way, too. It's the meaning that's a bit different.

Misa.pngMisa: Isn't this my story?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Oh, sorry.

Nacar Day 1: Newcomer


Day 1, unknown time:

Ugh, what happened? Last thing I remember, I was simply resting in my room aboard the Ancaron destroyer Garcan, next thing I know, everything was spinning. Nothing that I know of could have suddenly just caused that, even if we were attacked there would be at least some form of warning. After that, nothing, and now I'm here, wherever here is. I can't even detect the rest of the fleet, so wherever here is, it's either a long way away, or somehow I time traveled. Looks nice, though, clean water, green trees, and birds. Some big mountains just barely visible off to the... east? I think that's right, if this place’s magnetic field is to be trusted. I suppose east is a good a direction as any to call it, until I figure out which way the sun is moving, at least.

Misa.pngMisa: That's fresh water, by the way.


Day 1, 3 hours:

It seems this planet is inhabited, surprisingly be humans that speak English. Either I didn't end up as far away as I thought I did, or English and humans are more widespread than I thought. The population is a bit low, though, I only saw about 10 buildings, 20 at most. There's some farms too, though I don't know anything about the surroundings here. However, they seem nice enough, about an hour and a half or so after I woke up here, two men showed up where I was. They had spears, probably for hunting, though after I told them I was not going to harm them, they helped me back to their village. Not that they would have been able to harm me with those spears anyway, though it is nice that they didn't try. Also, unlike many other humans that I know of, the men actually were skirts of some sort, and they correctly guessed my gender. Hold on, I think it is time for the tour of the area.

Misa.pngMisa: Technically, it's actually Muphridish, not English. And it's closely related to Myonian. And did I really say that about correctly guessing my gender?


There were three of these guard towers, this one plus two more in the farms. The trees were cleared away nearby both for firewood, and to make sure nothing was hidden.

Misa.pngMisa: Nothing to say here.


They also had a dock for fishing boats. They seems to be more advanced than I thought they were before, as these boats are quite finely made, much more so than one would expect fishing boats to be. They looked almost as if they were made out of one large piece of wood, carved into shape! Though I never did figure out what the tank out on the end of the dock was for, not even the villagers know. It just was there as long as they can remember, it seems. The birdhouses are a bit odd as well, they almost look like streetlights.

Misa.pngMisa: Yep, interesting things here. Some of them seem to be related to the "They're birdbaths, not satellite dishes" effect in Schulmania...


Ah yes, the farms. There were 5 different crops, consisting of what they called "pumpkins," "soy beans," "melons," "sugarcane," and something called "wax beans." Why someone would want to eat something with "wax" in its name, I don't know, but they say they're quite tasty. Overall their diet consists of these crops, fish, and various wild berries and other animals that they manage to find.

Misa.pngMisa: Who names something "wax beans," anyway?


Overall, the village is quite advanced for a people who don't even know how to write. Then again, they've never really needed to so far. Maybe I can teach them, also maybe I could figure out why they don't explore. They only have really been in the village or the farms their whole lives, only traveling out into the forest to hunt, and then not going very far at all. There's an island or more land up to the direction I now know to be north, but they've never been there. No fish there, they said. While that makes sense, it doesn't mean they can't go there.

Misa.pngMisa: It seems odd that they've never explored much, I wonder what that's all about?

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