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Myon Space 4: Lost, part 2

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Lyhoko Leaci


Day 1


Crew3.pngLana: Any more information on these planets?

Crew 1: And what should we call this system?

Crew4.pngLeisan: Good question... The 3rd planet has noticably higher gravity than Mïyan, as well as an atmosphere roughly 6 times as thick, and it is also quite hot, and humid.

Crew5.pngPaþü: Not very present sounding.

Crew4.pngLeisan: From what I can tell, most of the land seems to be covered in plant life, but most of it is nothing like I've ever seen before. So far, I haven't detected any signs of complex animal life. Technically, there is enough oxygen that you would be able to breath, but it would feel like you're on top of a mountain. And then there's the nitrogen narcosis that would likely set in shortly after.

Crew5.pngPaþü: Pyomü Wïme.

Crew3.pngLana: What? Lost World?

Crew5.pngPaþü: Yes. It could just be called Wïme for short, the system can be.

Crew3.pngLana: It works, I guess.

Crew 2: That's odd.

Crew3.pngLana: What?

Crew 2: From the relative positions of the nearby galaxies, we can't have traveled more than about 2000 light years. But that's still within subspace range, and nothing's coming up. Plus none of the stars match. It just doesn't make any sence.

Crew3.pngLana: Odd... is there a stargate in this system?

Crew4.pngLeisan: No, there isn't.

Crew3.pngLana: So much for trying to contact Myon that way.


One of the crew opened up an external view on one of the screens, showing the planet as they passed by it.

Crew 2: Purple plants?

Crew3.pngLana: That's different.


Day 2

Paþü: There's still nothing specific coming up on subspace. I did detect something that seemed Dlorwani in origin, but it was too distant to pick up clearly, and seemed a bit odd as well.

Crew3.pngLana: Odd?

Crew5.pngPaþü: It had some different characteristics than an ordinaly Dlorwani signal, but was still recognizable as one.

Crew4.pngLeisan: Did we somehow get sent into an alternate universe?

Crew3.pngLana: Certainly aeems like it.

Crew 2: Something just shwowed up on long range sensors... it's... Hasiq?

Crew3.pngLana: Where?

Crew 2: About 100 light years out, seems to be a small ship. They don't usually show up on a regular scan, though. Wait, it just dissapeared again.

Crew3.pngLana: First different stars, then odd Dlorwani, and now easier to detect Hasiq. This is getting odder and odder.


2 hours later, they began coasting as they passed the sun, and prepared to spin around to slow back down. Suddenly, a hyperspace window opened up, and a maroon and gray ship that seemed to be mostly engines appeared in front of them.

Crew 2: And the Hasiq're back again.

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