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Lyhoko Leaci


Edit: Jan 24th: Now with weight and metric equivalents


Just a random image of a day of school at Tiffany Meiring's high school... which for some reason involves crossdressing. Maybe they lost a bet? Culuya, who isn't crossdressing, seems to find the situation quite funny... "Upyadawa ja ebba jalakduxen!" is Zukish for "No flying in the halls!"

From left to right: Culuya Kasa (Zuke), Igrasa Zhaphe (Muphridian), Binashu Kaja (Zevinowa), Tiffany Meiring (Human), Lauren Halatik (Zuke), Scott Wasuvo

Based on a Haruhi Suzumiya image here: http://konachan.com/post/show?md5=c94c8b08a370c6fa03c912948d67a650

The following 5 (well 4, as Zukes and Muphridians technically are the same species) species are the ones that are most likely to be found in Myon, or the planet Maiyan.


Average adult height (female): 2 feet 9 inches / 84 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 3 feet, 1 inch / 94 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 45 pounds / 20.4 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 52 pounds / 23.6 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 102 years

Basic Hair colors: Gray, brown, black, mixtures of the previous

Diet: Carnivorous

Native to: Maiyan/Mïyan

General information: Gaxikaen have a rocket-like organ on their back that allows them to fly, this can be controlled to provide maneuvering as well, and normally the exhaust is relatively cool. They also have wings that are attached to their arms, and a rod-like secondary arm that attaches to their side when the wings are deployed, otherwise it remains flat against their actual arms. They are able to fly using only their wings and not the bio-rocket, unlike Zukes, and can also fly reasonably well just by using the bio-rocket. Gaxika commonly begin to learn to fly around the age of 3 to 4, and can learn to do so on their own, though training helps them learn quicker. They are entirely covered with fur, and can survive in space for limited periods of time. A lack of oxygen does not effect their bio-rockets performance, and the fur protects them from UV rays. They also have 6 fingers/toes on each hand/foot, and have retractable claws. They also have a tail, but it is quite short and normally not visible, being hidden under clothes.


Average adult height (female): 5 feet 8 inches / 173 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 5 feet, 11 inches / 180 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 132 pounds / 59.9 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 157 pounds / 71.2 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 112 years

Basic Hair colors: Brown, black, blond, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Earth

General information: I think you already know this.


Average adult height (female): 8 feet / 244 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 8 feet, 1 inch / 246 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 476 pounds / 215.9 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 506 pounds / 229.5 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 265 years

Basic Hair colors: Brown, black, blond, green, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Alhuna? Maiyan/Mïyan? Muphrid?

The first Muphridians were genetically modified Zukes, created by the Hasiq in order to serve as a sort of servant race, though they revolted and became independent around 9 thousand years ago. The genetic manipulations include a potential for telekinetic or similar powers, though only about 50% of the population has one of more of these abilities. Also they have the ability to survive in space, similar to Gaxikaen, and they have lost the feet-rockets that Zukes have. Also, they have a small horn on the bottom of the back of their head that Zukes lack. For more information, see the section on Zukes.


Average adult length (female): 17 feet, 7 inches / 536 centimeters

Average adult length (male): 17 feet, 7 inches / 536 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 167 pounds / 75.7 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 166 pounds / 75.3 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 87 years

Basic Hair colors: none

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Vinawasho

Zevinowati (singular Zevinowa) are somewhat snakelike in appearance, and have 10 limbs that can act as either legs or arms, the most common configuration they take is that of an S shape, with the last to pairs of limbs used as legs. They have a pattern of red markings that are unique to the Zevinowa in question, females also have significant orange markings as well as the red. Some forms of Zevinowa food are poisonous to other species, though in most cases the reverse is not true. Zevinowati additionally are venomous, and can either inject venom though their fangs, or can spray it if necessary. Most doses are not strong enough to kill another unless the target is allergic, though a full injection is enough to kill. Also, due to the fangs they are unable to pronounce s, z, or th sounds effectively, producing a notable accent. Zevinowati do not have a skeletal system similar to that of the other species, instead they have a system that is combined with the muscular system, that allows for a combination of strength and flexibility. They have 3 eyes and 3 ears as well, with the ears looking like holes in the skin.


Average adult height (female): 8 feet / 244 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 8 feet, 1 inch / 246 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 475 pounds / 215.5 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 504 pounds / 228.6 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 265 years

Basic hair colors: Brown, black, blond, green, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Maiyan/Mïyan

Zukes have a tail that has a forked tip, this can be formed into a sort of fist, several other wild animals commonly referred to as "clubtails" have the same ability. Like Gaxikaen, they have 6 fingers/toes on each hand/foot, and have retractable claws. Aside from their head, their body has little visible hair, though thin fuzz covers most of their body, along with the scales, which are quite small and not noticeable as such unless you look closely. They have wings with a similar structure to that of Gaxikaen, and also have feet-rockets to provide flight thrust. Unlike Gaxhikaen, they do not have the ability to fly with just their wings and not the feet-rockets, though the can glide. Like Gaxikaen, the commonly learn to fly around the age of 3 or 4. They can somewhat fly just by using the feet-rockets, though it is rare that one would become proficient in doing so. They can survive at high altitudes that humans would be unable to, but they lack the ability to survive in space for extended periods of time.

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