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Dierapyamuk Invasion 4: First Contact

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Lyhoko Leaci


Wed. May 24th, 0150AL


Brian_T.pngBrian: Yes, school is finally over!

Tiffany_H.pngTiffany: It’s hot out, though.

Brad_L.pngBrad: Says the girl who is wearing a Hogwarts school uniform.

Michael took off his fake glasses before speaking.

Michael_H.pngMichael: How are you not hot?

Brad_L.pngBrad: It’s not that hot out.


Tiffany and Michael headed back off home, while Brad, Brian, Tara and Lil stayed behind in the park.

Tara_B.pngTara: It just seems so calm now, hard to think that a tropical storm could be coming in.

The sky was currently partially cloudy, with most of the clouds being high and thin, though the lower ones were noticeably moving in off the coast.

Voice: Hello.

The four of them quickly turned to see Mardon and Cormani standing there, though they didn't know who they were.

Lil.pngLil: What?

While there were visibly startled, they at least didn’t scream.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Not to be rude, but who are you?

Tara_B.pngTara: And how did you just suddenly appear? I didn’t hear you coming.

Cormani.pngCormani: I am Cormani and this is Mardon.

Mardon.pngMardon: Mina.


Cormani.pngCormani: We are Ancaron, and we are just here to observe. As for how we appeared, transporters.

Brian_T.pngBrian: I’m Brian, and they are Brad, Tara, and Lil.

Brad_L.pngBrad: If you are just here to observe, why are you talking to us?

Mardon.pngMardon: Because we want to?

Cormani.pngCormani: Sometimes it is simpler to get information by talking to people, then by simply standing around and watching what happens.

Mardon didn’t add anything to this explanation, instead examining Brad, Brian, Lil, and Tara.

Cormani.pngCormani: Did you know there are two natural wormholes in this star system?

Brad_L.pngBrad: What?

Tara_B.pngTara: There is one...

Mardon.pngMardon: You’re crossdressing.

Brian_T.pngBrian: It’s Look-Alike Day.

Mardon.pngMardon: Huh? Not you, you other two, Lil and Brad.

Cormani chose that moment to whack Mardon in the back of the head.

Mardon.pngMardon: Ka! What was that for?

Cormani.pngCormani: You don’t talk about that here.

Brad_L.pngBrad: Okay...?

Cormani.pngCormani: Anyway, like I mentioned, we are simply here to observe. There is quite a bit going on in this region of space, and this planet is right in the middle of it, even if it isn’t actually involved.

Lil.pngLil: But why talk to us?

Cormani.pngCormani: That topic is not for discussion now. This isn’t the time or the place.

Tara_B.pngTara: What is the time and place, then?

Cormani.pngCormani: We’ll let you know. For now, it is time for us to go.

Mardon rubbed the back of his head before adding a word.

Mardon.pngMardon: Nami.


They seemed to blink out of existence, with no sound or flash of light announcing the beaming, unlike a Myonian transporter.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Okay... that was odd.

Lil.pngLil: What should we do?

Tara_B.pngTara: They seemed nice enough.

Brad_L.pngBrad: True, and for whatever reason, it felt like they are trustworthy... but I can’t explain it.

Brian_T.pngBrian: I didn’t feel anything like that, good or bad.

Lil.pngLil: Interesting. Hopefully they are trustworthy.

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Recommended Comments

And the Ancaron make their presence known. However I'm sure they would seem more like halucinations than real to other people who the kids try to describe them.

And I'm very interested in this second Wormhole. I'm sure once the Government gets wind of this, they'll make efforts to find it, and explore it.

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Let's see...  Brad and Brian have very "interesting" haircuts...

"Because we want to" is becoming a bit of a signature with you.  :P

I wouldn't be so trusting as Brad, I think.  :P


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