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  1. *Receives Christmas photos from Grandma.* *inserts IPhone 4s*
  2. *Recieves Gulf War poster along with a model of an F-20 model fighter jet. *Inserts the Season 6 CD of "The Cosby Show"*
  3. The City of Blois

    *froths from the mouth* I return from exile and find beautiful photos! These pictures are amazing! ive been working on my application for AIN. I'm frothing from the mouth because I've scraped over 6 nations in two years. I need a strike of inspiration! I have found it! (Now all I need is computer that can actually RUN CS!) (just a map of an idea. Name subject to change. I'm personally looking for a more post-Soviet nation. Back to the drawing board I go! *sigh*)
  4. Battery Park, NY

    How did you get those custom road tiles?!
  5. Schwyz (Historic Old Town)

    Can you do an entry about Innbruck? That is the city holding the AIN Winter Games 2017, right? At least do some kind of entry on Innsbruck soon.
  6. Hi Pug. I never knew that you were on simtropolis!
  7. Minute Maid Park

    very nice
  8. One Detroit Center

    Very beautiful. I love seeing this building when I'm on I94.
  9. Moose Factory Bar and Grill

    RIP A Nonny Moose. You are missed by us all.
  10. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    But we should celebrate his passing. do not be sad. He hopefully passed in his sleep. We should celebrate the life that he had, and the great moments that he gave us. Do not put yourelves down on this! He is happy and in a better place now! Feel happy! Celebrate! I bet he wants that for you guys.
  11. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    just found out in the middle of class. I'm screaming right now. RIP you will be missed my friend.
  12. Oakland - Some close ups and a few other shots

    What terrain mod do you use? I really admire it.
  13. The Grand Lakes Region

    okay, okay. i saw this at modnight. dont blame me
  14. Frickinhuge Signage Set

    My people had a riot at the brohoove sign. Some German idiot sounding guy who yells PAP SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP decided to have a brony uprising. He failed, but the sign stayed. Thank you for a sign that I can laugh at everyday of my life.
  15. The Grand Lakes Region

    I saw "Great Lakes Region". I got all excited thinking that it was the great lakes from the US. Still great map, but for me, misleading