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  1. All these is so nice - Trafficmods, zones withslider, new Sizes, CAM, NAM - paradox wouldt have make a own expansion for that and we get it for free - wonder why you guys dont build a own game
  2. Civilization VI

    hmm felt it shorter ;-) probably because i enjoy/ed civ V so much.
  3. Civilization VI

    The first time i heard about civ VI is coming Nov21 i thought: omg thats quick. Usually Sids deploymenttime was way longer and this also meant he put alot good work into it. Do he needs some money? But since i like civilisations since title 1. well yes i was happy to see a new one even civ V had alot expansions and is still a uptodate stratagy game. Im happy i wasnt buying it off steam on release - i usually do on certain titles i trust into but after reviewing a few reviews on steam im glad i didnt. Here are first 2 negative coments on it even civ VI has more positive rating previews. Positiv (17,293) Negativ (3,411) I think ill wait until steam puts it up on disount you can expect early in the future probably after xmas. http://store.steampowered.com/app/289070/
  4. 90mods / 1000 assets 10minutes - new map 15-20 on city AMD8Core 16gb ram r9 fury
  5. For me the view of it isnt all i want in a game and/or citybuilder even i like beautifull things. I loose fast my mood to build more within my citys and take a break for while, like do at the moment. This is because lack of good gamemechanics, bugs, bad AI (stuiped cars still drive me mad - even with presidential edition). Trains of Cargoships camping seas is one big major issues im so sick of this. You see it alot over the last years - pretty graphics, pretty look but lack of true content or simulations. There are only a handfull games (all generes) that realy have both - awsome graphics and good gameplay/simulations/gamemechanics. I like sort of micromanagment - sometimes i play hours to only fix trafficjams or watch sims / workers moving around - where they come from, go to and or deliver stuff just to see where to improve it. CS miss alot in that way. I liked SC4 micromangment but im 3d player and need shiny beautifull views like CS has. Still, i dont want to make the community bad here - quite the converse, without the awsome modders and designers i wouldnt play Cities Skyline as much as i do and it wouldnt be as good as it is with all the workshopcontent. So my point - we need more simulation stuff and guys how look into AI and gamemechanics. Shame im not programmer . like most people. Keep up the good work everyone.
  6. SimCity Buildit

    It is a pretty good citybuilder app - i like that you can choose / need to build your own products with industrials/shops and upgrade the residentials withit. 24 Levels to upgrade for each residential. Alot events and missions and even you can buy some ingame stuff it is a good challenge without it. If you like Citybuilders i recommend it - it is not a simulation. Hit me on https://plus.google.com/communities/102549100809579539701?hl=de to join and connect citys ingame.
  7. i like the game it is pretty entertaining little appgame! if you have google+ account we can share between citys https://plus.google.com/communities/102549100809579539701?hl=de join this community to connect within buildit
  8. does propsnapping include in beautyfication mod or is it a new release? lets hope not.
  9. Show Us Your Interchanges

    use move it mod -- left click move - it removes almost any error if you move the nodes just a few meters
  10. dont use to much assets or mods if you dont have decent PC - dont change mods or assets much
  11. Question

    How long you wait? Decent map with lot assetes takes up to 10-15 min to load. It looks like it is freezed but mostly still loads - wait abit. You also can install http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667342976&searchtext=load this mod shows you what the game actually loads and or not loads or where it gets stuck loading - generates a reportfile so you can better track down bugged assets.
  12. Yes i really like that industrial stuff - recomment it!
  13. also helpfull: recalculate the normals from the 'Shading/UVs' tab of the tool shelf, or you can do it by a short cut by Ctrl+N Sure it only works proper on simple objects.
  14. you can find flipped face within blender pretty easy if you turn on the direction editmode - Properties panel (toggled with the N key in the 3D View).
  15. You may unintentional imported a alphamap texture?