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  1. Downloaded assets do not work

    I have the same exact problem and I am on Windows. It sucks !! Did you find the solution to it yet?
  2. What Are Your System Specs?

    I play the game on my laptop. The specs are : Intel Core i7 5500U @ 2.4GHz 8GB RAM 1TB HDD AMD R9 M375 Windows10
  3. Roman Luck Casino Overhaul 1.0

    hey ! The building looks kinda cool :D 
  4. simcity 5 rules !!!

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    2. Monster's Cat
    3. Aakash Raj Dahal

      Aakash Raj Dahal

      lol.. I just call Simcity 2013 Simcity 5 !!! :P

    4. Aakash Raj Dahal

      Aakash Raj Dahal

      but yea.. Simciy 2013 riles :)

  5. International Airport revamped

    nice username !!!
  6. The PowerPuff Girl's Home

    you are awesome bro.... make the model of batman's house or Tony Starks !!! 
  7. McDonalds

    nice !! :D
  8. NYBT Maritime Exchange building

    nice and tall !!!  LOL
  9. this post was exactly what I needed when I first signed up for this site. Awesome site by the way. AND YEAh!!! I see that simcity fans have created their own buildings and stuffs for simcity 4 which I also want to do. How do they do it ? Can you clarify that for me ?
  10. Sim City 4 (and others) Facebook fan group!

    just joined the group bro, accept me... and one question : is this group for simcity 4 or all the simcities franchise ??? ;-0
  11. Liechtenstein, Squashed between Switzerland and Austria.

    can somebody do for NEPAL or at least teach me so that i can start creating
  12. The First Phrase That Comes to Mind Game

    @CoastRunner why #nepal
  13. Berlin TV Tower