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  1. I have been watching let's play videos on this game from a few different youtuber's, and I really like what I see in the game so far. There are so many possibilities in this game, particularly with its moddability. I'm itching to buy the game, but I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. I like to buy my games on discs because I feel a better sense of ownership of my games if they are physical versions. So far there is a standard version of the game, and a deluxe version. The game is still churning out more expansion packs which is absolutely fantastic, so for me what I would like to see is some indication of when all of them will be released and if there are any plans for a complete version of the game on disc so I can join in and make some beautiful cities that this game clearly is able to produce. Sorry if that part above isn't exactly on topic I just wanted to get that opinion off my chest.In terms of the game content and features, I think larger than 4x4 growable buildings would the feature to finally make this game the true successor to SC4.
  2. Islington 2x2 Fire Station

  3. Water Purification Plant

  4. Mega Fire Station

  5. Water transport pack