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  1. this building is 1 block from my house
  2. these building neeed more jobs why only 100 or to 200 why not make it like 2000 to 3000 jobs these building is huge and it only has 158 jobs that is not realistic
  3. Halifax Boxes

    these look a lot like the row houses in philly
  4. hola yo soy de el ecuador tambien mi nombre es dani puedes aser la basilica de quito y la virgin de quito en tus mods

  5. History/Tour of Madisonville

    277.913 is the pop now in 2013 so in 2 years it rose 277.000 wow
  6. Madisonville International Airport

    that airport is very nice
  7. Update 8: Lakeview revisited

    now it  looks 21st centrey
  8. Update 7: The Oil Fields

    looks like a poor city
  9. Update 6: Lakeview

    this city looks like its boom time was in the 20s or 30s
  10. PEG-Civil War Project MMP Pack

    ya nice job but how do u get those beach people in the picture above the union troops
  11. West of Quito

    if u want a more realistic quito go on http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=751 for normal Latin American homes if u want colonial homes go on http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/4242-rcc-small-town-latin-america-w2w/ then u will have a real quito
  12. Mediterranean Rowhomes updated

    never mind i think it is euro but it dose not grow all the place i have a city with one street of these row homes
  13. Mediterranean Rowhomes updated

    what style euro Houston Chicago new York
  14. PEG Snow Mod

    how do i get dissintall this mod

    what airplane files ???