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NTM's Latest Journal-A Extention of the United Cities, full of Tropical Paridise!

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@jmsepe: That is Marrast's train station, I believe

@konstantinll: Thanks!

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@basty_goofy: Problem with that is, is that even at 15m it needs a lot of space for a transition like that-space I don't have in this area

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@Neto Dari: Thanks!

@vinlabsc3k: As I said above...

@Ln X: I'm going to a 4-year school outside my hometown(Not revealing exactly where for personal security). Also another reason I didn't mention why this will be retired is because I've gotten kinda tired of SC4 and have been playing SC 2013 more often...

@sejr99999: Nope, those are all the originals...

@Schriefer: Thanks!

@Vitor13: Thanks!

For this short update, we'll be looking at Madisonville in the middle of a storm. Expect a lot of rain!

Traffic crosses the Oceanside Parkway Bridge over the Cannet River where it meets Paridise Bay


In downtown, a light rail train and PIRail train cross over each other. Note the new train skin that i downloaded....


Up in the foothills, the dam which supplies electricity to the city is quiet while the rain falls around it...


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@UnderCoverNinja12: Thanks!

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@Gannet: Thanks!

I know it has been a long while(And it has!) since I posted in this City Journal. Back in January, I retired this CJ's mother CJ, The United Cities. Some of you in the comments wondered how long I would keep Paridise Island open following the UC's retirement. I can answer here that in fact it will be open for the time being, but will be retired sometime before I head off to college in August. Note that i haven't really updated here because I have been distracted by SimCity 2013 and another region in SC4 that i am working on.

And in fact, speaking of college... tonight's update will be on the island's first university, the University of Paridise Island, located across from Falmouth with the recent PIRail extension linking the campus to downtown Madisonville.

Overview of the campus:


Close-up of the library(Right) and technological sciences school(Left)


Close-up of the student recreation center, the administration building at left, and the PIRail station below


The School of Arts and Music, along with it's auditorium for performances and plays


Note that what you just saw is phase 1 of the campus. Phase 2 is expected to add housing, a multi-purpose arena, a ferry terminal, and more....

Hope you enjoyed this update, see you next time, and be sure to set your clocks 1 hour forward!(At least, if where you live goes on daylight savings time)



@UnderCoverNinja12: Actually, it's a column, as vinlabsc3k said...

@vinlabsc3k: Thanks!

@Huston: Thanks!

Well, the moment you all have been waiting for: The Opening of Cambett Point!

Click for full resolution!


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@feeroz123: Thanks! And for the record, there are a lot of scenic mountain drives near I live in Fresno, California

@vinlabsc3k: Thanks! And i'll fix that in the future

@Benedict: Thanks!

For the next two updates, we'll be looking at Cambett Point, a development south of the Bellhaven Neighborhood in Essex. The proposal, built on an artifical peninsula, is for a massive entertainment complex of hotels, shops, a stadium and workplaces, this site will host the island's tallest skyscrapers(Since Madisonville's downtown has no space for tall skyscrapers).

This update will be about extending the PiRail Line from Essex Pointe to the proposed development

Before. Notice that the stadium is the first stage, and the station will go right above it, with a ferry terminal


Bridge across the inlet finished


Rail line extended to the stadium and station construction commences


Close-up of the stadium:


Moasic of the finished development next time!

Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@The Pennsylvania Turnpike: Thanks!

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@tvrcars: As said by Geometry Math Algebra...

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@Geometry Math Algebra: Thanks for the clarification...

For tonight's update, a mosaic of the whole highway

(Oops spelling mistake but too lazy to reupload :) )

As always, click for full resolution!


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Schulmanator: Thanks!

@UnderCoverNinja12: Thanks!

@Huston: Thanks!

So sorry for not updating either of my city journals for a long time; RL and distraction by SimCity 3000 and 2013 have been preventing me from playing SC4 lately, but tonight I have a new update to share with you. In this update, we will be taking the Cambridge Bypass, so named because it allows one to access points south of the town without going through the town itself(It has some traffic problems) by use of an interchange south of the town.

We start out at the A4, with a partial interchange. The highway starts here and heads south


Upon exiting farmland, we meet a curved section of highway and the undeveloped land beyond...


After curving to the East, we pass through a tunnel, upon exiting, there are spectacular views of the valley below:


We curve southeast, and come up on a raised embankment where the highway heads up to the next POI:


Which is the only exit with a small rural road leading to a lookout tower. Later on, a service station may be built here:'


Curving southwest once again, we come up on the second tunnel, which leads to.....


The second interchange with the A4, where the highway ends...


Panorama of the full highway next time!

Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Haljacky: Thanks!

@vinlabsc3k: Thanks!

For today's update, we'll take a look at Phase 1 of the just-opened Delta Line. First of all, a new map of the PIRail system, showing the recent extension:


We start off in Mountain View, where it splits off from the valley line, heading into the underwater tunnel which connects it with Dextana:


Emerging on the other side, we come across the Dextana Station and the Moffit Tower, which provides excellent views of the river and mountains


After going for 3.5 miles and crossing a bridge, we come across the Corinth/NE Highway station...


and we end at Falmouth station, located next to the ferry terminal. Although the line actually crosses the bay to the site of the future university, that section will not be built until later...


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Schulmanator: Thanks!

@Mcloven22: Thanks!

@vinlabsc3k: Really? I've never been to Hawaii, so I can't say for sure, but the airport's design is a cross between Munich and(To an extent) Atlanta

For today's update, you may remember a few pages back that a new highway is being constructed on the island. Branching off the A2 south of Corinth, Hwy 202 will curve along the coastline, cross a bridge, then run parallel to the town of Falmouth, where a university is in the planning stages.

A2/A202 Interchange:


From there it curves NE into a tunnel


Upon exiting it curves east and follows the coastline, and this is the only part of this section completed right now:


This section here is where the university will be built(PIRail's Delta Line will be extended as well), and I built a section to lay out the future planning stages:


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!


Hello everyone, sorry it has been a long time since I have last updated, but I have been very distracted by SimCity 2013 in the past few weeks. For today's update, we'll focus on Madisonville Int'l Airport and it's people mover system, called AeroRail. Originally just called the Madisonville Int'l Airport People mover, it connected the W Parking Lots/Ferry Terminal/PIRail Station to the main terminal. Ever since, a new set of parking lots and other facilities have been opened on the north side of the airport, and PIRail has been relocated to a new station in front of the main terminal. Today will mark the opening of a new 3-station expansion of the system:

Here is the AeroRail map:


Note that trains going from W Parking stop at the Main Terminal before going to N Parking, and vice versa. There is a track connecting between rental car center and W Parking for maintenance purposes only...

We'll start out at the W Parking(Long Term), with the ferry terminal for the airport connected to the station and garages


Here is where the two "Lines" split up; again the top track does not have regular service on it...


We arrive at the main terminal, where you can connect to PiRail, PIErail, and short-term parking:


Moving on now, we arrive at the rental car center, at top, and the commuter terminal, below, which also handles charter flights


And we end at the N Parking station(Long-Term and some short-term), depending on where you park, it may be quicker to walk to the commuter terminal station rather than this one:


In addition, this station also serves the airport's hotel complex, with a variety of hotels to choose from if your plane lands late and you don't want to head into Madisonville at the moment(Although most people would prefer taking hotel shuttles to their hotel rather than the AeroRail)


Bonus! The Landside People Mover, known as Flytrain:


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Alex_1210: No, those are reefs, if you're talking about what is next to the ferry terminal

@k50: Or summer break....

@vinlabsc3k: Probably because at least you get a spot on the beach guaranteed, unlike some days in Madisonville....

@Fox: Thanks!

@Kaalakiota: Thanks!

Well, can you believe that it has been about 3 months since I last updated? Today, I am reactivating this CJ with new updates! First off I want to present the region update; because essentially I have used up all the space, not much growth has occured; however, a new highway under construction(The A202) is going to support new growth predictions along the Delta area, as will the railline(Explained in part 2 of this update)

(Note that I also did some highway renumbering, notice the A102 freeway that replaced the original A2)


For the second part of the update, a proposal for a new PIRail line extension! This is Phase 4 of the network's construction, the other phases being:

Phase 1: Madisonville Central Station to Madisonville Int'l Airport

Phase 2: Madisonville Int'l Airport to Chafkon Central & Mountain View

Phase 3: Chafkon Central to Foxgrove

For this phase, a new line will branch off the Valley Line and head first along the A2 corridor and than follow the NE Highway corridor until it reaches Falmouth, which will be the end of Phase 4a. Phase 4b will involve extending it furthur up the river at the same time as building the island's first university across the river from Falmouth. It is called Delta Line because it passes through the delta of the Falmouth and Everett Rivers:


(Sorry I mispelled Corinth on both region map and above map; too lazy to fix :P)

Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Forthwall: It's a coral reef, although it kinda does look like filling :P

@dubaidude303: Thanks!

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

@frdrcklim: Thanks!

For today's update, we will take a look at the Magneria Pointe Hotel. Located on a sandbar just south of the Oceanside Parkway, it is a 5-star luxury hotel, has underground parking and a ferry terminal just 200 feet away:


Hope you enjoyed this short update, and see you next time!



@PhatHead: Thanks!

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@Schulmanator: Thanks!

@Cefien: Thanks!

@khail1987: Right now, Madisonville(Metro area) has about 72000 people. There aren't that many freeways due to geography(Huge mountains between Madisonville and Chafkon), and the island's low population in general.

@dubaidude303: Thanks!

Hello and for tonight's update, we will visit Donut Atoll. It is named that way because it is an island with a lagoon in the center, the only one present in Paridise Bay. Like other small islands, it is only accessible via private boat or a 2x(Morning and night) passenger ferry to Madisonville. Although the town is small, it does have a resort hotel, some vacation homes, two eateries, and a nightclub.


Hope you enjoyed this update and see you next time!



@Fox: Thanks!

@dubaidude303: Thanks!

@ROUSANDS: No me gusta ser grosero, pero este sitio web es habla inglés solamente, pero si no, gracias!

@vinlabsc3k: Thanks for the advise. For the marina, I'm hoping to build more of those, so I will take that in mind; A connection to the highway(A2) would not work due to SC4's limitations, however I understand in reality a (Tight) interchange could be built there.

Tonight, we will look at 3 unique landmarks that have recently risen in Madisonville, as the citie's population soars to almost 70,000. Here is the Congressional Building, where the Congress meets(Note: Paridise Island is a Commonwealth of the UC aka has it's own elected government, president, courts, etc, but is geographically part of the UC. Same goes for Volcano Island and Telstein Island). Note the use of RD-6 at the left, I have been upgrading many Maxis Avenues to the network, as it is high capacity and yet compact.


Right next door is the new city hall. The old one will be demolished and used for something else.


And in Madisonville's(Small) CBD, we have the 48 story, 870 ft tall Olympic Towers, a great addition to the small skyline(Mostly dominated by condos and 5-star hotels)


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Schulmanator: Thanks!

@dubaidude303: I was inspired by the Santa Cruz and Atlantic City beach boardwalks for that.


@matheuspaulo: Thanks!

So this update was supposed to be about Madisonville Int'l Airport, but I am actually still working on the airport itself. As an alternative, we will look at the(New) resort city of Raymond. You might remember I posted photos back in November showing the main resort hotel. Now ever since, the town has boomed; At the time, it had just over 1000 people, now 10,000 people, and more hotels, condos, and other tourist-related facilities.

Note in this picture, the yellow border shows the former city limits of the town.


For this, I was inspired by Dubai. Note; Please mind the glitch with the marina; I can't do anything about it.


This is for people who are salt-water-phobic, although in name, it is "Community", it also appeals to tourists as well.


Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!



@Fox: Thanks!

@Urban Constanta: That is the

@raynev1: Yep, in just 1 year a lot can change....

@daybreak: The 666 thing was my reputation count.... :P

Again, the link to the GLR station is above.

@RepublicMaster: Thanks! And i'm not even finished building them :)

This is about 1 year after I first posted photos showing off the city of Chafkon, with it's boardwalk and beachside hotels. Today, we will look at some new hotels that have popped up or expanded in the city, allowing visitors more choices when choosing where to stay for the weekend or a week.

At the west end of the boardwalk is a new 54-story high-rise hotel, the tallest building in the city(And 2nd for the whole island):


The first casino in the city has opened it's doors in a high-rise as well, which makes a good combination for anyone to stay here:


and if you have followed this CJ closely, you may remember the Trebulent Hotel and Suites. Now, it has been expanded and renamed to the Trebulent Resort, with more recreation opportuniies than ever before!


and here's a little teaser pic for next time:



So, as I promised, this CJ is making a comeback. And today, we are retaking a tour of Madisonville, to see what has been going on, and in fact this is exactly 1 year after I started working on the city, and it has changed a lot in 365 days.

Let's get started then.

(Sorry the photo quality may look goofy, but GIMP is not on the computer I'm using).

One of the things the city has been building is a tram/light rail system. With 4 lines, they will connect all parts of the city, on both sides of the river. Here, you can see one line next to the city marina. City Hall is right above in the photo.


Believe it or not, the area you are looking at was fenced-off lots 1 year ago. Now take a look at what it has become(Oops, abandoned building forgot to take care of it :P)


And here's the Madisonville Central Station. With the light rail station, it now has 8 tracks and is the 3rd busiest transit hub in the UC.(Although the trams are not operating-Most of the track still needs to be built). The fenced-off area will become new development later on.


Just a hint, next time, we will take a look at Madisonville Int'l Airport, which right now I am working on. Unlike the previous one, it's terminal design will be a combination of Munich and DFW.


(Replies to the last update will be answered later).

Hello everyone sorry for the hiatus; right now I want to provide a short speech about what has been happening to this wonderful CJ. Exactly a year ago, I posted the first pics from Paridise Island V2, which has come to become a big CJ, and has given me a Trixie(Thank you!). Although the space in the region has been almost filled up, I still want to continue to showcase the beaches, high-rise hotels, rural getaways and other features that make this City Journal Special. However, one thing happened over the past month which has hurt me and my region significantlly. In the process of transfering files from the old computer to the new computer, one of the files for some reason got corrupted and reads as "0 kb", which means it is gone forever, and it was the tile with Madisonville's International Airport and some surronding areas. However, I mildly see it as a good thing; because I have to rebuild, it allows me to improve on what I already did(And the airport had a ton of problems), and who doesn't like something that improves? But anyways, what I wanted to say in this whole speech is that....

Paridise Island(V2) Returns on December 28, 2012!

Happy Holidays and See you then!



@Hanzai Pratama: Thanks!

@TekindusT: I have no clue who, and I question why they did that and did not say why.

@ROUSANDS: Thanks!

@raynev1: Thanks!

Today, we are going to look at some improvement projects at Madisonville International Airport.

First off, a new transit center was built south of the airport of Cargo Drive. It allows travelers to connect to rail, ferry, or intra-airport transportation(The AirporTrain)


In addition, a new ATC tower and administration building have both been built, across from the international terminal.


and here is the map for the AirporTrain system:


And more improvements are coming, including the reconstruction of Terminal 2 and expansion of the International terminal.

Hope you enjoyed this update! See you next time!



@Schulmanator: Thanks!

@halenbyname: Thanks!

@daybreak: Thanks!

Sorry for not updating in a while; RL has hit me hard lately, and in SC4 I've mainly been working on my RHWvolution project instead of Paridise Island. However, today I have a update.

Welcome to the town of Raymond Pines, located just SW of Tindale on a peninsula-island. To get here, you can take Mildred Ave. from Tindale(A ferry terminal is being built currently)

Small tour:

First, the beachside resort hotel, which rivals the ones in Madisonville:


and Nearby a small little district to shop in:


So, that's it to this update! Hopefully during thanksgiving break i can really get this CJ going!



@FilipeJrD: Thanks!

@617squad: If you want to, I can link some of the mods I use.

@vivapanda: As the name implies...

@burnzie_16: Yeah, it does take a lot of work and a lot of practice.

Sorry for the off-time: RL and distraction by my RHWvolution project have kept me out of Paridise Island V2 for a long time. But, today's update will be a short one.

The A5 highway normally terminates as a freeway east of Sunnyvale and as an expressway at the intersection with highway B12. However, the expressway portion was extended south to connect to Cambridge and solve traffic problems with the former two-lane road. Let's take a look.

The side road where it intersects the expressway used to be the terminous. Now it has been shifted eastword.


About 2 miles down, we come to exit 8, the last one(Note: In the UC, if there is a break(I.e. Expressway) between two exits, it continues west-east no matter what)). This is the most direct way into town.


Finally, we come to a intersection which leads directly into town. There are plans to build a parclo at the next road intersection(Located 1/2 up the highway)



Canney Isle


@Huston: Thanks!

Hey everyone sorry for not being online lately. RL has been keeping me busier than ever before. However, it's Friday, so finally I can post this update.

This is the small island of Canney Isle. It's basiclly like Astoria, except you need your own boat if you want to access one of the B&Bs or vacation houses here. In addition, everything here is also off the grid. However, it's a very popular place among families who want to avoid the 5-star glass high-rises of Madisonville(Even though they are visible across the bay)



Random Photos


@Mamaluigi945: Thanks!

@dubaidude303: Thanks!

@Markus J: Well, I didn't because that's the way the station was TE'd.


Well, today will just be a couple of random photos. All should be self-exclamitory.




(And actually, this is what(and more) that I have been working on during my hiatus period on this CJ).



@Schulmanator: I'm now back from vacation...

@dubaidude303: Thanks!

@james2016: Actually, it's a lot and not a texture.

So, I'm now back from Europe and ready to make more exciting updates on this CJ!

Today we look at Essex Point Beach. Although in name, it's a middle-class area, in reality there are a lot of seasonal vacation homes here, as well as tourist buildings. Notice the Essex Point PIRail Station and the Ferry Terminal. There is a public beach(Lower left corner), but it is crowded and you have to park at the P+R lot.


So, hope you enjoyed this short update. See you next time.



@westy177: Yeah, that was kinda just an experiment I was doing with the GIMP.

@gman28: Thanks!

@adean5: Thanks!

@dafiden:Only on the third picture am I at 5 zoom. The others are at 4 zoom.

Today just a quick tour of a small town, called Tindale, located just 7 miles northeast of Chafkon.

The only freeway exit into town. Note that the engineers left some right-a-way so that the Parkway could be widened to 4 lanes in the future, if neccessary.


Futhur down the Parkway, in the city center, with shops and diners.


And finally, where's the Paridise in all this? Well, look no furthur!


Well, this will be my last update in this CJ for 3 weeks as I will be on vacation in the EU starting next Tuesday, and so see you at the next update!




@NMUSpidey:Thanks! I assume you voted for the first option.....

@Need4Camaro: That would jack up the price really really high....

@City_Master: Actually, it's the Island's rail network. This is the NW terminous for the railline.

Hello everyone, let's take a look at something I have been working on lately.

We'll start at Exit 6 on the A3 Freeway.


We start going Northeast, hence the name. We go by some electrical transmission towers, which brings power from Forest Park to... Well, we will see.


Soon, we arrive in Falmouth Bay, a small town of 1700 people. Here you can stock up on gas and snacks.


Finally, we cross a bridge over Kent River. Continuing on this route will lead you to a scenic overlook on the east side of Paridise Island, however we will not cover it today.


(Sorry for the weird photo editing, it was an experiment I was doing).


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