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About this City Journal

A small settlement on the Hugle River expands. Follow the journey here!

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ggamgus: Yeah I have a tendency to forget to turn the grid off.

JGellock: Thanks for the tips.

Welcome back. After a few crashes to my browser i have finally managed to post the update. Notice the new banner at the top. This will be featured in updates from now on. This particular update is focused on the development of Lakeview. After feedback from you guys from the 6th update its back with more things to boast. Instead of keeping this town small i opted for the big town feel complete with small skyscrapers. Suburbs and farms have been staring to grow and a small, unrealistic airport has been built. Let's start off with the airport.


Here is a zoomed out shot from the News at 7 chopper. Grass parking is the only available and the small terminal can only hold 3 planes at a time. I know its unrealistic having the tail's of the planes over the taxiway but pilots are just very careful! Other noticeable things are the widened road to having a turning lane and the ACT (Airport Control Tower) alone in the grass. Here is a picture of the 3 gates and the terminal.


Now we head into town to the rapidly changing skyline. Also featured is the quiet, peaceful park and stadium.


Bicyclists and pedestrians ride and walk in harmony along the paths with some bike only paths also. The two historic towers are exact replicas of the historic towers found after the wars of Xian in 1902. The originals to ruined governments agreed to take the towers down and rebuild them. Lakeview stadium is the baseball stadium to the top. As mentioned before the skyline is changing. Here is a perfect example. Once restricted by the outer tram line (look hard down right) sprawl has taken over and skyscrapers have been built. Another shot of some skyscrapers.


This mix of residential and commercial towers blend in. How can developers resist? With the beautiful beach and lake beyond on one side and the City Park on the other prices can reach $5,000,000 and office space is almost at $500,000 a floor! Only the rich live here. Now going north-west of the airport an industrial park was zoned.


High tech industry is most prominent this side of the freeway and all satellite and communications are done here.


Also over on the other side is the labs of Hugle. They have invented many of mutated animals but most aren't released for fear of evolutionary changes being too fast. Also farms have reached the labs. Now to have some more farm shots.




But not only farms have taken up space in Lakeview. The outer town is bordered by beautiful suburbs. Here are a couple of pictures of them.



Seem the same. Think again. These two pictures are taken from opposite sides of the lake. And to finish off this rather large update here is an overview. Don't forget to comment, rate and 1+ if you think so. I value your feedback greatly so comment if you want to help me more. Thanks.




ggamgus: Looksoon. That will be an update soon! Thanks for the advice!

Balth3465: Aagh!That damn picture! Yeah Tram-abouts..............................

ABhosting: Thanks!

jack3oh3: Thanksfor the advice. I forgot to turn them off whoops! You won't see 'emagain (I hope)!

Evandad: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!Stupid me for not getting the angles right. See ggamgus' reply.

Whew!2 updates so soon! Thank god there is a weekend! We flysouth-west to the oil fields of Hugle as you can onlygo southbound in a car and it is only freighttrucks allowed going north. So we take a small prop plane toone of the many (mainly fire plane) airstrips. The only ways toget around are car and walking. If you fly like us you take a cab. Sowe will as most of the roads aren't paved and have no sidewalks. Hereis town from the plane window.


Thetown is basically split into 3 parts. To the north-east andnorth-west are the industries and oil refineries like we saw at theport. Going south-west are the apartment and tenement low-costhousing and at the very south oftown are the smaller low-cost cottages. With everything so low-costthe only jobs are in the oil wells and in the refineries and such.Food gets delivered from the suburbs and gets delivered to your door.Talking of neighbors hereis the only in/out access- B122.


As you can see 719 truck go along the B122. The road going southbound is the C343 going into town. Now to focus on the main oil well. The wells are drilling the deepest in the fields to find oil. Started in 1854 when oil was found by Jeffery Shell the now historic wells have expanded to 4 quadrants. As per the Oil Drilling Act of 1903 all oil found is distributed evenly between Gas Companies unless a deal states otherwise. The 3 companies in the act are Shell (Founded by Jeffery Shell), Caltex (A multi-regional company) and BP (Government owned). Experts are led to believe the fields will keep on producing oil for 250 more years if the rate doesn't change too much. Also produced here is Natural Gas. Other than powering the fields the gas is exported to other regions like England and Evandad's CJ Princes Valley and Pacific City via Natural-Gas Air.


As talked about earlier on low-cost housing is a focus for the village. Only small cottages are historically allowed to be built in this pocket of town.


And here bigger tenements and small apartment buildings are built.


And finally we focus on this shot of the oil and gas refineries.


Oil is refined in the big tanks and then sent off to the factories to be filled into big tankers to be sent to the servos across the region.

Thank you for reading the latest entry in my ever growing CJ. Your growing support has helped me keep this CJ up and running. Remember to rate, 1+ and comment. Next time I have a go at a transit map.


Update 6: Lakeview


Evandad: If my plugins will co-operate.

Sandroalexis: Thanks!

We travel South-East through unseen Hugle suburbia to the small town of Lakeview- Overlooking Lake Lin. Lined with clean and beautiful beaches the lake is a boat free zone. Many surfing and swimming tournaments are held here as well as the region wide famous, most grueling, and toughest Lakeview Triathlon. With a steadily growing population of 100,000+ mass transit systems have been put in place. Lakeview boasts the most complex tram/subway system in the region. The subway is for express transit underground where as the Tram system on ground is for slower usually short journeys to work and back. If you want to fill up with gas here is the place. Gas Stations are a plenty in Lakeview with an astonishing 100 servos around the lake. Companies include BP, Caltex and Shell. Here is a picture of a servo complex common in Lakeview.


The tram system boasts a historic beach line where the W Class trams run. W Class trams do run on the other lines as well. Here is a picture of the historic Tram going down the line.


As well as the Beach line the main trunk lines run through the housing and job districts in the roads.

Mansions have found the beautiful real estate by the beach and have been building up madly.


Most lines are connected by tram roundabouts or 'Tramabouts'. Here is a Tram going through the roundabout.


In the centre of these Tramabouts are bus and subway stops. These are disability friendly and buses and subways run regularly. Cost of a 2 hour ticket for the mass transit system (Tram, Bus, Subway) is 5 simoleons. We finish off with a picture of the overview of Lakeview.


To the southern end of development is a K-Mart.

Thanks for reading this entry. Please rate according to the level of my entry. Also 1+ if you particularly liked this entry and comment below to give me suggestions. Next update we travel to the oil fields of Hugle and why there are so many service stations around.


Update 5: Port Hugle


AirJamaica: Thanks.

With that done we will take a taxi north along the "mega highway (M2)" to Port Hugle- A major shipping and manufacturing town. Only road traffic passes through from Capital City as the rail line is reserved for freight only. Here is the historic lighthouse- Built in 1852 it is the oldest still standing monument in the Region and is still serviced by the same family for over 150 years.


Next we look at the biggest lot of land. Owned by Durfen Inc. it is a major multi-regional manufacturing company.


We go next to the oil refinery for the region- Oiling Refineries. They are the only oil refiner company in Simland. (We may make a trip to their main well soon!)


Now we go to an aerial shot of the port.


And we finish with an overview of the city.


Don't forget to rate comment and give feedback on my level of CJing as well as a 1+ if you see fit! Update 6: ???


Update 4: Capital City

Welcome to Capital City- The Hub. Capital Coty boasts a large park, a towering skyline and many entry exit points in and out. To get around cars, buses, trams and the metro is in place. Congestion is rare in the CBD as the grid is very good at handling almost 350,000 cars a day. Others take the trams and subways to work and back. The population is up and around 420,000 people and over 400,000 work in commercial in downtown. About 4,500 high tech research and scientific industry jobs are also available. To get out of the city best to take a big plane form the international airport or drive to the outer rail stations and take a train. Although mass transit is highly recommended cars are supported too with 2 highways terminating here. I'm going to show 4 pictures one on the North-East, one on the North-West, one of the South-East and one of the South-West. NW:Hugle-Apr12691329034588.jpg

Your can see much of the Western part of the CBD and bordering the western border is the mega highway- the M2. South is the Presidential Boulevard (more detail below) and further south is. The M30 going to the airport. SW:Hugle-Apr9691329034567.jpg

In the bottom left corner is Windvale. Connected to the CBD and airport by a Single Point Urban interchange-The only in Hugle. Just north is the full picture of Presidential Boulevard. NE:Hugle-Mar27691329033542.jpg

At the south-east end of the CBD is the skyscraper lined Central Park/Olympic Park. The M5 runs through the south and the far eastern avenue is the B230 going to the dump. This also shows the best view of the CBD from the NE.SE:Hugle-Apr7691329034542.jpg

With the B230 and dump/prison complex to the right a secret army base deep into a purpose grown forest. As you can see the M30 terminates with the M5 just north-east of Windvale. A train station is also located south of the movie studio. Don't forget to rate comment and give feedback on my level of CJing as well as a 1+ if you see fit! We travel north to the port next update- Update 5: Hgle Port.


Here is a newspaper for the Capitol City of Hugle:


Possibly a bit unrealistic with 727's going down that small runway but meh. Thanks for reading. If you liked this entry a lot please +1 it. If you would like to give me praise or constructive criticism don't hesiataite to comment below. Don't forget to rate the entry according to my level of CJing.


After losing my back ups i have restarted Hugle on a flat region. Hugle Central is the main city and the Capitol. That has a population over the 300k mark. I am not ready to show you that yet though. Today we take a trip west along the M30 an 8 lane highway which leads to and ends at the Hugle International Airport. Also located nearby is the largest aircraft manufacturing Industrial Park in Simland. It makes and builds all the aircraft and components for them.

Here is the airport and helipad:


To the right in that photo is a bigger heliport:


To the north of the terminals is the big aircraft manufacturing park. It churns out pieces for everywhere in Sim-World for lots of airlines:


Here is the overview of the city tile with the M30 located here:


Thanks for reading. If you liked this entry a lot please +1 it. If you would like to give me praise or constructive criticism don't hesiataite to comment below. Don't forget to rate the entry according to my level of CJing.


Oh No!

My back and original files are gone from the city tile. The next update will be of a new city tile! Just letting you guys know!


Governer Fonder: How does a dock sound?

City Planner: Good.I suggest a one barge and a 2 crane dock.

Governer Fonder: Sounds good get right on it.

City Planner: Yes sir. Right away sir.

This is the conversation heard in the office of the Hugle Governer Fonder with the City Planner (Me) about the docks plans. Those went ahead and are seen in this aerial photo below. With the dirt roads getting dust up workers nose a decision was made to make the dirt roads gravel and eventually the main road ashpalt dubbed C route 144.

Some gravel work:


Powercame from 4 small wind tubines:


Some asphalt work on the C144:


And its finished:


Thanks for reading. If you liked this entry a lot please +1 it. If you would like to give me praise or constructive criticism don't hesiataite to comment below. Don't forget to rate the entry according to my level of CJing.


Introdution to Hugle

Welcome to my world of CJing. My first City Journal. Hugle was found by an Australian explorer named Captain James Hugle who sailed along the now called Hugle River and chose an area for settlement. He dubbed it Capitol City as he wanted the major economic powerhouse city to be here. Seemingly instantly some diggers were brought in and dirt roads were layed. Worker sites were planned out too:


With primary terrafroming done zones were put out and a small center was made:


Thanks for reading. If you liked this entry a lot please +1 it. If you would like to give me praise or constructive criticism don't hesiataite to comment below. The Next update will be more productive.

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