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  1. Tokyo Building

  2. Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR

    OH! My sister is in Berlin, so that just adds to the excitement I feel about this.
  3. XV ・ Fury Kazan!

    And this entry is a perfect example of why this is one of the best CJ's ever... js :D or at least best CJer. Sorry I'm gonna be that guy that edits a bajillion times but i just had to say that the painterly qualities to the first image are phenomenal.
  4. Destination Unknown

    I think my favorite part is the Shulmania terminal. xD I love when journals do "shout outs" to each other.
  5. Helsinki / Salton Bay North

    EXCEPTIONAL! Cannot wait for more!
  6. Kolomna I - The Arrival of Fear

    Oh man! It's horrible, I mean you captured the feeling perfectly! Great work!
  7. Update 34 : Patrimonio

    Simply beautiful work here! I have played a bunch of Assassin's Creed 2 recently so I can kind of see myself climbing around this little place. :)
  8. Best Picture Competition

    TekindusT - 3 Kisa Atsuko - 5 I mean, Asian CJ, so yeah.
  9. Best Picture Competition

    Vortext - 5 Kisa Atsuko - 7 I have a bit of a thing for Asian CJ's and pictures. ;P