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About this City Journal

A capital city built at the mouth of a river and a natural harbour. Featuring a Melbourne inspired CBD and a New York style industrial city and many other real world influences.

Entries in this City Journal


Greetings from Scotland! Here is another work in progress. It is in my Lisanroe region, but this particular city is HEAVILY inspired by Helsinki, the Capital of Finland.

Most of my cities start life as a train station and in this corner of my region, I wanted a coastal city, so I plonked Helsinki train station and things escalated quickly until I had recreated a portion of Helsinki's city centre.

That's all there is to it, thanks to Krio and many others for the excellent content. I used streetview and google earth to help pick the most suitable buildings and I've tried to avoid repetition so far.

A full replication of Helsinki is not feasible because the streets run in many weird angles and there are not always suitable buildings for everything you want to create, so any further progress will be a condensed and re-imagined version of the city.

Full size images are available by clicking on them, enjoy!

The central station area. I have tweaked a few lots in the editor to enhance the realism and fill in some of the gaps:





Some of the central shopping streets, with pedestrianised zones and tramways:



This is the first major deviation from real life Helsinki. In reality, the city continues south of the park, but I have decided to have the shoreline here instead (because this is at the edge of my region, and I can't be bothered creating the entire city!



The shoreline park at another angle:



And finally, an overview of the work completed so far:



Thanks for the encouraging comments from the last journal. As I've said, this in not a full recreation and I've taken many creative liberties to make it fit with the game's parameters and my region as a whole, so if I have upset any Finnish people by flooding your neighborhood or getting the colour of your house wrong, well too bad :P


Troghera Harbour

Good morning and welcome back to my City scrapbook. I should really go to bed, so I will keep the text brief and let the pictures do the talking. Here we have an update of Troghera port. The waterfront is all but completed, with only some minor detailing needing done. There are little nods to real life locations such as Belfast and Baltimore. The green park was inspired by federal hill in Baltimore. I spend a lot of time of google earth researching what real life cities look like.




And here is a closer view of the commercial center and waterfront:



Some break-bulk and freight rail facilities:



Industry/residential interface:trogherainduresinter_by_younghappy-d7zkurs.jpg________________


The end of the canal:trogheracanal_by_younghappy-d7zkv43.jpg_____________


Some large manufacturing industry, yes I know there is a brown box:


Anyway, thanks for the comments, hope you enjoy.


These are pretty big pictures, feel free to view full size to get even more delicious details :P

This is my first City journal, though for now I'd call it a scrapbook. It remains gimmick free; no fancy formatting, photoshopping or storytelling until I get a more complete version to present. I've been playing Simcity for almost a decade and I've been steadily fattening my plugins folder over the last few years. I'm now at the point where I have enough content to work with to make a satisfyingly realistic city, as far the game permits.

So I present to you the Lisanroe region. Very much a work in progress but many hours have been spent on it none the less. As I download more and more and with the addition of the NAM, I have found myself rebuilding and revamping my city to make it more realistic and to fit in this new material.

This cross section of Troghera is the probably the largest chunk of completed city I have. It is inspired by industrial and inner city areas of New York and other N.E USA cities. (The blurred areas still have to be finished and I'll sort out the abandonment problem once I've finished this city.....I've just been dying to show the community what I've spend so many hours on!) The commercial area is at the top but I'll revamp it a little and sort out the abandoned buildings before I post any pictures of it.



Next up is the train station and transit hub. There are a lot of great terminal train stations in the STEX but I wanted a station that had a through line and would look good in a city centre. Southbury station fitted the bill perfectly. This station is the major hub for anyone commuting to Lisanroe Central which is the major city centre of this region (the four lines going to the top serve this function). The single line going to the bottom of the picture joins the coastal transport corridor which services the suburbs and ports and wider region. El rail users can transfer onto the ground rail network here, you can catch a bus, it's all catered for.



Here is the west end of Troghera, where residential, industry and major transport networks all fight for space. Troghera is built between a major river to the south and west and the sea to the north. The major transport networks servicing the ports, the wider region and the CBD to the south all come through Troghera so every bit of land has to be used efficiently:trogheracanal_by_younghappy-d7ec90o.jpg


And of course what New York inspired city is complete without some lovely housing projects? I live in Scotland, and Glasgow city is also well known for its housing projects such as the Gorbals and Red Road. I was walking through a big housing estate in Glasgow last week and I liked the design of it so I tried to incorporate some the elements of it here. Troghera is a built on a high bluff sloping down towards the coast and the river and we all know that slopes can be a nightmare to work with in Simcity. Projects are a nice way of counteracting this as you can cover the unsightly slopes with grass and trees rather than having higgledy piggeldy W2W buildings spilling down the hill. I've used the transport enabled bike path here to connect the buildings to the road networks. There are nicer and more modular paths I could have used but I wanted the paths to be functional like they are in real life:



And just two more close ups of the W2W rowhouses type neighborhood. A basic park for the locals to enjoy and some sporting facilities for the school kids. I will sort out the abandonment later; I had the taxes for the middle classes boosted up high so that the low wealth housing projects would build instead, but this probably forced out the middle class from their existing buidlings:


Final picture, just come mixed commercial and residential. Thanks to Goofy guy and Aaron Graham for bringing this neighbourhood to life....and countless others! You guys (BATers, LOTers, MODers, PROPers, texturers......) make outstanding work and I hope I have done it justice with my offerings here! trogheravenue_by_younghappy-d7ecfn4.jpg


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