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Comrade Spy9600: A spy? So you work for the Capitalists?? Thanks for your comment!

Comrade michae95l: Thank you! I also love watching Berlin trams pass by!

Camarada Kim Sunwoo: Hope to keep the level up on this update! Muchas gracias!

Comrade slickbg56: Thanks for commenting! If there are no pics, there is more story, I guess...

Comrade pinkindustry: Totally (East) German in here! All the places you see in this new T&R iteration are recreations or semi-recreations of real places, and I try to give as many historical details as possible. I'd say it is my most historically accurate CJ so far.

僚友 Tonraq: Fortunately, this kind of daily life was has been gone pretty much after 1990. Fortunately.

Hope I got the word "comrade" translated properly!

Comrade gviper: A wise use of GIMP always gives an extra flavor to the pictures! Thanks for commenting!

Camarada Paulobergonci: All blocks of that part of the city tend to be roughly this size. Thanks!

Comrade takemethere: It is a sad story, it has to have a sad weather, which in this city is not too difficult to get!


The meeting was far from home, but better to do it far. Just in case.


The Soviet War Memorial at the Wuhlheide is one of the three Soviet memorials in East Berlin. The fourth lies already at the other side of the "wall of antifascist protection". Almost nobody goes to these kind of places. All soviet memorials in Berlin are a bit different, but they share some common traits. They're eerie, lonely, cold, made of pure concrete and more or less dead grass. This is why Werner had set his meeting there that Saturday morning.

The way there, coming from his parents' place at the Landsberger Allee, was long. The tram trip along the Treskowallee had been almost infinite. But finally, he stood in front of the two large columns that marked the memorial entrance, right in front of the An der Wuhlheide road.


Werner had never been in this memorial before. He observed the two large Soviet soldiers carved in stone atop of the columns. They were not there to welcome him, but to intimidate visitor who decided to step in this massive concrete setup. Werner was too early for the meeting, so he decided to take a walk.

All Berlin Soviet memorials are also massive cemeteries. Out of the approximately 80.000 fallen Soviet soldiers during the Battle of Berlin in 1945; 13.200 are buried in the memorial at Schönholzer Heide, 5.000 at the Tiergarten memorial, 7.000 at the Treptower Park memorial. Around 16.000 Soviet soldiers lie inside the huge concrete blocks here at the Wuhlheide memorial.


Werner came close to the blocks. He didn't remember much of the Russian he took at school, but could with no doubt read the names and military ranks carved in Cyrillic alphabet of each soldier buried there inside. 16.000 corpses were surrounding him. There were 500 corpses under each plinth, under each giant soldier head. 500 names of dads and sons. 500 names of soldiers who maybe had raped women on their way to the Reichstag, or who maybe had saved orphan children of their own advancement.

Nobody was around. He felt the typical Berlin cold east-west wind around him. The gardens were reasonally well kept for this time of the year.


The meeting was at the highest point of the memorial. A large column was erected in an artificial promontory. At the top of this column there was no soldier, but the statue of a woman. Mother Russia was opening its arms to the monument, turning its back to the city. Some say it was made of pure gold. Some say it would be great to steal it. These same people tend not to say that twice.

Some minutes later, Werner's date arrived. He was just finishing the cigarrette when he arrived next to Werner. They greeted each other.

"So, are you going to tell me why you made me come here and why are you so worried?"

"Yes... Dieter... I think the Stasi is on me".



Due to the impossibility to make an accurate recreation of the Schönholzer Heide and Treptower Park monuments due to the lack of lotting skills, I decided to "invent" a new monument. The city of Berlin has only three memorials, not four. This fourth one is a product of my imagination and the architecture concepts displayed on these monuments.


Landsberger Allee


Camarada VicRusty: Moltes gràcies! I could be speaking about this city for hours... Let's sum it all up saying it is the most exciting city I can imagine.

Camarada Kim Il Sung Sunwoo: ¡Muchas gracias por comentar! Well, your CJ is based on what happened to "those" who made what resulted in my CJ... An interesting European history CJ loop...

Comrade TPB: Thanks for commenting! Actually, I also feel there should be more "meat", but it is quite hard to recreate these parts of Berlin semi-accurately and to make everything look cool. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

Comrade Benedict: Thank you! Blame that to The Lives of the Others, one of my all-time favourite movies!

Comrade Sexysark:P: Well, this is actually this CJ you're saying, without John Lecarré and American spies, though.

Comrade Mymyjp: Thank you very much!

Comrade Roman_Samudra: Am I the best man? Better get a tux for the wedding! :D


Comrade Huston: Always a pleasure to bring some T&R! Also necessary to disconnect a bit of C:S for a while!

Camarada Alejandro24: Gracias! I don't know yet, we'll see where does this CJ evolve...




It rained "Berlin style" outside again. It is not a heavy rain, it does not fall hard. Very fine drops take the city suddenly, and a few moments later, everything is soaking wet. You don't even notice until you go out of home without your overall coat and you have to go inside again. The rain tends to stop ten minutes later. Ten more minutes pass until it starts raining again. And so it goes for weeks.

Nothing seemed out of normal that evening, February 1979 at the crossing between the Landsberger Allee and the Weissenseer Weg. All commuters, driving their lighly colored Trabants were going back home after a dull workday. The rusty Tatra trams, manufactured in the Czech Republic, went up and down the busy intersection tirelessly. The world was trying to get somewhere warm, while Dieter listened to his old music records while drinking some tea. HIs parents were at the doctor, his little sister was ill, so he had the whole tiny, cold and brown flat for him.

Dieter heard heavy knocking on the door. He turned off the gramophone, scared. There would be a neighbor complaining that the music was too loud. Stood up and walked the dark corridor, opened the door hesitantly. A low-speaking voice rushed him to open, pronouncing some feared words "State Security". Staatssicherheit. The Stasi. It took only two seconds to open the door, but it felt to Dieter like an eternity. All his activities of his last week went by his head, wondering what could have triggered a Stasi visit.

"Staatssicherheit. Can we have a short chat with you? It won't take too long." said a man in grey and lighly wet overalls, with exquisite but firm manners, grey eyes nailed on Dieter's. Two other men came along.


He saw through the window the three men getting into a black Lada car, very official-looking, of Russian manufacture, pulling over south along the Weissenseer Weg, bound to the Stasi HQ at the Normannenstrasse, not too far from there.

After the Wall fell, some research pointed that, during the Stasi heyday, one out of six east Germans was a part-time Stasi informant or collaborator. Dieter was one of them, starting that same evening. Refusing to do so was not an option. Dieter wasn't willing to see what could happen if he decided not to collaborate.





Comrade Benedict: I hope the next material is up to your expectations! Thanks for the support!

Comrade Kim: And here they are! Thank you!

Comrade Simul8er8: Really? Tell her to go to the places shown on this CJ! :D



It was too early to be anywhere out of bed.

Down at the railyard, Dieter tried to watch at the railcars through the thick fog. It was really cold, and the forecast he had listened in the radio wasn't going to get much better through the day. Above him, and above the railyard, the nearby heating power plant kept vomiting some white gas to the dark sky.

Dieter went back to the control building, to get another warm coffee. His colleague Werner was at the control table, giving the first instructions to the switching locomotives' drivers. He had a book next to him.

"Didn't know you were a literature aficionado", Dieter said.

"Not much, actually. But this book is really good. You should read it, it's nothing like they publish here in East Germany", answered Werner.

"Is it... Western literature?"

"Yes, not an easy job to get one of these", said Werner proudly.

"I see... Sorry, I've got to go to the toilet".


Dieter entered into the toilet and made sure no other colleauges were around. It was too early and most of them weren't on the railyard. He locked himself in the WC stall and pulled from his inner pocket a small notepad and a pencil. He carefully noted: Werner Hartrampf reads Western literature. To make the whole thing more credible, he flushed afterwards and went wash his hands.

You can never be too cautious when you're a Stasi informant.



Comment Replies

@jmsepe: Yeah, it's been ages since back then! The band Coldplay would says something like: I used to rule the world / CJ comments would rise when I gave the word / Now in the morning I sleep alone / Sweep the CJ section I used to own :D. I have to disagree though with the level of my first entries. I'm so ashamed by some of them, really! It's like reading the poetry I wrote when I was 12...

@MilitantRadical: Thanks for commenting! I'm used to show the worst part of the socialist planning in this CJ, mostly failed ideas. These ideas looked actually great on the blueprint, these authorities were trying to solve a problem, and they have my respect for that. For each Hitler, there has been a Schindler, and I'm sure that for each Stalin there was some sensible urban planner that simply followed orders while they wanted to improve people's lives.

@Sexysark:P: That's what we came to see to this CJ! Thanks for commenting!

@Tonraq: Thank you and sorry for making you wait for so long :P

@Alejandro24: ¡Muchas gracias por tu eterno apoyo! I have the feeling you will especially like the turn this CJ is taking... :D

@JPSchriefer: Thank you!

@APSMS: Thanks for your insight! Though being a person interested in politics, I have never actually studied the history of politics, so I wouldn't be capable of have a sensible discussion about the Leninism. However, I'm interested on these neverending districts full of identical blocks...

@Kisa Atsuko: Everybody loves horizontal panoramas, right? :) Thanks for your comment!

@Benedict: Here comes one more shot of life. CJs never die, they only enter in suspended animation!

@spursrule14: Thank you! Hope to step on the list once again!

@Huston: Well, we would enter in a nice discussion on who inspires who here... Honestly, you are one of the current players who really move me to double-click on the SC4 icon and do something!


Coming very soon...


There was a time in which the city of East Berlin was oficially named Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR (this is, Berlin, capital of the German Democratic Republic).

The picture everybody has of the GDR, and especially East Berlin, is a grey, sad and undeveloped nation, constantly under the Stasi surveillance until the unification after 1989; but it had its few bright sides too, as any nation in the world does. However, we will not see them on this CJ.

For the next updates, East Berlin will become the Hauptstadt des T&Rs. We are crossing the Berlin Wall.



Comment Replies

@Benedict: Yes, T&R is back!! I don't know for how long and under which conditions, but consider it back for a few more updates on the pipeline!

@jmsepe: Thank you! Actually, reading your comment makes me really really happy. You're a member who registered way after I left T&R behind, so knowing you found out about it and you read it after being dead, it's great news to me!

@VicRusty: Gràcies! Anyways, remember you can see updates in Al-Qurayyah and Lübbenauer Tor!

@elavery: Thank you! That's the best compliment one can do to this CJ! ;)

@Alejandro24: Thanks! Ready for more beauty?

@sarthakknight: Thank you for commenting!

@fan o SC4: Thank you! I want to think this is dystopia and didn't happen in reality. But I'm afraid some cities were like this back then...

@KonstantinII: Answered on the previous comments section.

@Hiigarar: Answered on the previous comments section.

@Ace<3: Thanks for commenting! Beautiful? Sure it is! ;)




A message

And now, some words...

The update in Stuff... is the last CJ update from me in a good while. RL, my brand new ST moderator job, my Erasmus experience the next year and, most than all, my lack of new ideas; won't allow me to keep updating this CJ nor Tenements & Rust, which has been inactive during the last months. I keep playing SC4 and having different projects in the pipeline, but I won't be able to update T&R in a regular-ish basis. It is hard for me to officially cease Tenements & Rust updates, but I just don't feel like building ghettos in this moment. I have no ideas, and not willing to plan a better ghetto than Rankine again. I'll keep updating Stuff..., visiting the CJs I follow and also trying to watch all what's going on in the CJ forum & section (and also the Architecture & Urban planning forum), I just won't be updating T&R anymore.

T&R has brought, believe me, a ton of happiness to me during 2010 and 2011; but I think it's time to let it rest a bit in order to restart it again with more desire for ghetto-building sometime, perhaps this Summer, who knows. Just wanted to let all the T&R followers know, I haven't forgotten this CJ and right now there are too many things in my hands.

Let me end these lines thanking each one of Tenements & Rust viewers, more than 100,000 viewers. It has been a honour trying to make you enjoy with my little CJ.

Thank you very much,

Daniel (TekindusT)


Compton, LA, 1985


Alejandro24x2: ¡Gracias por tu comentario y felicidades por el Trixie! I feel quite proud of my latest update, I put a lot of my feelings on it. My area's industrial sector has been hit really hard these last years, and you can be sure this update shows this fact.

Adoxx: Thanks for your comment! Gotta love elevated highways!

ggamus: As I said to The Wrench, my trip to the then-standing Shea Stadium in New York riding the 7 service was a great inspiration for this CJ.

k50dude: Thank you for commenting! It is indeed a Maxis bridge! Never underestimate what Maxis can do for you... :thumb: Congrats for your Trixie!

Benedictx2: Thank you for your comment! Incorrect, the year has began now the Trixies have been unveiled! Congrats on yours!

kakado_to_save: Thanks for your comment!

1111222233334444: Thank you for commenting and congratulations!

escilnava: Thanks for your comment and congrats for your Trixie!

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting and congratulations for your Trixie!

Simbourgeois: Thanks for commenting, Sir!

Gugu3: Thank you!

Evillions: Thank you for commenting, hope the following update likes (and depresses) you!


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, RL is going hard on me. No SC4, no Beer make TekindusT go crazy. My T&R time is tending to zero these days, because I'm mostly rebuilding Barnanova when I've got the time to do that. Guess I'll show it when I have something good enough.



Guys... you're awesome! So many thanks! Now, with the update!


One day, at the comments section, Evillions asked if I had considered recreating a T&Rusty part of LA. I told him I would give it a try someday although not being much into it. Here's the result:


It's 1985. Marty McFly's adventures on time are a perfect excuse to go to the movies, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rules on Inglewood's Forum, communists are the enemies and Compton is the place to be for emerging rappers, criminals, and gangs. A dangerous place.



Heroin is sold like candy in front of the middle school, and cops do nothing on this; as they would lose their own dealer.



At dusk, right below United Airlines' landing planes, gang violence breaks out and there will be action at the local hospital. Again. Only a few miles separate Compton and Rodeo Drive, but sometimes, distances aren't just measured in miles.


Comment replies coming with the next update!


The Joseph Rank Ltd. flour mill had proudly been manufacturing and distributing flour all over the NYC area since the 20s. Yesterday, it sold its last 50 lbs flour bag.

The economic crisis had reaped all the district's factories and businesses, one by one since 2008. This monster had had no mercy for all the other manufacturers, and it was just a matter of time to hear it call to Joseph Rank Ltd.'s door. Today it is officially going out of business.


January 30th, 2011 was such a dark day that it only added a little bit more drama to the 57 workers day, who tomorrow would be one more number at the unemployment list. The sky was a grey slab that morning.

Nine hours later, Joe picked up his calendar, his water bottle, his bag and his jacket and met the other plant workers. They won't be hired again by any other company, they're too old and have not enough studies. They only knew about flour, this had been their job for the last 20 years. Most of them face unemployment for the first time in their lives.

Jenny, the accountant, picked some pictures from her desk. Most of them were from her little son. She had been looking for the words to tell him that mom would have no job from now on and many things will change in their lives. She could find a new job, but there is minimal chance of this.

Stuart Rank, grandson of Joseph Rank and general manager, was crying alone in his office. So many years fighting to keep the company alive, so many struggle, so many greedy bankers denying him a loan. There was no place for honest people anymore, the power is down at Wall Street. He watches through the window and the thick rain, all the other factories like his, who had gone out of business during the last years. Joseph Rank, Ltd. was only the next one on a very, very long list of ruined businesses. And the worst thing is that it won't be the last one.

When it rains, it pours.

This is what happens when you put into use the Manhattanville Project BATs...



Benedict: Thanks for commenting, for your support and for your list! Thanks for being always here!

ggamus: Thank you for commenting, wish I had that marks in my exams!

k50dude: Thanks for your comment, never underestimate the power of GIMP!

Huston: Thank you for your comment! I'm afraid you're wrong my friend, your CJ is the one that inspires me!

mystic_destiny: Thank you for commenting! Question answered in the comments section.

Roberto Robato: Thanks for commenting! I've always been a fan of the flipping efect, makes the pic less "SC4-like".

GreekMan: Thank you for your comment!

gugu3: Thanks for commenting!

TekindusT: I think you should update more, just IMO...

Evillions: Thank you for your comment! I truly love this song, an ode to my Favourite City in the World and the place where I have to go back when I have enough money in my bank account.

cjwillis96: Thanks for commenting!

pielover94: Thank you too!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

wswbalvis: Thanks for commenting! It's time to everybody agree on how do we measure city populations, by city inhabitants or by metro area inhabitants...

Gurning_Chimp: Thank you for your comment! Please see the answer to mystic_destiny to get your answer...

The Wrench: Thanks for commenting! When I was in NYC, my trip to the then-standing Shea Stadium on the subway's 7 service has been quite an inspiration for this CJ.

Schulmanator: Thank you for your comment!

Simbourgeois: Thanks for your comment!

Alejandro24: Gracias por comentar! En este CJ, si es triste, es bueno! On this CJ, if it's sad, then it's good!




Now that exams are over, I only have to worry for my part-time job (safety valves are fun!) and revisiting Rankine a little bit. Also, I've been slowly rebuilding my primary SC4 nation (Barnanova) with all what I've learnt since I began, so I'm busy.

And last but not least... See that fancy llama on the homepage? She's called Trixie and wants to be given to a player who deserves it; so go and nominate who you think deserves it the most!! I've nominated 19 people and still not done!



Saturday, December 24th 2011

Two weeks ago, the Rankine Town Hall took the plastic Christmas tree from the warehouse it is kept during the year and the plastic empty boxes, ballasted with iron on its inside; and placed it all together on Town Hall Square.

However, this tree is the only sign of Christmas spirit out there. No lights, no Santa Helpers out there, no kids singing Christmas carols and no snow. In Rankine, Christmas is the time of the year when the Town Hall plants a giant tree in the square and pretends to look after the citiziens. Factories keep running, smoke keeps polluting the city and nothing will have changed beyond New Year's Eve.

This is Rankine, after all.

Comment replies coming with the next update!


My December


MamaLuigi945: Thanks for your comment!

Schulmanator: Thank you for commenting! Never too busy for ST, whether I browse it just after getting up, in a free hour in the college, on my phone or at night before going to sleep!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment! What about LED technology?

k50dude: Thanks for commenting! There aren't many neon signs in my area, perhaps this is why they've always called my atention...

Evillions: Thank you for your comment! As you may have noticed, there are no night scenes in this CJ. The computer I run SC4 is 11 years old and switching the view from day to night is so much resource-consuming that it takes 5-10 minutes, not to talk about the day-night transition. Furthermore, I don't like taking night pics because they give you less room to play with them on the GIMP; so I think I'll stick with daytime pictures.

Benedict: Thanks for commenting! TekindusT's cities --> Elevated rail tracks!

Packersfan: Thank you for commenting! I've forgotten to take a city-wide pic, I'll try to take one for the next update...

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment! More or less the same I told to Evillions...

thornyjohny: Thank you for your comment! The in-game camera is enough for me to take pics; but I have to convert them from *.png to *.jpeg in order to publish them here.



And I give it all away

Just to have somewhere to go to

Give it all away

To have someone to come home to

This is my December

These are my snow-covered dreams

This is me pretending

This is all I need

[Linkin Park - My December]


December is cold in the northern hemisphere, but it is even colder in Rankine. The nearby water gives the whole city a humid climate, that is freezing when wind blows. Everybody tries to be at home this days, except the muslims who have to go to the Mosque.


Nobody in the "to City" platform during Sunday. Newyorkers spend these days in Manhattan buying stuff for Christmas, but Rankiners don't. Christmas presents and meals are a luxury that only a few can afford here.


Rankiners spend their Christmas in places like this, the factories. The machinery must run 24/7 and a lot of people are willing to work some extra hours to pay the bills or the scarce Christmas presents. It is cold inside too, broken windows let the wind come in; but workers are "happy" overall. At least, they have a workplace to go to.



Schulmanator: Thank you for your comment, I think the same!

bluemoose: Thanks for commenting! Downloading all the stuff goofyguytpa, marcszar and jumpthefence have released will guarantee you a little repetition!

100000000000000: Thank you for commenting!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting!

VicRusty: Gràcies pel teu comentari! My town, Rubí, knows best about high voltage pylons, according to the town council, we have 9 kilometers of high voltage power lines laid in the city.

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment! W2W's are so cool...

Benedict: Thank you for your comment! You're right, it's very uncommon to see elderly people here...

packersfan: Thanks for commenting! After all, it's all about BATs!

Oh, and BTW, congratulations to GreekMan, who has posted the 1000th comment in this CJ!!



A lot of stuff going on these days. I've began working in not one but two places at the same time, I work in a valves manufacturing company in the morning, get my lessons in the afternoon, and twice a week I teach Math and Physics to a middle-school student. This has reduced my SC4-time to the minimum, this means that updates will come... eventually. But I'm still holding on at ST!

Neon lights are part of the cityscape in many places, specially in North America. Times Square is the most clamorous example we can think of, but there are other places that have seen their neon lights to be switched off these days. Let's take a look to them.


The Bayer sign in the top of this building has seen the rise and fall of Rankine. It's industrial success and its drop these last thirty years. Millions of people have driven on the highway besides it, and only a few of them can afford an aspirin blister on the drugstores.



Factories were major users of neon lights to make themselves a bit of advertisement. Along the highways and the elevated subway tracks, neon lights faded out a long ago still can be seen. Newsome Manufacturing pioneered with neon lights.


This Cyclone sign has also seen millions of kids in front of it, where this place was still a popular amusement park before being swallowed by the urban sprawl. Nobody cried when the carousel and the ferris wheel were torn down, but the contractors faced angry protests when they began demolishing the Cyclone. It all seemed that it would become a local landmark but now that time has gone, nobody seems to mind about the Cyclone.




Schulmanator: Thank you for your comment, I think the same!

bluemoose: Thanks for commenting! Downloading all the stuff goofyguytpa, marcszar and jumpthefence have released will guarantee you a little repetition!

100000000000000: Thank you for commenting!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting!

VicRusty: Gràcies pel teu comentari! My town, Rubí, knows best about high voltage pylons, according to the town council, we have 9 kilometers of high voltage power lines laid in the city.

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment! W2W's are so cool...

Benedict: Thank you for your comment! You're right, it's very uncommon to see elderly people here...

packersfan: Thanks for commenting! After all, it's all about BATs!



A lot of stuff going on these days. I've began working in not one but two places at the same time, I work in a valves manufacturing company in the morning, get my lessons in the afternoon, and twice a week I teach Math and Physics to a middle-school student. This has reduced my SC4-time to the minimum, this means that updates will come... eventually. But I'm still holding on at ST!

Neon lights are part of the cityscape in many places, specially in North America. Times Square is the most clamorous example we can think of, but there are other places that have seen their neon lights to be switched off these days. Let's take a look to them.


The Bayer sign in the top of this building has seen the rise and fall of Rankine. It's industrial success and its drop these last thirty years. Millions of people have driven on the highway besides it, and only a few of them can afford an aspirin blister on the drugstores.



Factories were major users of neon lights to make themselves a bit of advertisement. Along the highways and the elevated subway tracks, neon lights faded out a long ago still can be seen. Newsome Manufacturing pioneered with neon lights.


This Cyclone sign has also seen millions of kids in front of it, where this place was still a popular amusement park before being swallowed by the urban sprawl. Nobody cried when the carousel and the ferris wheel were torn down, but the contractors faced angry protests when they began demolishing the Cyclone. It all seemed that it would become a local landmark but now that time has gone, nobody seems to mind about the Cyclone.



Wall-to-Wall Galore


heitomat: Thank you for your comment! Wherever we come from, we never forget.

NMUSpidey: Thanks for commenting!

k50dude: Thank you for your comment, and the best of luck for the Simlympics!

Sky Guy: Thank you for your comment! As this CJ is New York-based, I felt I needed to do that update...

Retep Molinari: Thanks for commenting, glad to see you back!

10000000000000: Thank you for commenting!

Exla357: Thank you for commenting, good to hear it has touched you... You were 4 in 2001? This makes me feel terribly old... >.<

DCMetro34: Thank you for your comment! It wasn't difficult to imagine the day after the 9/11; unfortunately, Madrid attacks made us feel the same...

Mithrik: ¡Gracias por comentar!



Nothing spectacular in this update. Just the bread-and-butter stuff, what Rankine is genuinely made of: Wall-to-Walls.


Wall-to-Walls are a very typical kind of building in the New York City area, very specially in Manhattan, where everything is so tighlty packed that the only way of growing was... going up. During the years, Rankine has seen other buildings replacing Wall-to-Walls, but they keep being the most popular buildings here.


This kind of buildings give a great flexibility to constructors. They can be built virtually anywhere, besides anything, and in small lots. Metro-North tracks can be laid between the buildings and nobody (except its dwellers) will complain.



One of Rankine's police precincts was built in a Wall-to-Wall fashion only a few years ago. A very optimistic architect thought that a modern and dynamic bulding would revive this part of North Rankine but he clearly failed. This city would need a dozen of precincts like this one to be under control.



Benedictx2: Thank you for your comment! I thought that I should add a little extra if I was going to show one of the most-seen buildings ever here!

Mithrik: Thanks for commenting!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

Adrianor: ¡Gracias por comentar! Seems that all baseball-bored people have gathered in this CJ!

Zulu2065: Thanks for your comment and question, answered in the comments section.

GreekManx2: Thank you for commenting! I'm relatively a newbie at football, but I consider myself a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I know, it's the easy choice, but they've been in 3 out of the 7 Super Bowls I've seen...

MamaLuigi945: Thanks for commenting!

escilnava: Thank you for commeting and asking. I explained everything quite exaustively in my GIMP Photoedition Tutorial, you can see it here [link].

Roberto Robatox2: ¡Gracias por comentar!

Evillionsx2: Thanks for your comment! I think I can do something LA-styled with the stuff I already have, but this will be when I feel the current style is over...

keder: Thanks for commenting!

k50dude: Thank you for your comment! Yes, I like (American) football very much in a country where 95% of the population cannot distinguish between football and rugby. It's "tough" to be an NFL fan here, you've got to watch the games on pay-per-view (4 games a week including SNF and MNF), beyond midnight, and barely can't speak about them with anybody. But it's definately worth. Don't follow college football though, can't watch it on TV...

heitomatx2: Thanks for commenting! Since the inception of this CJ, I planned a 3-pic update, but I seriously know this is not enough, this is why I add the pics description, to give something more to the reader.

Mr. Cortez: Thank you for your comment, but I'm afraid you're talking about a pic I've not made, it is borrowed from one of the CJs I draw inspiration from. It usually is eye-candy ploppable water, which fits with its own piers and docks...

Huston: Thank you for your comment!

Frdm920: Thank you for commenting! I guess this happens everywhere, newly asphalted highways running over bumpy and cracked local roads...

spursrule14: Thanks for commenting!

Simarco: Thanks for your comment! This CJ the best out there? Then you've got to take a look to the CJs shown in the update you've commented in!



New York City faced 10 years and 1 day ago, one of its most tragic days, perhaps, its most tragic day ever. Nearly 2600 people died only in the WTC attacks, around 300 more died in the Pentagon attack and in the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

September 12th was the Day One after the 9/11, the beginning of a new, different, much darker era. For the first time, newyorkers and the rest of the world, couldn't feel safe anymore; and their feeling was ratified in upcoming attacks all over the world.

This is the day after in Rankine.


September 11th was a terrible day for New York, for its surrounding areas and for the rest of the world. September 12th was a silent day. People didn't talk at work, bars had no customers and in the market, nobody shouted to sell their products. Everybody was still shocked, and they would remain like this for weeks. A slab of silence had fallen all over the city and all over the nation.


At the high school, teens were trying to learn the most difficult lesson of their lives. Trying to understand why these coward attacks happened is way more difficult than linear algebra. Teachers forgot the lessons they had planned, and they simply spoke about what they knew because yesterday most of kids and teens were sent home. Today, everybody listened to the teacher, for the first time in a long time.



We all know that firefigthers were some of the greatest heroes during the 9/11 and its aftermath, and Rankine's inhabitants also felt this. Two firefighters from Engine 135 and Ladder 94 died yesterday, and some others were in the hospital in a day where almost all NYC firefighters were at the Ground Zero. Today, some Rankiners have walked to the quarters to pay homage to them, they put there some candles, flowers and pictures.


Rankiners, newyorkers and anybody living when the attacks occured, will never forget.


100,000x Thanks

As you may have guessed from the title, this isn't going to be a regular update. This one is very special because it is the first update after having achieved 100,000 visits in this CJ (100,884 in this moment and being close to the 1000th comment). I've got a few words for you all:


Having said this, which is the most important, I'd like to take a look and pay an small homage to the players I mention above, the ones who inspired this CJ and, therefore, responsible of this thread.

"European" gritty style

SimHoTToDDy's Soviet Black Sea Union


The one and only. I can say there's a "before" and an "after" stages in my gameplay after seeing this CJ for the first time. I still was quite a newbie when I first saw it and it truly blew my mind off; it is now my all-time favourite CJ and still visit it from time to time.

Glenni's Pridnestrovian Moldavian People's Republic


It has been inactive during nearly all my time here on ST, but I liked it a lot too. It was a less extreme view than SimHoTToDDy's, but inspiring after all.

El Burro's Sakhaliyan Peoples Republic

I discovered it while browsing his stuff looking for BATs and interesting things, and it is funny and brilliant at the same time! Again, too late to comment on it. I'd attach a pic, but most of the interesting ones are gone now.

penguin1634's Soviet Rust


He said that he felt inspired from me and when I saw his work, I was the inspired one. Everything is extreme here, as it has to be.

"American" gritty style

All of them are relatively recent because I've been feeling curious for this style during the last months, don't know really good CJs before I went active here.

Evillions' Astoria


It looks realistic and it feels realistic. Evillions is always an inspirational player, going through many (all?) SC4 styles and the result is always the same: success.

Huston's Selbring


Selbring is just through the roof when it comes to grit. It isn't 100% realistic, but who cares if this CJ is so stunning? In a few updates, he has harvested a hord of loyal followers in which I must include myself on them.

josh6's Animaltown


I'm going to be honest: I haven't even watched the entire CJ; but I really like to see how an American person depicts the American lower class areas, it is important for a foreigner like me. This was the moment I thought "Why not?"

"Steampunk" gritty style

_marsh_'s Serindrea


The absolute all-rounder here. No style could resist him and he always went beyond the game in all cities he built. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms CJ is in my personal Top 5 too, but the "Serindrea Series" deserve a truly special spot in my Hall of Fame.

antimonycat's Endora


Again, an inactive CJ, a perfect masterpiece hidden in SC4Devotion's catacombs. This CJ is blatantly steampunk-styled, and this was the first think I liked of it. As happens with Soviet Black Sea Union, here the "wow factor" is multiplied by infinity because the user gave the pics a feeling impossible to explain but easy to be amazed by. Realism is thrown through the window, but as happened with Selbring... I love it.

Here ends the inspirational CJs parade I wanted to talk about. As you can see, I'm lightyears away of making a CJ 1/10 as awesome as some of the guys above, this is why I think they had to be highlighted.


And I'm going to watch on TV how Josep Guardiola is being awarded with the Gold Medal of the Parliament of Catalonia. Another inspirational person, but not because of a CJ!



Exla357: Thank you for your comment! I wouldn't want to live there either...

ggamus: Thank you for your comment!

TowerDudex2: Thanks for commenting!

heitomatx2: Thank you for your comment! The RL pics in between SC4 pics is a feature I introduced in a single update in my now cancelled Taxi Driver CJ (it's quite embarassing for me seeing these pics now) and it worked well, so I thought it would be cool to use it regularly now in T&R.

Skymine: Thank you for your comment! The price: very cheap.

111222333444x2: Thanks for commenting, glad you recieved this sensation, this means I'm doing OK!

Alejandro24: Gracias por comentar! Ya habrás notado que me gusta mucho jugar con estos gigantescos edificios de apartamentos y, siguiendo ejemplos cercanos a mi zona, justo al lado de una autopista es donde "lucen" mejor. You may have noticed that I like a lot playing with these gigantic apartment buildings, and following the examples I can see near where I live, they "look better" when placed besides a highway.

k50dudex2: Thank you for your comment! Recreations take always a massive amount of time and knowledge to be well done, but I can give it a try... As for your second comment, as I said in the update, it was just a quick and fast development, if I try building an emirate city I'll go with more variety, and the LBT slums packs will be in the list. But this one has to be a long-term project, though...

10000000000000: Thanks for your comment!

Mithrik: Gracias por tu comentario! Pics come from different sites, I just googled the things I was looking for and went through several pages until finding them...

Andrey km: Thank you for commenting!

Schulmanator: Thanks for your comment! Oh, and keep with your jokes and puns on the status updates, they may be very repeated in English, but as I'm not a native speaker, they're always look like brand new for me!

DCMetro34: Thanks for your comment! Well, as I can't get the automata to show, I think I have to add an "extra"...

Adrianor: Gracias por comentar! En mi ciudad hasta hace poco tiempo se podían ver algunas manzanas ocupadas por fábricas enormes, que fueron rodeadas por los trabajadores que construyeron alrededor; me he inspirado en ese hecho. In my hometown, several blocks occupied by huge factories could be seen until the early 2000s, which were surrounded by the homes their workers built around them; I was inspired by this fact. As for Al Qurayyah's highway, my car automata generators don't work nicely with RHW (pathing issues and stuff) and this is why my only option was showing it without automata.

Evillions: Thank you for your comment! I've had to look up in Wikipedia about Compton because the only thing I knew about it was because of its appereance in a custom Railroad Tycoon II map I downloaded a long ago; but the quote "using data from the FBI's annual report of crime statistics "Crime in the United States 2010," ranked Compton as the 8th most dangerous city in the country" makes it a very tasty place to recreate or to be inspired by...

ROFLyoshi: Thanks for commenting! Well, NYC's subway history is very complex (with all the IRT, IND and BMT stuff) and I couldn't determine which city "copied" the idea of using elevated rails as a measure for public transport, but I guess it looks a bit like Chicago too...

Roberto Robatox2: Gracias por comentar! It's difficult to grow this specific set, so I always plop it when I need to show it... Y por lo de Messi, recuerda que no juega solo, en el Barça está rodeado de jugadores geniales; si la selección argentina logra tener jugadores a mejor nivel, no me cabe duda que Messi podrá triunfar en la selección.

NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment! Some time ago, this CJ was "sponsored" by Ammu-Nation, you know why now!

jj88x2: Thanks for commenting! Making this place (Rankine's first pic) was more difficult than it seems, because one of the factories has transit-enabled tiles that made me CTD twice while I was building the EL-rail and stuff around it...

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for your comment! Lurking is OK, commenting is great!

spursrule14: Thanks for choosing this CJ; very much appreciated!

OrdinarySim: Gracias por tu comentario! So many things to do these days, huh?

Sky Guy: Thank you for your comment! I had been looking to Evillions', suplado!'s, TowerDude's and _marsh_'s CJs lately and I thought: "Why not?" Here's the result.

Skimbo: Thanks for commenting!

MamaLuigi495: Thanks for your comment!

Benedict: Thank you for commenting, answered your question in the comments section.

Jamesrules90: Thank you for your comment!


Whoa, so many comments! It is taking more time to answer them than to prepare the actual update; but this is the most enjoyable time...


Baseball is a popular sport in the NYC area, and Rankine isn't an exception to it. One of the only things this city can be proud is of having two stadiums and minor baseball facilities built within its limits. Let's take a look to them.

EDIT: Sorry in advance for any baseball-related imprecisions or wrong statements I may make from now on. I'm into American football, but I've always found baseball a very boring game and never followed it...


All kids aspriring to be in the big leagues begin in baseball diamonds like this one, bringing their own balls, bats and suffering the neighbours' rage when they break window. In this case, the diamond is surrounded by Rankine's municipal prison, South Rankine Elementary school (with its teachers on strike as you can see) and one of Rankine Estates buildings. A great and brief depiction of what is expecting these kids. School, prison, and/or living in tenements. No baseball.


If these kids are good enough, reaching the AA League Rankine Sounds would be a very good option. They've been the historic team of this city and almost everybody here roots for the Sounds; even though they've never won a single championship. Just for the record, none of Rankine Sounds roster members lives within the limits of the city of Rankine.



And if these kids are good and lucky enough, maybe they could be playing here, the Bank of America Park, home to New York Americans of the American League. A powerful, successful and famous baseball team; which logos are worn by hip-hop followers throughout the world, has its home in North Rankine next to the city limit, where the world goes sane again. Most of baseball goers are from outside Rankine and they prefer taking the public transport instead of taking their cars. The reasons are obvious, this is Rankine.


The few Rankiners who can afford a seat in this stadium leave their worryings and problems behind for nine innings and enjoy. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal, a couple of stores will be robbed, illegal drugs will be sold on every corner and a dozen cars will be missing. Once again.



escilnava: Thank you for your comment, if it looks like the Bronx, then it's OK!

jj88: Thanks for commenting!

Jamesrules90: Thanks for commenting! I'm an absolute fan of PEG's gritty stuff...

SRB95: Thank you for your comment!

packersfan: Thanks for commenting!

Zulu2065: Thank you for your comment and your question! Answered in the comments section.

Weecacks: Thank you for your comment, if you wanted to, you'd be insane!

Adrianor: ¡Gracias por comentar! I've got many inspiration sources, fellow CJers, and the real Bronx district are the main inspirators of this new Rankine incarnation.

Andrey km: Muito obrigado! Answered by PM and in the comments section.

heitomat: Thank you for commenting! Answered in the comments section.

spursrule14: Thanks for your comment! I wasn't sure about what would be the reaction to this pic as it barely displays gritty things, but I see you liked it...

Frdm920: Thanks for your comment, hope the city is everything but fancy...

Roberto Robato: Thank you for commenting! Didn't say it was awesome, I said I felt more confortable with it!

k50dude: Thanks for your comment! I thought the same, but it is my little homage to the Yankees Stadium!

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! I've seriously thought in making a South-American styled ghetto, more or less inspired by all these neverending layers of brick houses climbing the mountains in Caracas or Bogotá, but I mainly face the severe lack of BATs to it. I'll try to figure out something with Frogface's stuff, but can promise nothing...


Today we'll be taking a short but intense ride in Rankine's history.



As many other cities, Rankine started as an industrial zone, with a bunch of factories placed in a well-communicated spot. People and contractors just built their homes around the factories and, this way, the City of Rankine was born.


People demanded public transport, and the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit Company) reached the city center in 1917, when Rankine was still booming (picture circa 1950 approximately).


The city's growth rapidly overcame the nearby railroads, and heavy upgrades where undertaken to ensure the factories the supplies they needed and the shipments they needed to do. Tracks were elevated without taking into accound the confort of the ones who had to live besides them.


The city was dense, but it could be even denser. When the lack of space became a reality, constructors didn't hesitate on building upwards without thinking in also improving the school and the hospital. Massive blocks of flats have been built, and are currently built at the builders' discretion. While Manhattan's housing projects were inteded to provide a "better living", Rankine's housing projects are intended to provide a "better living for the contractors and their family".



Rankine II: Teasers?


111222333444: Thanks for your comment!

escilnava: Thank you for commenting!

darkaliendude: I've had to visit Half-Life Wiki to know what were you talking about, and then I have to thank you for saying this!

Blakeway: Thank you for your comment, so do I!

Andrey km: Thanks for commenting, it is still very far of being perfect, but I always try my best!

Greekman: Thank you for your comment!

TowerDude: Thanks for commenting!

NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment, now you have a couple more places to satisfy your need for SC4 grime...

heitomat: Thanks for your comment! I thought the same when I saw that depot on the STEX, couldn't resist to download it.

Benedict: Thank you for commenting! Don't thank to me, thank to RebaLynnTS, who made that fantastic set...

k50dude: Thank you for your comment and for telling me!

OrdinarySim: ¡Gracias por comentar! In SC4 there's no frustration, just I need to play other games to go all in back to SC4!

Evillions: Thanks for your comment! I've always thought that Maxis stuff isn't that bad after all... And I'm used to play with the New York and Chicago tilesets disabled, so everything seems "new" for me now.

Roberto Robato: Thank you for commenting! You won't miss Rankine, I've just made a revamped version...


After some intense days building and downloading new stuff, I think the results have turned out pretty well, and the city is now more Tenement-y and Rusty than before. It has got more...


... more trash and more rust...


... more tenements and more brown projects...


... and more sports rivalry...


Spare Pictures

Comment Replies

VicRusty: Gràcies per comentar! The procedure is quite easy when you practice a bit with it. I rise a couple of hills in opposite edges of the city and then I lower the ground to make an small lake. Then, I just draw the bridge between both hills and "cheat" the game. Then, you can adjust the bridge height and make it look fine.

haydon1996: Thank you for your comment!

Paulobergonci: Thanks for commenting! I know a couple of places near my hometown where buildings are even closer to the highway than in this pic... (for example, 41°29'37.55"N, 2° 9'3.66"E)

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por comentar! Encontré algo de inspiración en un post que hiciste sobre un puente en tu ciudad, solo que el mío es más "a mi estilo". I found inspiration in a post you made about a bridge in your city, but mine looks more T&R-ized...

Zulu2065: Thank you for your comment!

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting, glad you liked it!

Benedict: Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I also found it a quite successful update and (I guess this isn't nice to say) I found that this pic is one of my all-time best ones.

DCMetro34: Thank you for your comment!

Frdm920: Thank you for commenting!

OrdinarySim: No words, no thanks! :lol:

PackersFan: Thanks for your comment!

Reikhardt: Thank you for commenting! Yeah, it must be a loud place to live...

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment!

jj88: Thanks for commenting! Now its harder to find new stuff to show...

k50dude: Thank you for your comment! Well, I don't know if it is better to live here, or below the airport's landing path, or besides the power plant...

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for commenting!

elemented9: Thank you for your comment and sorry for not having answered before your question... As I say in the update, modifying the city, building the bridge, building the surroudings, making the automata to show, taking the pic and photoediting it and uploading it; took more or less 2-3 hours. As for the font I'm using, you can download it for free here [link].

Deionn: Thank you for your comment! If it reminds you to NYC means I'm making a good job!

Treka: Thanks for commenting!

Gugu3: Thank you for your comment!

Adrianor: Gracias por comentar!

Daan300: Thank you for commenting, hope I see you soon around again!


[No banner today, I accidentally overwrote the template I had been using...]

We reach today the last update about Rankine as we know it. I've began planning a kind of Rankine II, which will try to be better than this first incarnation. The planning phase is almost done, I'll be able to tease you soon.

Then, today I'm showing you the last pics I have from Rankine I.


Living besides the school bus depot can be an interesting experience. All drivers start their engines at 6:30 in the morning, and wake up everybody who is sleeping.


Retail stores besides the sewage aren't the most popular shops here unless you sell something the others don't.


The Music Hall in Rankine Avenue was a great place to listen to good jazz music during the 40s and the 50s. Nowadays is a good place to get some illegal drugs.

See you in Rankine II!!


Comment Replies

TowerDude: Thank you for commenting! I have plans to show it on SC4D's Picture Competition, but I still have to make the decision.

Frdm920: Thank you for your comment and see you in the Guess the Airport Game (yes, I've advertised myself)!

hijodecordoba: ¡Gracias por comentar!

VicRusty: Gràcies pel comentari! Has anat als Sanfermines? Si que vas fort tu!

Gugu3: Thank you for commenting, it's good to know I'm an inspiration for somebody!

Reikhardt: Thanks for your comment, doesn't matter if you miss some updates if you come back and see them!

111222333444: Thank you for commenting!

Evillions: Thanks for your comment! It isn't the one I've worked out the most, but I agree that it turned out very nice.

spursrule14: Thanks for your comment!

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for commenting; I'm still looking for the "wonderful" part of Rankine and what makes it cool is that it isn't real...

Roberto Robato: Thank you for commenting! Question answered on the comments section.

Exla327: Thanks for your comment! I've been searching in SC4D about what you told me, but no luck...

DCMetro34: Thank you for commenting! We talked about this issue by PM, great to know I was helpful!

jj88: Thanks for your comment! I had watched a bunch of movies shot in Las Vegas these days, and I couldn't resist...

the00guvna: Thank you for commenting! Same I say to jj88, I had an overdose of Las Vegas-shot movies these days (The Hangover, Ocean's Eleven, 21...) and it affected me to the point of taking them to SC4...

nico15821: Thanks for commenting! It must be a "ghost station"... :uhm:

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por comentar! Me gusta lo suficiente el metal industrial como para que me guste el NDH (Rammstein, In Extremo (uno de mis 3 grupos favoritos), Eisbrecher, Stahlhammer, Oomph!...) pero creo que nunca había oído algo de Unit 187. Quizá esa canción es demasiado "industrial" para mi gusto, aunque creo que para estudiar me va a ir bien. ¡Anotado!

OrdinarySim: Gracias por comentar! Answered in the comments section.


Many parallel projects in my hands these days combined with my Summer job; but I think this pic looks cool enough to have an special update for it. Tell me what you think!


And yeah, I've spent a whole afternoon planning, building, taking the pic and photoediting it!


The Sixties

Comment Replies

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for your comment!

Benedict: Thanks for commenting, these two are BATs I really like.

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por comentar! Ánimo con el cálculo ahora, las EDOs serán más amenas... Keep hanging on your Calculus lessons, ODEs will be more entertaining...

the00guvna: Thank you for commenting! Well, the EL-rail tracks are placed 15 meters above ground if everything is NAM-standard; then the station platform would be placed at the same height of the 2nd or 3rd floors of the nearby buildings; not the 1st... My fault!

OrdinarySim: ¡Gracias por comentar, Ander! Poverty and injustice can have its bright side, but only in SC4, where only Sims are hurt... :read:

Exla357: Thank you for your comment! Yeah, this is an aspect I have to solve... The inconvenience of this all-plopped city (let's face it) is that it doesn't generate much workers because of that annoying bug that plopped residentials have; and thus, there are no commuters who ride the trains. And AFAIK, there are no subway automata generators out there...

Animaniacs: Thank you for commenting!

spursrule14: Thanks for your comment, I've just remembered Men In Black; in the movie it is stated that a high percentage (can't remember the exact figures) of aliens living in the Earth live in the New York City area...

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment! You're not the only STEX addict, but at least you don't have to live with the "pain" of having only 0.5 Gb of free space in your hard drive...

jj88: Thanks for commenting!



Most of Rankine was built before the sixties, but it suffered a great expansion during the sixties, when more modern factories moved there and other structures where built there. They gave a brief period of growth which stopped few years later.


Open-air sewage was one of the worst ideas ever implemented in Rankine; it only had one good thing: it was inexpensive; and this came first when the sewage planning was made.


Some new factories moved into Rankine, and they encouraged the demographic growth here. When they went bankrupt, however, their just arrived workers couldn't move to another district and stayed.


During this era the whole NYC area saw a nearly incontrolled growth, somebody even thought in building an office highrise here. It was a laudable idea, but it just didn't work.


And let me show you something off-T&R, I've put a lot of photoedition effort on this pic and I think I had to show it...



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