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pinkindustryさん: Thanks! the mods already being posted by Tonraq.... :)

Gregさん: Thanks! I try to make it as lively as possible. I also try to put as many planning on the city before making it.

カールさん: Thanks... for the link too :P

Mymyjpさん: Thanks!

Benedictさん: Yay! :D

NMUSpideyさん: Thanks!

feeroz123さん: Thanks! check the link in my comment...

Paulobergonciさん: Thanks!

tankmankさん: Thanks! well I try to make as realistic as possible as that what I can make based on my knowledge about japanese cities (mostly around tokyo) :P



"From Akashima 5 months later...."

Akashima, January 10 2015

From: Konae Fumiko (@fmkko45)

To: Miyazawa Mizuki (@mizukimiya930)

Hey how are you? its already very cold here lately in Akashima, we have plenty snowfall earlier this month. I think Shinkyo have better temperature than here since it located more to the north. Anyway I still in new year holiday now, school start at next Monday so well its the end of my holiday here hahaha.....


I just remembered when we still in elementary school in Shinkyo, before my family move due to my father task. do you still remembered when we play in snow winter until it was dark already... what a memory lol. Oh btw I just moved into a new house, but still not far from the apartment we rent beforehand. I can still see it everyday when going to school or downton.


How is your holiday? what are you doing in new year? I had plenty boring holiday maybe in my opinion, being trapped in the house all since the holiday started XD... However I got a good new year, going around the city watching the countdown, you know there is some firework too here in this city but not as big as previous year since we still recovering from the disaster 5 month ago.


5 months ago the earthquake was very hardly hit my place here, thank god me and my family here okay and safe since we live in northern part of Akashima which barely affected by earthquake. There are some minor damage around my area here like some glass broke but thankfully nothing badly damaged.


But too bad with what happened in the south. I have some friend which affected badly with the earthquake, it's so sad to heard the story though. I can't even imagine how people in southern part of city when the disaster happened, too scary, I just can send pray to them. I hope this horrible disaster won't happened anymore here and anywhere else.



Anyway lets now wake up as the city begun to rebuild. Yesterday I can see how the city recover. There were many major redevelopment around the city. It's really incredible how fast the city recovered from the disaster.


Let's talk about other thing now, guess what? I have tried the new train in this city, well it's actually the same usual route to the school but it has new cabs. I like the new one design, or maybe just because its new hahahaha..

Anyway thats all I want to write now. I want to heard about your story too in Shinkyo, reply my email as soon as possible okay. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

your friend in Akashima

Konae Fumiko


Author note:

- I'm new to this kind of updates so I suggestion and critics are very welcome here.

- the email address is fake (obviously lol) :P



jmsepeさん:Happy New Year too from your northern Neighbor

カールさん: Happy new year...

JP Schrieferさん: Thanks!

TowerDudeさん: Thanks! happy new year too for Okatabawashi

Kim Sunwooさん: Thanks! yeah its actually part of Shibuya station which I use as Suzuya Station in game (obviously Suzuya based on Shibuya)

Sexysark:Pさん: Thanks! and happy new year

Mymyjpさん: Thanks! its actually from Mandelsoft's LRM mod which give a bright light plus the japanese street side mod which place the light so near each other....

Paulobergonciさん: Thanks!



Kashizaki-ku (樫崎区) is one of the seven wards of the city of Kashizaki, Watanabe Prefecture, Nakahara. As of 2010, the ward had an estimated population of 187,246 and a density of 5,412 persons per km². Kashizaki City itself is Nakahara 11th largest city in term of population with estimated population 1,281,943. Located between 2 Nakahara largest city, Watanabe and Shinkyo, Kashizaki is flat and largely consists of industrial zones and densely built working-class housing, the northern end mountainous and more suburban while the southern reclaimed coast consist of industrial area and port.


Kashizaki Station which is the largest and the main station of the city taken role as the hub for the northern part of city and the rail line between Shinkyo and Watanabe. Nearby area heavily developed as the commercial centre and some major housing area. As for 2014, the station serves 195k passengers per day

Kashizaki ward is located in Southeast end of Watanabe Prefecture, in the southern portion of the city of Kashizaki, bordering on the Sakai River and Shinkyo to the east and Shinkyo Bay to the south and west. Much of the land area of the Ward is reclaimed land


Minami Kashimoto Station (南樫本駅) located south not far from Kashizaki Station. It located next to the Kashizaki Sogo Departement Store, the largest departement store in Kashizaki and Watanabe Prefecture.

Kashizaki Ward economy dominated by the industrial sector in the south and commercial sector in north nearby station. Many of residential of the ward commute daily toward Shinkyo and Watanabe due to its location squeezed between both cities.


Kashizaki Ekimae Dori a main road in the front of Station. it's heavily crowded with shopping area nearby the station.

Kashizaki ward connected toward Shinkyo in the east using the rail which consist of many lines served mainly by Kashizaki Station though there isnt any Highspeed railway connection in the city, Shizugawa Shinkansen line in the northern Funabori Ward, northern of Kashizaki ward. There is Shinkyo Metropolitan Expressway Bayside Route in the reclaimed southern part of the city. Daichi Keihan (第一京辺) which part of Nakahara National route 15 runs in the middle of the ward connect this city toward Watanabe and Shinkyo.


Nightshot around the Kashizaki Station


Nightshot from Ekimae Dori


Author note:

- Original update 16 intended to be in Minamiyoko instead of Kashizaki..



TowerDudeさん: Thanks a lot! usually I would do it anyway

Tonraqさん: well its not as bad as sugar free though


Mymyjpさん: Thank you a lot! as for me I dont have any other choice other than to use the available mods as I cant do BAT until now

Sexysark:Pさん: Thanks!

tankmankさん: Thanks!

Kim Sunwooさん: Thanks!


Final moment of 2014 in Nakahara, In every city especially major cities, everyone are getting ready for the coming of Year 2015.

Now playing AKB48, a girl group from Shinkyo with their song, Chance no Junban

There're countdown all across the country. We will cover from some of major cities.


Right from infamous Suzuya crossing, Shinkyo we can see number 5 as the countdown!


Now Kashizaki, a city next to Shinkyo, we can call this as 4 countdown!


Mikawa, home of old Nakahara and the whole Nakami. 3 From the Hongawa Castle!


Ayukawa, Nakahara 5th Largest city, 2 From Mitaka Station!


Akashima, which just recovered from the recent disaster hit this city, 2014 seems to be a very hard year for this city. 1 from Nishiko Station!

Now Back to Suzuya again Annnddd...



Now Playing in Shinkyo Dome, KARA with their song Step bringing the new year, 2015 with hope this year everything will be better!

Happy New Year Everyone!



カールさん: Well thank you though... sorry if I wrong a bit since I never see or feel snow since 1998.

Mymyjpさん: Thanks for the tips! Well as for the intersection tile, why I dont put any snow because it build in the area which climate doesnt give much snow (warm humid subtropical). For most place of Nakahara, I would consider the temperature during winter not drop so low because it has a subtropical climate instead of canada's continental climate.

cardiomonkeyさん:(1) Thanks, its mostly done by photoshop but in some place such as the terrain I use PEG Snow Mod which gives white ground instead of grassy one. (2) Thanks again... you dont missed anything though...


LnXさん: Thanks!

Asianessさん: Its cold indeed


MilitantRadicalさん: Thanks! I wish I can see em in real life anytime soon though

Ganhoさん: Thanks!

JP Schrieferさん: Thanks! Merry Christmas for you...

coolwiththecool2さん: well thanks.... yes it made using photoshop (thanks to the tutorial at youtube)

jmsepeさん: Congrats

:P I'll give you some plugins pack (later) :P

tankmankさん: Thanks!

NielsC007さん: Thanks!

Kim Sunwooさん: Thanks! and stay tuned..

Simul8ter8さん: Thanks a lot! I missed Hokkodo for sure since 2012....


This Mini Update will consist of the description of the city for the next update, Minamiyoko.


Minamiyoko, Watanabe Prefecture


Map of Watanabe Prefecture, Nakahara

Minamiyoko is a City located in Watanabe Prefecture. it has population of 172,446 people with total land size 62km sq makes its population density of 2781 people per kmsq.


Minamiyoko City office next to the Chuo Park

Minamiyoko Located in the western part of Watanabe Prefecture. It has a flat plains in the south and western part of it and hilly part on the northern which lies in the Chiyoko Hill Range. The city itself bordered Shimazaki City in the east, Kisarazu in the south and Chiyoko in the north. Its still considered as part of Shinkyo-Watanabe Metropolitan Area as about 45% of the citizens in the city commute daily toward Shinkyo or Watanabe.


Minamiyoko Station with the city centre

Minamiyoko served by Shimizu Line and Shizugawa Main line which has service to the Watanabe Station in the Watanabe city and Kashiwagi Station in Kashiwagi Ward, Shinkyo (the busiest train station in Nakahara). This city has Minamiyoko station as the main connector and several other major station such as Okuzawa Station which is a terminus of Okuzawa line and also Kita-Minamiyoko Station on the Shimizu Line.


Aoyoko Station

This city has 2 expressway connection toward Shizugawa Expressway in the Kita-Shimayoko IC and Minamiyoko IC. this city also has a portion of Nakahara National Route 3 which runs from Shizubashi, Shinkyo toward Hakata in north.



jmsepeさん: srsly? :meh: but well I'll put Karasem in that list though

Sharkさん: Thanks! yeah you can see in future update of Ayukawa

Mymyjpさん: Thanks!

カ一ル先輩: Thanks!

slickbg56さん: Thanks! I just put that infobox a while ago and it turn out nice :D




Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ayukawa city, capital of Ayukawa Prefecture and Nakahara 4th largest metropolitan area poured with heavy snow.


Today its really white I mean everywhere is white.... because of snow. Its really freezing here now, lets see how cold it is... it's -3C.


Well its in the south of Mitaka Station, one of the most dense district in Ayukawa here but its seems no much activity outside... maybe because its holiday already? or maybe because of the weather?


hmm seems nobody at park at this moment....


In the bridge of Kirigawa River here. The river's water seems very cold at this moment... waw.


Now in the Kirigawa-cho. well nothing much to do here actually


Lets go to Mitaka station area. there should be something better to do here since its one of the city's major hub and there're many stuff can be done here like shoping, karaoke etc....


bari...bari...ban..ban.... now available in Nakahara.....

Also check my other update here:


EP5: Canary Syndrome

Replies 1 (Update 13):

カ一ル先生: Thanks!

Jimmy Buzaid: Thanks!

Nielsc: Thanks, you know it took me almost 8 hours total to done that tile MMP


Ln(x): Thanks!

Sarthakknight: well not really, actually I cant do much on MMP thanks anyway

Drack: lol yeah, that update actually based on horror japanese game so I try to make something like that


Jmsepe: Thanks, well mostly giraffe's stuff and some neko flora.

47ply: Thanks!

fan o sc4: Thanks!

Jayguum: nah, its not made because of streetviews

:P but by game instead :P

Jorge Carillo: Thanks!

dabadon5: Thanks!

timmetje: Thanks! lol I take the name watanabe not from there btw


tankmank: Thanks!

bitsaul: Thanks!

spursrule: Thanks for the award!

Benedict: Thanks too for the award!

Lesczyk: well..

Replies 2 (EP4):

Tankmank: Thanks

Tonraq-sensei: Well we know everyone busy


YINYI 911: Well I am not Japanese too but I like to do this style

Jmsepe: Thanks, love your latest update too!

Nielsc: Thanks again!

wwetom: Thanks, I've give the link via chat....

Another previews from Ayukawa, Nakahara's 5th largest city.

Higashi-Atsuta Station, one of major hub of Ayukawa train network:


Shoot from Minami-Kirisawa-cho, a neighborhood in southern Ayukawa



Allright, I just think to made an extended picture (teaser) to keep this CJ alive since I've been very busy lately... images in this entry isnt really new, I made this city since August 2014....


Kirigawacho (霧川町) is a neighborhood located in Atsuta Ward, Ayukawa (鮎川市熱田区), located not far from Sakae, the downtown of Ayukawa:






Replies( 返事 ):

@ jmsepeさん: Thank you nakama :P

@ カールせんせい: lol yes.. after a lot of struggle to make it....

@ Gregさん: Thanks a lot! actually that is the thing that I would like to be focused for that update...

@ Ln Xさん: Thanks! the river is really made the city btw

@ sejr99999さん: Thanks a lot for stopping by!

@ fan o SC4さん: well you come in bad time since that was the time when majhost is down... :(


Well according to the poll, the next update (this one) would be in rural part of Watanabe Prefecture and it's here now. But I would try a different theme since this one is update 13....


warning: this update contain horror and myth stories, possibly make you creep out...


Chiyoko, a city in Watanabe Prefecture. It's just about 27km from Downtown Watanabe city, the prefecture capital also Nakahara's 2nd largest city. Beneath the city, there's a myth growing on local residents.


Chioka Forest (千岡森), a forest in Chiyoko. Legend said that this forest which some people called it as Chioka (血岡森) hide something inside it. Locals likely said that there's a forbidden place named Shinodake Estate inside the forest... is it true? lets find it out...


We stopped at the bus stop in this Sekichi town (関地町) on the side of Okuzawa Highway (岡沢街道), Watanabe Prefectural route 134 just from Shimazaki, 20km in the south of Chiyoko. Seems theres nothing wrong about this town so far.


Walking around this town, find out something about Shinodake estate maybe someone already know about it? it started to be dark here....


but anyway nothing different here, everything seems like usual town in Nakahara.... But.... why every time we ask about that place everyone just scared and avoiding it? some actually really pointing to the other way though... so, might just turn back and see what we can get....


Guess that we need to cross this major road again... and enter the town.


But this way seems pretty much less populated and houses started to be rare....


What now, the road in this area are badly maintained and now, seems the road ends here or not? anyway we havent found anything so far... so maybe lets continue there...


This place not have any sign of human life inside it, and this might just an abandoned pathway across the forest..


Wait what is this??? seems like this place used to be lived by people but now, not even a single soul inside it anymore... this heavy feeling just really weird and this place must have something wrong about it.... still we haven't found Shinodake name in any of these houses...


Going deeper into forest, my feeling about something wrong here are going heavier...


Going deeper into forest, my feeling about something wrong here are going heavier...


dunno why but I feels that place really strange.....


Dead end? really that house also not have that Shinodake name plate there..... or maybe it is the place, lets go inside...

few minutes later there's nothing related inside except a rundown house with furnitures.... oh no, its already dark outside...


I try to go back on this path.. to go back since I got nothing here.....


Strange but I feels like already walks for miles away and surely if measured in this afternoon, I should already see the main road now but how could it possible???


This place???? Really again???? looks like I just walking around in circle... but how????? I remembered that I just followed this road...

wait what is that??? WHATTT? AAAHHH?


That empty lot in the evening now it turn out to be a house complete with a sign name "Shinodake" that must be the place which mentioned earlier......


note: this story actually heavily influenced on Corpse Party Book of Shadow final chapter (blood drive) so maybe some already familiar with this one? lol

anyway thats all for this update hope you enjoyed....


Replies( 返事 ):

@jmsepeさん: well hope everything in Teiko not worse than in Nakahara

@Towerdudeさん: yeah ik... D:

@Nielsc007さん: thanks...

@Tonraqさん: err okay... that song is what I think when making the update... :P

@Tankmankさん: thanks! yeah thats what a bad day for eastern Nakahara...

@fan o sc4さん: thanks...

@foxさん: lol thanks!

@drackさん: thanks... well you can sent any relief ops if you want to east coast of Nakahara

@simemirateさん: thanks! well fyi it takes me almost 2 month to plan and done that update though...

@urielgarciaさん: well yeah.... hope disaster like that wont happened again.... it really depressing to see such thing in real life :(

@a_musesさん: hmm well that update title actually come from the song name which I posted... and fyi I choose the song for reason though (check wikipedia for more info about the song)

@Tonyrさん: thanks!

@TekindusTさん: Thanks a lot! it really takes time for me to photoshop that

@coolwiththecool2さん: thanks a lot!

@Kyotocoyoteさん: Thanks, it come from Nekopanchi mod (link below)

@Hustonさん: well yeah thats the first time I do such kind of update in my CJ... and it turn out like that.... thanks anyway

@sejr9999さん: really? thats so far...

@dabadon5さん: thanks! yeah poor the citizens...

@Orenさん: thanks! the powerline in side of road are by nekopanchi (link below)

*The streetside mod by nekopanchi is here:



Before starting, An interesting fact that "Sakura no Shiori" is Nakahara national anthem



(skip to 1:52 for the music)


Update 12: 桜の栞 | Sakura no Shiori (Mikawa)

Mikawa, also known as 1000 years capital city was the imperial capital of older Nakahara until it moved to Shizuku (now its named Shinkyo). Mikawa also ever become the capital of Seijima, a country formed in Sanese archipelago before splited to be Mitoyagi (Okaiken) and Nakahara (Credit to Tonraq for this history

:P ).


This city stand in the Mikawa bay (三河湾), in the Naoshima island (直島), western part of Nakahara. it located in the middle of valley between a mountainous region of Naoshima. Standing next to Kinai City (畿内市) of Kinai Prefecture (畿内県) in north, both city creates Nakahara 5th largest metropolitan area just below Ayukawa with population 4.7 millions people inside. Mikawa used to be Nakahara's largest city prior to the Tanaka Shogunate capital movement to Shizuku in 16th century, later on Mikawa surpassed by Nagawa in 17th century, Ayukawa and Fujiyoshi in 1947, Atarashima in 1956 if the latest trend increasing, it would fall bellow Miyazaki City in mid-2015.

This update mostly consist of Shimogyo Ward, Mikawa



Hongawa Castle (本川城), a Nakaharan castle in Shimogyo Ward (下京区), Mikawa. The original castle build in 17th century as the resident of Tanaka Shogunate in Mikawa at that time... the original castle heavily damaged during 1867 siege of Mikawa, though later the castle reconstructed. Its opened to public as a museum since 1962.


Hongawa Castle in 1675


The front gate of castle today, as it can be seen that much of the area has been changed a lot since 17th century..


East of the castle lies a residential area.. this area still consist a lot of older buildings mixed with some modern one..


Nishiyama-dori, in the south of Castle area... this road lies to the Nishiyama ward (西山区) of Mikawa which consist of mountainous area.


Western part of Shimogyo Ward still can be seen a lot of older buildings mixed with some post war modern building in this area. City government enacted the development limit toward the area due to the historical preservation of the wards.


Northern part of Shimogyo Ward, just next door to Kamigyo ward, home of Mikawa Imperial Palace... both ward currently bordered with the Nishi-Mikawa rail line..


Another picture from Nishi-Mikawa rail line, though this one fully in Shimogyo ward


Ikawa Station of Nishi-Mikawa rail line. this area can be seen fully developed with many modern buildings because its close to a busy rail line.


Nishi-Mikawa rail line crossing ikawa river, which also borders Shimogyo ward with Watarirouka Ward. Ikawa river itself is a branch river of bigger Ichikawa River (一川), which runs through western part of Mikawa.


Another shot of Ikawa river it can also seen the border within more older looking Shimogyo ward with more modern Watarirouka ward.


Shimogyo ward border with Nakagyo Ward (中京区) with Ichikawa River as the mark border between both ward and Nishi-Mikawa line as the border with Kamigyo Ward. Ichikawa River (一川) itself stand for First River of Mikawa, its the 2nd largest river of the city after Nakagawa (中川) in the middle of Mikawa and sightly larger than the third Kasukawa (粕川) which mark the eastern border of city and prefecture with Kinai Prefecture.

Well enough for today update.... it really longer than what I expect hahaha....

Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed it allright bros?


Replies 1:

@Neto Dariさん: Thanks!

@Nevan_PLさん: Thanks!

@Simcityplayer15さん: Thanks! yeah I really impressed with how people build buildings there to be stand toward major earthquake

@urielgarciaさん: Thanks!

@Drackさん: Thanks! well in that case that I thinking to photoshop pedestrian there to add realism

@GOkingsGoさん: Thanks!

@Paulobergonciさん: Thanks a lot!

Replies 2:

@DrBeakmanさん: well not only that area which affected....

@Simemirateさん: well...

@Schrieverさん: Thanks!

@カールさん: umm again... :P

@Titanicbluffさん: Thanks!

@dabadon5さん: no lol... btw just after reading your comments Godzilla movie just showed on TV... what a coincidence...

@IRE505さん: aww too bad... then :(

@fan o SC4さん: too bad with what happened to the city then.... :(



Previously..... a 9.1 Magnitude scale hit eastern coast of Nakahara in July 26 2014, 8.44am, city of Atarashima and its neighboring shaking hardly....


"Well everyone is okay? what a shake though...."


"Say what?? Nishigawa Highway overpass failure?? what next?"

"tsunami warning issues to the whole eastern Nakahara coastal area, residents must find higher shelter for the upcoming tsunami."



"Sea water in coastal area of Minamizaki Prefecture and Akashima receding rapidly. we need to find a higher area quickly!"

The sirens and announcement to avoid tsunami can be heard all across the city to find a saver shelter

08.45am local time


"NOOOOO!!! the wave come it overtop the wall! save yourself!!!"

few kilometers in the east, Akashima port.....


The wave hit the coast rapidly, bring everything there to be debris..... including the cargos etc..


Bank of River in Atarashima cant handle anymore of tsunami... it really unpredictable even with the preparation....


Akashima Highway in the way of wave.... the wave really bring down the city....

Eastern Nakahara 2014 Earthquake and Tsunami

A Magnitude earthquake 9.1 from 40km off east shore Maeda Island, Nakahara. Earthquake itself believed to be the megathrust earthquake due to the subduction of Cilician plate toward Mitoyagi Plate. Earthquake can be felt so far until Nagawa which is 600km northeast of the earthquake epicenter, even some people in Shinkyo can fell the earthquake eventhough its 900km away.

A fter the 9.1 Magnitude scale earthquake, East coast of Nakahara hit by a giant ocean wave. A 8m tsunami hit the east coast of Nakahara. Numberous of ships, homes and debris brought inland by this tsunami for about 3km into the mainland. The tsunami wall which build alongside the coast cant handle the size of upcoming wave. The largest city of region, Akashima not missed from the tsunami chaos. this 3rd largest metropolitan area of Nakahara hit by 6.2m high tsunami.

As for today (6/8), reported the casuality all across Nakahara about 38,446 body found, while 4,392 still missing until today and 21,410 injured. Minamizaki Prefecture reported being the worst city hit by the disaster as most of the shoreland of the area flatenned. The disaster itself also cost minimum about $271 billions making it the most expensive disaster ever hit Nakahara. Akashima city in Akashima prefecture suffer the most expensive damage all across nation.

Not only Nakahara, this major disaster also hit neighboring countries. Tsunami hit northern Teiko specifically Hayama Prefecture, 1,456 deaths, 2,465 injured and 6,356 missing. Total damage there estimated at $37.5 million.


Last, respect to all the victim of previous tsunami which hit all across the world, I pray the best for everyone and hopefully nothing like in this CJ update happens in real life...


in other news, as for update 12 forward, I would start again to show all across Nakahara not only around Atarashima....


Replies ( 返事 ):

@ jmsepeさん: well yeah... and its faster than you think.. nah i dont think that title would for me, there're still a lot asian cjers who far better than me, for example is tonraq san

@ rewrightさん: thanks!

@ karuuさん: lol..

@ tonyrさん: thanks!

@ scrieferさん: thanks! well its pretty much urbanized yeah....

@tankmankさん: thanks!

@Altec:さん: well, anything can happen right, so keep working! and its takes about 2 weeks just for 1 tile while I've started to working in this region since may though...




Update 11: Prior Moment...

Arakawa, Minamizaki Prefecture, 26th July 2014....

Just another day in Shinakiara Metropolitan area, a 12 millions people populated regions in Nakahara. In Arakawa, Minamizaki Prefecture, the 2nd largest city in the region people just started their activities normally just like in other Saturday,


"Well its already 8:40 in the morning, how everyone today? what are you guys planned to do today?" a few words from an english radio station in the Arakawa. "Everything looks fine today."


There's people doing their activities in the suburban of Nakahara's 3rd largest metropolitan area.... yeah this city rank 3rd for Nakahara largest metropolitan area rank just below the largest Shinkyo-Watanabe and 2nd Nagawa-Kara-Fujiyoshi metropolitan area and sightly larger with the 4th one, Ayukawa with population about 8millions


This waterfront park of Arakawa, one of the place where industrial not covering the coastal area, The whole coast of region covered with the thick wall to prevent a major tidal wave or tsunami for entering the land.



People around the city doing their own stuff anywhere in this city. like in this park, there's some citizens who out for a little bit of fresh air or some chat with the neighbor maybe?


Well seems not all park are crowded anyway like this one in northeast of Arakawa....


Some area though still crowded like in the weekdays like in this road, Nishikawa Highway which people use to commute daily toward Akashima...... but well still less crowded than in weekdays....


Meanwhille in South coast of Akashima, seems some factories and warehouse is busy today...



This industrial area located just next to the Arakawa River which bordering both cities...

"well just remember last night in the city?"


"that blackout to the streetlight system toward whole atarashima city"


"But it didn't happened for long time... though the traffic kinda chaos for 15 minutes after the traffic light turned off too..."

"So basically I drive around the city last night man..."

"friday night routine eh?"


"well not every week or day but anyway its better than just stayed on home or just go to nearest bar..."

"for somehow I keep thinking to back to my hometown in Ayukawa though, i dont know why but I have a bad feeling"


"Ayukawa surely isnt much different though, since it also a large city just like here...."

"by the way, I see the most interesting part of city yesterday, Nishimachi area of Akashima where the infamous area for the young people of city"


"well yeah enough for my story last night, lets check up how everything going in this city today..."


"hey wait......"


Really another earthquake???? it just yesterday happened and bigger?"

*ground started to shakes*



to be continued........


Replies ( 返事 ):

@ozan24さん: Thanks! keep working on it!


@fan O SC4さん: Thanks! lol seems youtube needs to change the suggestion field system though

@spursruleさん: Thanks

@tankmankさん: Thanks

@Militantradicalさん: Thanks for the suggestion... well maybe because I did photoshopping to much in that update

@Schrieverさん: Thanks




Update 10: Come Back Home......

*(Please note that this update contain more than 30 pictures so it would a bit longer to load)

Atarashima, Nakahara - 24th July 2014....

​It was rather a normal day in this 12 millions populated city. Unless..... something gonna happened, who knows?

Nishiko Station area, Atarashima, one of major station of the city in Nishiko-Ward, Atarashima. Everyday almost 260,000 people from western part of Atarashima and the surrounding cities uses this city to travel



Surrounding area of station filled with a numerous commercial buildings... the density of this city gives its a busy atmosphere.


Part of Ata Expressway crossing the canal, just a few meters away from the station....


Kita-Arakawa railine branching the Tonankai main line... Rail which serves North and Eastern part of Arakawa, a satellite city of Atarashima.


Alongside the rail can be seen the vibrant of the city to the city outskirt in Arakawa River






Well yeah, this is the Arakawa River, where both cities border located


Western part of Nishiko Ward, Atarashima consist of dense residential area as well as minor commercial buildings




Ata Expressway Matsubaru Route among the sprawl of Western Nishiko Ward, Atarashima



Nishigawa Highway, Main road used as main daily route for those from western atarashima to commute to the town....

Just of the border, some housing where lower wealth people can live within this town,,,


Somewhere in this road, a man driving to his office. While listen to 2NE1's Come Back Home in the radio, he had a strange feeling that this song mean something to him. He feels that he should come back to his hometown in Ayukawa


Infamous long overpass of Nishigawa Highway


Reaching Nishi Ward, Atarashima where the western downtown area of Atarashima located...



Atarashima Stadium where the local soccer team play


Part of Nishi Ward Downtown area


This area known as the high tech district of Atarashima just like the one in Mikawa but in larger scale



Allright that was..... wait whaaaa???


*note: its earthquake early warning system




Phew atleast its over.... seems no major damage as far as seen.....


A local news later said that there was a 7.3 magnitude scale earthquake with epicentre about 40km offshore Atarashima with depth 86km....

Well maybe thats all for this update hope you enjoyed em....


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@jmsepeさん: ty

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@Tonraqtさん: lol... you know this problem right?


@fan o SC4さん: Thanks... yeah I see many CJ now in East asian theme lately... lol what do you mean with the strange recommendation btw?


@tonyrtさん: Thanks!




Update 9: フライングゲット | "Flying Get" (Night Tour of Southern Mikawa)

warning: this update will cause you scream "My eyes!"

Well let me said first that this update have some over-bright street so sorry if its bother you...

In this update, I'll showed you the street of southern Mikawa which include Watarirōka Ward, Shimogyo Ward and Minami Ward in the night time... should be noted that these area would be presented in later update...

Well Start from Watariroka Ward:

night.jpgThis one is north of Watariroka Station, known as electronic distric of Southern Mikawa (as shown in last update)



Another Shots from Watariroka Ward


Ika Intersection in night time

Now, Alongside the Ikawa River




Ikawa Station of Nishi-Mikawa Railline:



Hongawa Castle (本川城) at night:


Well parts of Shimogyo Ward (including Ikawa Station and Hongawa Castle will be covered in later update....

thats for today... thanks for viewing.


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Update 8: やる気花火 | "Yaruki Hanabi" (Watarirōka Ward, Mikawa)

Well this time I'll start to showing Mikawa, the old capital of Nakahara. This update though showing the soutern part of Mikawa, Watariroka Ward (渡り廊下区). Watariroka ward consist mix of old and modern styled building. Northern of Watariroka Station known as a minor commercial centre which consindered as a modern one (though the modern part of city mostly located in east of Mikawa including its downtown in Nakagawa Ward (中川区).


Ward office, located in the middle of Shopping district of Watariroka.



Just in north of station, full of shops, this area also called the Mikawa's secondary shopping district alongside with the one in the Nakagawa Ward, the downtown of Mikawa.


A few meters in the north, can be seen more traditional looking of Southern Mikawa






Another shots of Southern Mikawa



Ika Intersection to the north is Ikawa river which bordering it with Shimogyo ward of Mikawa.


Yet another shot from Mikawa

oh yeah, a night shot from the shopping district which shows in 1-3rd pictures:


thats all for today... thanks for viewing


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@Altecさん : Thanks a lot! hope you enjoyed my upcoming updates!

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@Akfrさん : Thanks




Update 7: 飛べないアゲハチョウ | "Tobenai agehachō" (Suzuya (residential area), Shinkyo)

Suzuya (鈴谷区) is one of Shinkyo main ward, it bordering Arakashi in the south, Chiyoda (千代田区) and Kashiwagi (柏木区) in west. Suzuya notable with its shopping district which surrounds Suzuya Station, one of Shinkyo's busiest railway stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Nakahara, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area.

Though in this update, I'll cover more about the Southern residential area of Suzuya the station area will coming ASAP....

Suzuya Southern residential area mostly consist as the dense houses and apartements as this area in the middle of Arakashi which is Shinkyo's major commercial centre and Suzuya Station.


Theres several single house surrounding the apartements though


A park in the middle of dense residential areas where children can play


Another picture from Suzuya


The residential area actually next to Suzuya-dori, a major road in Shinkyo.


Thats all for this update... thanks for viewing...



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@ sartha さん: well I cant answer it now





Update 6: 圧力| "Atsuryoku" (Hokuto Ward, Arakawa (1) )

Arakawa City (荒川市) is the capital and largest city of Minamizaki Prefectre (南崎県) also as a major city part of Atarashima Metropolitan area, home to about 12 millions Nakaharan which sometimes called "Shinakiara" (新秋荒) by locals. Hokuto ward (北東区) is one of the city ward located in the northeastern of city. it bordering directly to Atarashima by Arakawa River (荒川).


Hokuto Ward office alongside with the Kita-Arakawa rail line.


Kita-Arakawa line crossing the Arakawa River


Ata Expressway Matsubaru Route, a highway serves Atarashima metropolitan area from the Atarashima City to the Matsubaru City (松原市) in Minamizaki Prefecture which is about 32Km in the west.


Ata Expressway alongside the suburban of Arakawa



Some other pictures from Arakawa Suburban area


Arakawa Riverside

Allright thats for this update... dont forgot to leave a like and subs... wait this isnt youtube


anyway thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed it


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@ AdoxxBE さん: Thanks but its 80% fuctional actually (residential and commercial are growable though the ricefield do eye candy stuff)

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Well last update was very success In my opinion thanks for you all viewers...


this update very bad compared to the last though...



side note: I made many changes to my east asian nation so there would be many name changing mentioned here..


Update 5: ヘビーローテーション | Heavy Rotation 1 (Arakashi, Shinkyo)

Well where was I on last update? oh yeah its from rural area in Watanabe Prefecture (formerly I called Aichi Prefecture) right? lets go back to the capital city of Nakahara (Nakama) which is Shinkyo (新京) (formerly I called Nanohana).

In update 3, I showed some of Arakashi ward (新樫区) (formerly I called Soshi). this update also comes from there... before that let me played some song (well its 18 June which is "something" for me... :P)



Yeah its part of commercial district on Arakashi where we can found w2w offices or stores buildings.


same area but in different angle


"wait is it the rush hour time? dang the traffic really nuts here... lets just listen to radio then ooh KSI48's Heavy Rotation is played at this moment! seems that the request come from some Okaiken guy.... :P "

thats is... just 3 pictures for this update (*boo sound effect) . oh btw I wanted to showed you a picture from Suzuya ward (鈴谷区) (formerly Katorea Ward) in night time...



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Huston: Thanks a lot! I also like your sci-fi styled CJ there!

tankmank: Thanks a lot!

カ一ル ソトミル: umm you know... for somehow the owner painted it black.


Schriefer: Thanks for comming!




Chiyoko is a small city/town in the Aichi Prefecture which is just in the northwest of Nanohana, Nakama. From 2011 Nakama national census, this city/town have population about 98k people in 75kmsq land. This city residential area centered in 2 area, north area which located nearby Chiyoko station and city hall and south area which located in the former Minamiyoko district before it merged into Chiyoko in 2003.


Picture 1

Chiyoko Station is one of the station in the Kita-Aichi railline which serves the transportation of Northern Aichi Prefecture area to the Aichi City (which later can switch hub to Nanohana).


Picture 2

Area nearby Chiyoko city hall.


Picture 3

Some rural images of Chiyoko (which some already see it)


Picture 4:

Some residential area in the southern part of Chiyoko (which formerly a diffrent district prior to the merger in 2003).


Replies ( 返事 ):

tankmank: Thank you for comming by!


カ一ル ソトミル: Thanks!


Jay: Maybe later after I finished the area


Schriefer: Thank you!


NMUSpidey: Thank you!




3rd Update: Soshi (素子), Nanohana (part1)

Well I dont do much lately (even I cant said that this is a proper update since there are several unfinished spot in the picture) so I'll just post what I made so far...

Soshi Ward (素子区) is a main business district of Nanohana, Nakama and also the largest economic zone in the whole Nakama. Its also the location of Nanohana Metropolitan area administration centre.

I'll post 2 picture for this update

A view of Railway on Soshi (east of Soshi Station):


Northern Part of Soshi ward and bordering with Katorea Ward just in the north of the Canal.


I will post the better picture of this ward later (hopefully soon)


Update 2: Suiren, Nanohana V1

*I'll resterted my region soon (Nanohana Bay region) which probably make this area very different after it

Suiren-ward (睡蓮区) is one of the special ward located in the Nanohana city, Nakama. Though this area isnt as dense as neighboring Senta-ward(センター区), this area still ratherly busy.

Overpass to Senta from Suiren crossing the Suiren River (睡蓮川):


This one of the high speed rail station in Suiren:


Mixed density in Suiren:


Now to more suburban looking area of Suiren:







it's been snow a little bit lately in this bustling metropolitan area, Nanohana (七花), Nakama.... eventhough so, the city activities seems run normaly just like everyday except it's holiday there. As well in Suiren (スイレン), a district in special prefecture of Nanohana.


Happy new year 2014 from Nanohana, Nakama.



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