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  1. Clothing Row

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    A row of clothing stores, influenced by Soho in NYC.
  2. Fujiya

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Building from here: http://gobanboshi.s25.xrea.com/index.html
  3. Pclark06 pic dump

    Various American-style city/retail pics
  4. Library

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  5. McD

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Standard American-influenced retail area
  6. The SimCity 3000 Revival Project Pleased to talk about this. I used to be a part of the SimCity 3000 Unlimited community. For a few weeks now I have been talking with fredfree from one of the biggest SimCity 3000 websites in it's heyday, Freeland. We have realized that many of the buildings from back then no longer exist, and it is certainly possible to bring them back. Fred has some CDs worth of old SimCity 3000 content from various places by many creators, like Freeland and the SC3KU exchange, and there might be some of my own (minimally re-edited) buildings coming back. I am unsure of where they will be uploaded, but it likely will be here. Right now I have about 30 buildings that aren't on the net right now with more to come. They will be uploaded in packs, I want to say. My intention is to show off some of the best art from the creators of the past, so people can enjoy these works fifteen years later. I will also add some of my own work from the past as well. SC3KU is now on the GOG gaming platform (https://www.gog.com/game/simcity_3000). I always use the Landmark Converter, which can be found at @catty-cb's website, https://city-builders.info/. Attached image: A Marriott by Aaronsdad, who was a brilliant creator back then, and a new work by myself, a Golden Corral (that is undersized), gentrified from an old building in the exchange in the 90s.
  7. Links to Custom Content

    Some Japanese buildings: http://tosebro.s21.xrea.com/ujimon/materials/buildings.html
  8. The SimCity 3000 Revival Project

    So cool to see you! I was a big fan of your work back in the day in Freeland! I am wondering if you still have your old buildings? I bet they could be popular here if you uploaded them to the SC3K part of the exchange. You made so much awesome stuff for the game! (Sorry I am like fanboying out right now)
  9. BAT Request Thread

    So many Ginza (Tokyo) buildings have been made here and they are wonderful. The Ginza Pearl, Applebox, Fujiya, Sony, Tamaya, and a couple others as well. My downtown building style is similar, with lots of W2W buildings that give a city lots of shopping flair and high fashion. I'd love to see even more (Forgive me if they have been made and are on the Hide and Seek exchange or something). For those uninformed, it's like the Times Square of Tokyo. Christian Dior Yamaha/H&M Giorgio Armani Zara/Swatch Haier/Ricoh, centerpiece area for Ginza (this one may have been made but I'm not sure) (Also would love to see Conde Nast/4 Times Square in NYC but I'm pretty sure everyone has requested that )
  10. Isuzu Dealer/Valero

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Part of one of the industrial complexes off the interstate in my 600k region.
  11. Dart - downtown

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  12. A Cities XL town

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  13. Cities XL 2.jpg

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  14. a Cities XL town

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  15. Comcast Center