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  1. Oh my god! It's CimCopter! Let's go rescue some people from the rooftops! https://youtu.be/NujaL0ZuxcI
  2. Tourist Attraction DLC Preview on SimCity Brasil Facebook

    Since when did a statue of a wool ball (!?) became a tourist attraction? Why no state fairs, swimming pools, amusement parks or museums? this looks like the ramblings of a toddler...
  3. Custom Music?

    I always run MediaPlayer/iTunes in the background and put it on shuffle.
  4. Bipin's Suburban Subway

    Looks awesome!
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hello I'm looking for draggable power lines, or in other words, power pole models that replace the Maxis red power pole. I believe I had them in the past. Thanks!
  6. SimCity Modded to Play Offline Indefinitely

    I'm sure that it's just a matter of time that modder come up with 'ghost' servers that will enable us to play the sandbox mode offline and with mods
  7. New Screenshots

    Well, the picture looks nice, crowded and gives a nice 'city' feeling. The glassbox engine really makes the city come alive and is certainly a valuable addition to this new simcity game. However, one of the things I don't like is that there are still some scaling issues in the game. As I look at this picture I find the people and the cars too big for the roads, and this particular building looks out of scale compared to the rest. (Notice the sunroofs at the street and the sims walking under it). I simply can't understand how this happens in a game that is completely built from scratch.
  8. It's a nice thought and my addition to it is to fill the empty spaces between the tiles with some agriculture. (Sims do need food right?) Also, the release date of Simcity is set at March 7, so don't expect many changes from the beta gameplay.
  9. Sim City: Wishlists

    This is an interesting point. My idea about about farms is that they can fill up the wastelands around the tiles. They only provide several (regional) resources and do not require any sims or civic services to relieve the game engine. In this way a more 'natural' appearance can be created in the regional view.
  10. New SimCity in game videos

    This could be true, but the maps in the two videos are of an equal size. Just freeze video #1 at 0:14 and video #2 at 0:05 and you will see it. The map in video #1 just looks smaller because a part of it lies in the water.
  11. Screenshots (Pre-Release)

    Man, that farm really looks horrible... I hope they will add some proper textures around the building and some fences soon!
  12. where to get something like this?

    Just search for 'marrast emb' in the STEX