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  1. Getting Started with BATs

    I know you're not looking for tutorials, but looking through the omnibus will offer you lots of information. Looking through the BAT-Open Discussion forum will also provide lots of useful information. The main tools you will need are the BAT (with gmax), if you want to you can use 3ds max with bat4max installed. (You must have gmax/bat installed for the export process from 3ds max to work properly or at all), the plug in manager (or PIM-X from sc4devotion), and the lot editor. Other tools include ilive's reader and sc4 tool for various custom properties. Photoshop helps a ton for making textures but most free image editors will do the trick. There is a guide in the omnibus going through the process of starting a BAT to the export process if you're curious.
  2. BAT4Max v.5

    PC just BSOD'd and I had to reinstall everything. including windows. Getting the same error, and came straight to this thread to sift through it. Has anyone seen it before? (Am going to look through after posting this). Looked back a few pages (page 4 or 5). The solution has to do with UAC and administrator privileges. I have my UAC at the "recommended" level on my new install (Can't remember what it was before). I was able to install bat4max by running 3ds max as an administrator. The question is whether or not i'll have to continue to use 3ds max as an admin in order to export, etc.
  3. daTS's BATs [Athena Security Solutions HQ]

    These are looking grand. I didn't mind the lot, obviously you can add props and such in the lot editor later. It's also possible to create those textures to use in the lot editor, so you can keep your original lot idea and still add some pizzazz.
  4. I was able to fix the issue. It was an issue with a combination of the following: Lack of service packs Broken camera/light rig other messed up stuff that you probably won't encounter. I fixed it by applying a couple of service packs and merging my model into a new file. Thanks again, Jason!
  5. ST Nostalgia

    I remember doing the old omnibus and having to improvise different ways to do html on the posts. And converting to the new omnibus...that was a project. Haha. Remember the blog section that didn't last very long?
  6. ST Nostalgia

    Brings a tear to my eye
  7. Seraf's Atelier

    Way to make me jealous
  8. Thanks for posting. But like the others have said, sometimes it's easier to just open up another media player and play it in the background. This could be useful for people with slower PC's or want to dedicate all power to the game, though. Thank you
  9. Reminds me a lot of nebraska, flat, parking lots, trains, roads and farms.
  10. I need a very tall coffee and a doughnut, please.
  11. Historic Harbor

    This is really cool!
  12. Hey all, opened up an older project and have been plugging away at it. However, I noticed this on new and old shapes that I make. There seems to be random holes that appear in the geometry. It was a rectangle that I attached other rectangles with and extruded (the standard way to make window holes). It looks fine in the viewport but the render shows a weird hole with missing geometry. Has anyone ever dealt with this? (Shown below is brand new geometry)