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  • Submitted: May 07, 2011 - 08:35 AM
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Download Riprap Seawall

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A modular set to build riprap seawalls.

It contains 7 lots.
A 1x1 seawall.
A 2x1 seawall, right side overlap.
A 2x1 seawall with stairs, left side overlap.
A 3x1 seawall, right side overlap.
A 3x1 seawall, left side overlap.
A 1x1 inner corner seawall.
A 1x1 outer corner seawall.

It is located in the seaport menu.

No Dependencies.

If you want to plop additional green rocks under water I suggest HBS Ploppable Mossy Rock


Screenshots Screenshots

Wow, these are good! I'm gonna download 'em right away and give it a 5/5!
epic, epic, epic.
thank you look just like most of the seawalls I see around here
great addition to waterfront areas
wow they look awesome!!! :thumb:
AWESOME!!!!!!!! :thumb:
looks very realistic, I like it! 5/5
At last! Fantastic! Please, make diagonal ones, too!
These look great, nice work!
Pull My finger
May 07, 2011 - 11:43 AM
very nice i am going to use this alot in my cites

10/10 for me ^_^
I am pretty picky with the things that I download since a couple of years, choosing ONLY the BEST. Maybe it's because I know how to bat properly now and/or my plugin has reached its limit of 14 Gb's. These walls are just fantastic and go very well with the mosslayered rocks from HBS. Excellent idea to have made a new set o'seawalls, something we needed, and excellent textures and model. Thanks....mrb.
Simply gorgeous. A wonderful addition to the game. Thank you! :thumb:
very good job thank you
Well Done-10 ^_^
Excellent!! Something I've been looking for!! :) Great new seawalls! *Downloads* 5/5!
May 07, 2011 - 04:46 PM
Thank you very much for these beauties :ohyes: :party: The textures and models are excellent! :thumb:
The moss really makes these. Not just for realism, but for aesthetics it helps really define where the boundary with the water is. That is what people use seawalls for after all. Also they are just understated enough(no colorful pylons or warning strips) to look appropriate in any environment.

This is a real 5/5.
Really good-looking and so very useful... Great work! :-)
Water line grunge really makes these work. I don't care about making things look nice, I want them to look like they have been around for a while, perhaps like no one has cared for some time.

Very nicely done :thumb:
look very realistic. very good idea with green moss 5/5

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