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  1. Georgia Place

  2. The user above just poked your eye. Reactions?

    Total, unending war.
  3. New Screenshot

    Just remember guys that the default mountain texture for SC4 is that same uniform, ugly brown dirt color. I think I've said this before, but i'm not liking the architecture. It just is too childish looking. I'm assuming there will be better looking graphics by the time the game is released, though.
  4. I don't really agree with your assessment of SC4 having more realistic simulation than that in the new SimCity. Hasn't everyone been saying that the simulation of SC4 is all smoke and mirrors - the illusion of realism - whilst the agent system is much more realistic: the results of the simulation are based on the actions of thousands of separate entities - as it is in real life. Yes, the new SimCity is looking to be simpler than SC4 (although I could argue that its complexity is on par with SC4, but I'll leave that for now), but this is not at the expense of realistic simulation. I think you are confusing two rather distinct characteristics. I believe that they are both realistic. SC4 is as realistic as they wanted to make it for a game released 10 years ago. If they made the game based on thousands of little agents they'd have problems selling because most people in 2003 didn't have a powerful enough processor. The new SimCity looks realistic in terms of the GlassBox engine, and I'm sure it actually is more realistic. I wouldn't call SC4 "smoke and mirrors" though.
  5. Can my pc run simcity on high?

    I just found the requirements online: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/buy/simcity They're at the very bottom. The broadband internet requirement scares me. My internet is fast enough, but why would the requirements be so high (we all know, but, you know...)?