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  1. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    OMG of COURSE that exists in Wisconsin! But I also have to believe it's a clever front for something else? Maybe I should go investigate... it's only 20 minutes from me!
  2. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Thanks! I haven't scaled this up at all yet, but it will be before the final export - good catch! 3x3, actually, just like the SC3K lotting
  3. mipro

    Oh it sure is! I hadn't noticed that. It doesn't take too long to render, so I'll see what I can do - thanks!
  4. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    You mean this little gem?
  5. mipro

    This obviously can't hold a candle Jason's Guardian Building, but I've been working on a little mipro project of my own. I present to you, the incomparable Hotel Yorba!
  6. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Slow but steady wins the race, right? Here's the beginning of the Bradbury Building!
  7. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Hello! Hello! Boy, I sure am good at falling off the grid without any warning. And then always coming back and commenting on the fact that I fall off the grid without any warning. I suppose I have quite a bit to update everyone on! First of all, while I haven't been active on Simtropolis, I've been relatively active in 3dsmax. CG Flooring This is based on a building in Chicago, Illinois, and it's pretty much done, but I have to tweak a few more things before it'll be ready to upload! Hotel Yorba Also, a mipro project, this is a grimy hotel on Detroit's southwest side. For those of you who are garage band fans, you might recognize it from a song by the White Stripes. It's currently exported and ready for modding and lotting, but ever since I reformatted my laptop a few months back I've had trouble with LotEditor. Bradbury Building I was invited to work on the SimCity3000 Birthday BAT Project,and have begun working on the Bradbury Building! It has a long way to go, and the lack of details due to SC3K's resolution is both a blessing and a curse for this one! And in some more somber news, the Renaissance Books building, which Jason and I BATed back in 2012, was recently demolished here in Milwaukee. The owner had let the building fall into extreme disrepair, and water infiltration (it's along the Milwaukee River) made it structurally unsound. Not sure what will end up being built in its place, but hopefully it doesn't remain a vacant lot for too long. That's all I got for now! Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Holy smokes, JP! You wasted no time getting that model done... and it's lovely!
  9. JP Schriefer's BATs

    WOW!!! You've done an incredible job modeling this! Absolutely beautiful. Also, the building looks super familiar to me, but I can't seem to place it. I have an idea what city it's in, but I'll be curious to see if anyone identifies it. Keep up the good work! And hope your exam went well!
  10. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Whew! Still not sure what's up with my BAT exporting capabilities, but a HUGE thanks to @Jasoncw for exporting this one for me! Watkins & Sons is up on the STEX!
  11. Watkins & Sons

    Version 1.0.0


    If you've got pencils, Watkins & Sons can push 'em! For more than 100 years, Watkins & Sons has provided simply the best pencil-pushers around. So if you have numbers to crunch or contracts to ink, make sure to hire the skilled pencil-pushers at Watkins & Sons today! 2x2 growable and ploppable CO$$ Provides 324 CO$$ jobs MaxisNite and DarkNite versions available DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd Installation Instructions: 1. Download either the DarkNite OR MaxisNite version. If you are unsure, choose the MaxisNite version. Attempting to use both versions in your Plugins at the same time may cause conflicts. 2. Unzip the .zip and move its contents into your Documents > SimCity4 > Plugins folder. 3. Enjoy! - Comments, questions, or issues? Check out my BAT thread.
  12. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Thanks again everyone for the kind words and ongoing support. It definitely helps keep me motivated when I run into BATing snags... like right now. Watkins & Sons is done, but I've run into an issue where BAT4Max apparently isn't converting the .fsh files properly, so the past few days I've been trying to figure that out. Also, the fact that Odainsaker walks through San Antonio and thinks of my BATs is incredibly flattering.
  13. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Sooo... I missed my June deadline, but of course it still needs to get done! Here's where things stand now: My hope is to finish this up over the weekend and then dig into a new one for July (or to finish one of my ongoing projects).
  14. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on Water Street Brewery! So far this year I have released 1 BAT per month, and we're absolutely down to the wire for June, but all hope is not lost! I present to you Watkins & Sons, a fictional mid-size corner commercial building: It's come together pretty quickly, but as you can see it still has a fair bit of work left, but I'm still hoping to finish it up before the end of this coming week. Hope everyone's having a good summer so far! (Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, in which case I hope you're having a good winter!)
  15. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Oh hey, I just dropped another BAT on the STEX!