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  1. New DLC in 2016??

    They won't release it this year cause less will buy it. 2 most anticipaded games are comming out Fallout 4 the most anicipaded one and a new Hitman. If I was to choose Id choose Fallout 4 has city building aspect and the feel of the same old fallout games.
  2. LBT TX Low Star Tower

    very nice building looks the same as the building where I applied for the call center job yesterday.
  3. this bad region that i got here in stex water dept too deep cant connect subways via underground to other island and water pipes it's fine to create water utilities on next island but its getting in my way already by limiting my population in my main city
  4. City Population Limits

    Also another tip download custom houses that are stage 2 and is highrise they will grow giving you more R$, R$$ and R$$$ than just having stone mansions and apartments or low rent apartment for housing
  5. Andrewtropolis Concert Hall

    brown boxing my box top office why
  6. try cities xl its like playing a better sim city 4 but w/o the nice custom lots
  7. How To Make Beautiful Cities?

    Also just use nice lots like this in my new region Im making a vacation spot city using modular amusement park modern rides and the regular modular amusement park. and some more attractions like the birds nest which will be here as soon as city grows more and mini golf which is on other side of airport along with go kart track and a mini version of Eifiel Tower and the Andrewtropolis Concert Hall you see in my 3rd pic. This city not yet done much. Its just building placements you can do it too without those other mods and use just costom lots. Here is another sample pic from New Haven in my main region This one from way back 2009 when my game broke but still looks nice though
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Working on a clock tower roundabout atleast its not big ben hate only having big ben as roundabout
  9. Anyone know where I can get a lot water pipes above ground? Ones that are usable and can cross water easily to connect to my next island like pipes on a bridge similar to oil pipes in Alaska they are above ground cause too steep underwater.
  10. Water and Wishing Well

    Version 1.0.0


    The 1st pic is the wishing well the 2nd and 3rd are the water well. No dependencies. there is a utility version and a park version. also Included is the model so you guyz can do anything with this well cause it has many uses Water well properties 1. 8000 capacity 2. plop: default 3. bulldoze: default Wishing Well properties 1. Maintinance cost: 0 note: Simpennies maintain this wishing well. 2. plop: 100 3. bulldoze: 100
  11. Dotonbori Glico Building

    Nice Cs$$ building will surelly balance out my rci graph
  12. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    no custom buildings huh I see 3 custom buildings I use in your screenshot 1st is tinhao3 , 2nd is the piramid style top building which is an old bat, and 3rd and last one is the bank of china tower v1 by pulvmontfort. Nice style feels like Taguig here in Manila
  13. IH missing $$$ jobs fix (update!)

    hate the error thankz for the fix. Now my city will not have no jobs zot over it
  14. Spirulina Farms

    like this but might crash spam