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"FiRE - Fire & Rescue Education" 1.0.0

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Unable to provide much information on this apart from the picture as everything else appears to have been lost when SimPeg went offline, its used as a dependency by

If anyone has any more details like the original readme it would be great if you let me have a copy of it.


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thank you  very interesting "new"content to play with   don't know how I missed this all these years

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    • By Lee Towers
      Hey all! I've been following this forum for a while now and all your amazing creations inspired me to start building assets myself. The first building is almost finished - a 3 track train station, as seen below (props for the person to recognise the station it's based on). I still have a few problems with it though, so bear with me:
      1. The game is creating floors inside the building on its own. There's not even a vertex with the same z-coordinate where it's creating an xy plane inside the building. Is this something that's generated on purpose by the game? The floors are assigned the same textures as the roof of the building. They can be seen through the windows and are positioned about halfway behind the windows.
      2. My sims are not using the third platform. I'm using the single station track with a platform on the left side of the track (relative to the direction it was laid). I thought it had to do with the pedestrian connections that I've laid down, but they are using the second platform which is accessed by the same pedestrian connection.
      3. Speaking of pedestrian connections... I'd much prefer a rendered underground tunnel to the half-assed building I have there now but the game isn't letting me (it pushes the whole model upwards). How do I go about doing that? I know Joak uses them in his train stations, how did he do that?
      Any help regarding one of these questions would me much appreciated! Feedback on the model is also welcome by the way... it's my first time using blender and gimp. The textures aren't final either (mainly the roof and supports need work) but I've yet to learn how to use bump maps.

    • By luvs2draw
      Hello everyone,
      I am looking for "Fire Education" plugin from RebaLynnTS. I have the "Fire" plugin from her. I was wondering if that is the only plugin I need? The "Fire" plugin folder has a Lots folder with RLM_FiRE_Access_Filler_v-b 100.dat & RLM_FiRE_Resources_v-b 100.dat and in the lots folder there is RLM_Fire_ ,(1)BurningBuilding, (2)ChorineTank,(3) ConfinedSpace, (4)DraftingPit, (5)FlashOver, (6)HazMat, (7)MotorPool, (8)ObsTower, (9)RestRoom, (10)Roof Simulator, (11)SearchRescure, (12)SemiTrailer, (13)Shelter, (14)Station, (15)TankTrain, "Lot" files. The lot files are not numbered in the "Lots" folder there are listed individually. I would appreciate any information. 
    • By Manuel-ito
      This is a relot of Maxis' Grand Rail Station reward, wich didn't age well in comparison with the great custom content made by the community. In addition to general redecoration of the surroundings, a second dual track rail passage has been added, as well as some timed passenger car props and visual TE for street and a custom icon.
      BSC Textures Vol 02
      BSC Textures Vol 03
      BSC TexturePack Cycledogg Vol 01b
      BSC Mega Props DAE Vol 01
      BSC Mega Props SG Vol 01
      BSC Mega Props JES Vol 02
      BSC Mega Props JES Vol 06
      BSC Mega Props JES Vol 09
      SHK Parking Pack
      Paeng Textures V104
      PEG MTP Super Resource Pack
      SFBT Railway Props
      NCD Railyard and Spurs Mega Pack 102 (For those who use Maxis Railways) OR RRW NCD BSC Texture Pack Update (For Real Railway users)
      Buildingprop Vol 1 and 2, or alternatively Maxis Prop Names and Query Fix
      As with any lot overrides, it's recommended to bulldoze any existing instances of the Grand Rail Station in your desired region before (un)installing this plugin, otherwise it may lead to problems ranging from texture and prop mismatches to pathing issues. You can plop them back afterwards.
      This relot was originally built for personal purposes, hence the amount of dependencies
    • By VitroOliveira
      Grand Rail Station new mod36 not look good, please see and welcome any comments...

    • By Sciurus
      Gorcy's station
      This building is the reproduction of a former station (now demolished) situated in Gorcy, France. 
      The upload includes:
      PLOP_6x2_Gare de Gorcy The default version of the building is functionnal as a railway station.


      Important ! If you don’t download them, you could have brown boxes or problems with the textures.
      BSC CP PropPack Vol02 BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b PORKIE PROPS VOL1 R6 - Prop Pack 2010 Vol1 S54 - PropPack Vol1 SFBT Essentials _________________________


      Simply unzip the the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder. The aren't any extraneous files in the folder (like images) so you don't have to worry about deleting anything.


      Model and modding by Sciurus, thanks to girafe for his gentle authorization for using his car models.
      If you have questions or problems you can leave me a message in my Simtropolis thread or SC4Devotion thread.
      Sciurus from KSTeam

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