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  1. Looking for a Tree Mod

    Lol, yes a bit late indeed, but I appreciate it anyways. I found some stuff on my own in the meantime, but not what you mention, so it's good to have some more options. Thanks very much!
  2. CBT: Jewelers Building

    Does it require any dependencies?
  3. No problem, guys. I appreciate the help I'm getting. If the thread carries on some, sure yeah why not. Yes I have the basic SPAM setup on my task list to do. I'll ask some more if I get stuck. Thanks to all once again.
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Cahos, thanks a ton for your kind help!! I see this pack has another round of dependencies... I guess I need to install those as well, huh...? So many downloads, I hope I can find them all. Otherwise I will ask again. Edit: It did have a fairly long list of deps, but it was easier to complete it all than I thought it would be. It works and these farms look pretty neat.
  5. Yes, this. SC4 really only needs a card that was up to date say around 2005 or so, which is like the stone age. If you want to go really cheap, look for something used on Ebay. Make sure it actually fits in the available slot in the PC. Today's standard is PCI but some maybe 7 years or so ago it was still AGP (IIRC). But you should not get such an old PC to start with, I suppose.. Anyways, do ask the Ebay seller if it the card is working fine and if it's not overclocked via some BIOS mod that you may be unable to revert to normal clocking. Best to just keep your hands off if it was overclocked by the user, just to be safe. If in doubt consult with a computer savvy friend what fits in your PC and for what purpose you want it. Graphics cards. especially older models can have the nasty habit of using quite a significant amount of power, depending very much on the model and main chip used. If you care about these things, do inform yourself a little bit about it. The internet is full of such info (test reviews). But an up-to-date value card is what I would get, provided it fits the slot in your PC. Most hassle-free option.
  6. Official Maxis Props

    Bumping... I was looking for the "Castle Ramparts" and Google directed me here. Thanks for provinding this info, Chimeran. The first ...roe99... link listed in the first post is still working as of today 10/20/2014 but some of the files listed would not download, like the SF City Hall and Rockefeller Center for example.
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Wow... some pretty deep, insane knowledge here... May I kindly ask for your assistance. I'm trying to install JMyers Farms Vol 02 The readme lists 6 dependencies, I also put the links there: JMyers Bat Props Vol 02 --> is in BSC MEGA PROPS - JMYERS (v1.0) SimGoober Fields Vol 01 --> is in BSC Farm Fields - SG Revised (v1.0) SimGoober Fields Vol 02 --> is also in BSC Farm Fields - SG Revised (v1.0) BSC Farm Fields BLS GA Vol01 --> is in BSC Farm Fields - BLS Vol01 (v1.0) (requires a bunch of dependencies and sub-dependencies) BSC MEGA Props - Misc Vol01 BSC Textures Vol 01 I have tracked down 5 of them for good, I think, but I cannot find no. 4 ...BLS GA Vol01. I google for it but the info that turns up is kinda fuzzy. Maybe one of you knows with certainty which download to get and where? I suspect it is part of yet another MEGA pack (like no. 1 for example) but I just don't know which one. That would be awesome. Edit: With the kind help of CahosRahneVeloza I could now locate all 6 dependencies. Please see post #8547 below. Do be mindful that no.4 in the above list requires numerous dependencies, some of which require additional dependencies (the "BSC Essentials" specifically). But the LEX Dependency Tracker lists them all and it is fairly easy to collect and install them all, if somewhat time-consuming of course. (post last edited on 10/21/2014)
  8. Alright fair enough, I did not consider this aspect. Wish you good health too!
  9. Fred, that sounds wonderful. Patience is not my problem. My only "request" or concern would be that you please kindly bundle all dependencies together with the mod, if that is workable. I understand why modders do not necessarily want to do it because it gives way to many redundancies. But on a reasonalby fast up-to-date computer, I rather have that than having to deal with possibly outdated, obsolete or revised stuff where you never can be sure that you really have the correct version 8which may be the newest or maybe not)... At the time of first publishing this is never a problem but if as a new mod user you come along after a while (years...) and have to deal with abandoned projects, broken links, outdated readmes and what else, it is incredibly difficult to reconstruct it all correctly. SimGoober's farm mods may be the coolest farms in SimCity, but to get them to work is just a nightmare today. Some people may still take up the challenge. I forego it as it is extremely time consuming and leads to frustration rather than reward, in my opinion. Of course each gamer must make the determination for himself as to how far he wants to get involved in modding his game. In any case I do appreciate your efforts and will follow your project with interest.
  10. Alright, I will look into this. That could be an option. Thanks Nonny!
  11. I am looking to add some agriculture resources mods to my game, you know, some more farm buildings, crop tiles, just eyecandy and variety stuff basically, to complement what is in the game already. I am not looking to add agriculture gameplay mods like SPAM or CAM. Alright, I found there is for example SimGoober farms that seem to fit me, or JMyers farms... but here comes the dealbreaker. Especially SimGoober's are dependencies hell! There are tons of direct dependencies and also indirect dependencies that the direct dependencies seem to require. So I basically gave up. Not sure if it is really worth it to spend days and weeks to sort out outdated readmes, broken links, props and textures that are now included in some MEGA pack file - or not... It would be great to see some more farming variety, but this is very time consuming. JMyers Farms volume 1 appears to be easy, there is only one dependency and I got it. (basically the BCS Mega Props JMyers or something similarly named). JMyers volume 2 is more complicated, I'm struggling to determine which one is the correct "BSC .... BLS GA" download do get. Then there is JMyers volume 4, but there seems to be no JMyers volume 3?? Anyways I'm a bit frustated there. Do you know a farming variety mod that is fairly easy and straightforward to install? That would be very helpful, thank you.
  12. The deciding factor whether desktop or laptop/mobile should be only the transportation and mobility question for you. Even on an older laptop this game will run fine. Having said that for USD 350 you will not get a good laptop but one that will be pretty slow otherwise. So if mobility is not the issue for you, do go with a desktop. Desktop is also much more ergonomical to sit at and operate: keyboard, mouse, monitor... really depends on your need for mobility, or not.
  13. Installing SimCity 2000 SE from disc - Windows 7

    Thanks Freezy for peeking in quickly. Yeah... that reassures me that digital is the way to go...
  14. Installing SimCity 2000 SE from disc - Windows 7

    You're too kind Aakl! I will just quote a sentence of his here, let's see then
  15. NDEX ITS 99 Bishopsgate

    Must plop it or will grow?