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  1. PDXCon2018 Was a Blast!

    Congrats on receiving the award. You guys do so much for the community, it's greatly appreciated! Fascinating to put some faces to those legendary but mysterious names!
  2. Great work by modders (and Colossal Order) intheir swift response to the Park Life release. Amazing considering that the majority of modders are working /studying FT. All of their work is greatly appreciated. There are so many mod lists it's becoming a bit confusing!
  3. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    I look forward to the day when we have the technology to run a city building/simulation game that is a 3d hologram which can be displayed on my coffee table or living room floor- or even a full immersive VR experience! Maybe a year or two away...
  4. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    You've hit the nail on the head. Cities Skylines is many things to so many different people- all who make demands upon the developers to take the game in very specific and often conflicting directions. Many of these fans can and do discount the views of others- believing theirs to be THE way! CO are running a business to make profit and therefore need to steer a middle path that somehow manages to appeal to a wide range of players and playing styles. We can also easily forget who the core demographic the game is aimed at. Yes there is a sizeable niche of superfans who play a heavily modded game aiming for a hyper realistic minutely detailed aesthetic, those who focus on the simulation and the mainstream "casual" vanilla fans who are playing on average rigs. Whatever CO come up with EVERYONE appears disappointed about what ISN'T included rather than focusing on what IS included and acknowledging the challenge CO faces in steering the middle ground.
  5. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    yeah, Biffa did a great job of showcasing the new content. I'm really looking forward to release later this week.
  6. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    These "official" gameplays do nothing to promote the quality and depth of the new Park Life DLC. I watched Biffa's You Tube preview last night- 30 minutes well structured excellent communication- That preview blew me away! It really showcased the DLC. Park Life will be the most successful Skylines DLC to date. The quality of new content is superior to any previous package. Have they employed some new designers? The increased simulation is also welcomed. This is a DLC that I will continue to use well after launch!
  7. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Don't expect a sequel to Cities Skylines anytime soon. The game has been so successful and there is still plenty of life in it yet as far as the devs are concerned. I would predict CSkylines 2 around 2022. CO are still developing new dlc and the community has invested a great deal in the base game and various dlc packs- it is still a strong seller - it has no serious rival so there is no pressure on CO to develop a successor as yet. Why kill the golden goose when it's still laying those eggs?
  8. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Can't wait to see what modders create with the new functionality for parks...
  9. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    If and when Colossal Order do release Cities Skylines 2.0 then within 5 minutes some impatient fool would be speculating on when CS 3.0 was due!
  10. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Certainly does look interesting. The game just keeps improving.
  11. How Do You Combat Burnout?

    Take a break- have a clearout and remove assets/mods you use least often. Start a new unmodded city once in a while in order to get back to basics.
  12. Anyone else having issues with RICO mod? Was working perfectly then suddenly game started CTD. I had a look on workshop but the interim mod fix isn't the answer. Amazing how dependent my gameplay has become on RICO use!
  13. I see nothing wrong in creating assets that are heavily influenced by classical architectural styles. The problem would only be apparent if the building were to be adorned with obvious Nazi/Soviet icons and symbols that obviously can and do cause much offence to folks for very obvious reasons. Using these symbols would be interpreted as glorifying the regimes and doctrines of the authoritarian dictatorships they represent. Your building is simply inspired by classical architecture and has more than a passing reference to authoritarian architecture promoted in mid 20th century dictatorships. You could argue that you are creating an architectural style for an imaginary regime in an alternative timeline- future/past or alternative planet/universe. A little imagination goes a long way in a game like Cities Skylines and avoids the sensitivities associated with the evil regimes of Hitler Stalin and the like. Love your work!
  14. Manuel-ito I agree it would be sensible to make connections between existing DLC and game mechanics in order that each supported and enhanced the other. A bit of "connectiveness" "joined up thinking" "networking" "synergy" would be a logical next step. I also agree that beefed up industry and of course agriculture is long overdue. The metro system would also benefit from some expansion/refinement. The idea of a Motorsport DLC fills me with dread- such a niche DLC. If you want motor sport- go play F1- like concerts and match day it adds very little value to the experience- just sparkly shiny objects that distract.