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  1. Nice job- certainly fills a gap in the current assets available in game
  2. Great work- nice narrative and superb detailing. Look forward to following developments!
  3. Show us your Detail Shots

    This really does add that extra layer of narrative to your city's history- just little echoes of the history and development of the place- visual prompts that hint at the previous stage in the life of your cims- love it- love the endless possibilities to express creativity in Cities Skylines.
  4. First person rides

    Simple but very effective sound effects- great work!
  5. Show us your bridges!

    Thanks, I must have another look for it!
  6. Show us your bridges!

    So it appeared on the workshop for a brief time but seems to have disappeared? Is there a problem?
  7. Show us your bridges!

    Another stunning elegant bridge
  8. My concern is that you have spent so much time and effort in creating intricate infrastructure you reach the game limits before the main build- hope not!
  9. Unpause the game and let it run for a minute letting it recalculate the terrain changes before placing roads- should help. Move it mod is essential for this kind of work.
  10. WOW WOW & WOW! The stone railway viaduct is a common sight here in the UK. I didn't notice the bridges were "procedural" when I posted my original message- another new trick to master! Again thanks for this series they really are awesome
  11. The two traditional stone bridges featured look fantastic- exactly what the game has been crying out for since launch. These will add so much character to European cities- awesome work! Narrower 2 lane stone bridges would also be welcomed. Such impressive work
  12. The game is sadly lacking in the bridge dept- certainly a number of superb modern suspension/cantilever bridges but not nearly enough traditional stone built bridges. These will add greater variety to the game and increase options. Thanks!
  13. Loading Screen and Less Steam are 2 essential mods if you intend to sub lots of assets. Obviously the more you subscribe to the longer your loading time! Go for a "healthy" balance- easier said than done- I find searching the workshop addictive. Have a cull every so often and unsub the assets you're not using very often. The "missing" props? Nothing to worry about. I'm currently subscribed to 90 mods and 4,500 assets/custom maps/LUT's. My load time is around 15 minutes. Yes I get lag but everything is a compromise- no right or wrong way to play- find what suits your style of play
  14. "Project X"

    Awesome work- the attention to detail and hyper real screen shots are impressive.
  15. Loading takes ages

    Loading Screen and Less Steam mods should transform your experience. It will dramatically cut loading times- make your game much more stable - fewer if any ctd. I also find it allows me to subscribe to way more assets!- the cycle continues lol! Seriously- this pair of mods are essential for anyone playing a heavily modded game