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    Frei, norway
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    sim city 4 CXL 2012
  1. SMP Modern Industry

  2. City Hub Cyclery

    i'd love to see more  Italianate buildings!  5/5
  3. MS WSP

    wow this looks great!
  4. Charlotte Apartments

    i would love to see more of this!
  5. Sheriff Wanted

    harry s truman
  6. South Panamá

    going to test it out 
  7. Slum set

    i can't seem to find it is it spawn or ploop?
  8. Slum set

    are they ploop or grow?
  9. NYBT Sherry Netherland Hotel

    back in the day they had passion in their work.
  10. Molde - Norway

    i live in a city just north of molde so i been there but should the mountains be a little higer?
  11. Replies + Teaser

    i can't wait! i just love this cj