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  1. Daveopia City 2.0 Evolved (City Skylines)

    That's very good! I particularly like the fact that there's a clear centre and low rise residential houses in the suburbs!
  2. NYC Apartment

  3. Industrial Revolution Mod - Base Pack (Maxis Lots)

  4. BSP Hamilton Arms

    more looks like a R$ building but it is really nice !
  5. Toinen Linja 4 set

    nice! 5/5
  6. Anoying graphical issue in region mode

    hey thank you both for your answer! It finally works, I can't believe it haha See you
  7. Hey everybody, here is a screenshot of my problem. As you can see, there is this blue line at the bottom of every city (it is less obvious in the "Faryst" city because I built buildings to hide it a little bit). Some more details : => This issue only happens in region mode, when I enter in the city, it all works fine. => I tried to remove every single plugin but I still had this issue. I also tried to re-installed the game but it persisted... => First, I thought it was because I imported the map from SC4mapper but this issue occurs with vanilla regions such as "Berlin" for example. Can someone help me please ?
  8. Update 4: 青空|Aozora (Chiyoko, Watanabe) (14/3/24)

    wow... One of the best pictures of a SC4 town I've ever seen, and I mean it. 
  9. Disappearing Cities?!?!?!

    hey, i have the same issue. I do not have any plugin and I still have this issue. I deleted the game and re-install it on the same disk and I also tried on another but nothing changed! (I touched nothing during savings) Someone helps me please ^^
  10. TN-Zapadna