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About this City Journal

Entries showcasing my one and only city I have ever worked on in Skylines. Lots of aerial shots. Take a look at my new entry!

Entries in this City Journal

Turth Zero

Welcome to the third update of my city experience!

Daveopia the original city has taken a backseat to my new, beautiful city, built on the knowledge of the original Daveopia. Currently Daveopia 2.0 is roughly at 85K population,  a 50 hour work in progress build. I would like to thank the prop makers cause I use a lot of them. Lots of pics from different times in my cities lifetime. Enjoy!

Please comment! I want to hear your thoughts on this passion of mine.


xYFHUZD.jpgThis is currently where Daveopia 2.0 is in development, roughly 85K. There is a growing central business district, airport and university system. City as a whole is expanding onto roughly 5 squares.

gmFxKFC.jpgView from my newest district in the foreground to the CBD.

bjRh1pw.jpgAerial of the heart of Daveopia. The large entry loop and the serpent like elevated pedestrian pathway system seem dominate. Picture of the entry loop below.

HuJBtl8.jpgEntry Loop into the city. Far in the background are my satellite dishes, makes for an interesting backdrop.

L78Nv7K.jpgLarge overview of the city.

oyTvLzA.jpgUniversity System

z6ZmjPw.jpgLove interchanges.

jD4XqaH.jpgUrban area, densely packed.

YHRxiOf.jpgEntertainment district, red light type of night.

rLSQTyj.jpgThis might be my most satisfying picture. What your seeing is the culmination of roughly 8-9 bus routes, four metro loops and a network of elevated pedestrian walkways come together. Always busy, thousands of daveopians. Make sure to look at the "vintage" pic of this area in its infancy in the journal later.

JeIdLsH.jpgAirport System. Albeit extremely large for the city but it makes up for the lack of a seaport at the moment.

A4Np4CS.jpgTrain. Yasss.

Okay, now for a teleport back in time, below are pics from Daveopia 2.0's early stages!

5bycl7Y.jpgTimes were easier then. Horse Farm still stands in same spot.

jzDyOOf.jpgOne of my favorite shots. Farm Area.

r3QEuwP.jpgMore, well, farm.

EB3aj5G.jpgThis is the vintage transportation hub pic I was referring to earlier in the journal entry, same hub but very early on in the cities development. This picture reminds me of the 1980's for some reason.

EJ0jrtE.jpgFirst expansion over the river in what will eventually become my most elite residential area.

XABBx8M.jpgGrowing city. I would say city population of 40K at this moment.

KOL1xmG.jpgPrison located far away from civilization, linked with a dirt road. Has its own water system and wind turbine.

budWRss.jpgCity Population roughly 45K at this point. Central Business District growing, highways expand out preparing for growth.


Large cemetery in foreground. City Population 65K at the point, CBD grew a lot.

8R2Wd39.jpgSatellite stations overlooking Daveopia.


Time for something special. This is my city from literately 2008 called Davidious. Crazy how graphics have changed. Thought some would enjoy.




YsKtHXd.jpgHope you liked my city!

Till next time.

Turth Zero

Daveopia Maturing

Welcome to the second update of my city! Daveopia is currently at 120,000 population and growing nicely. We will take a look at some aerials, large parks, the heart of my city and a before/after pic to cap the post off. Enjoy, leave a comment!

Great to finally have a worthy simcity replacement!


Current, overall view of Daveopia. Its interesting how issues start creeping up once a city starts to creep horizontally, the city itself is the challenge. Ive been utilizing mass transit and park techniques to max. areas. Still the same city I initially started with. The fudge population is currently 875,000. For those who dont have that population mod its great.


Zoomed in of my most successful area. Lots of the top tier buildings. One of the things I like best about this game is there is a long duration of time needed for an area to fully mature. Makes yah feel like you earned it.


Showcasing the opposite of the last picture, a quiet street. I dotted single squared light residential to ensure things remained sparse.


Here is a view of the city in the background and a neighborhood in the foreground.


Ive been trying to place large parks in the center of dense residential areas and connect everything with paths. Placing a subway station somewhere along the path will help ensure it actually gets used.


Zoomed out view of this area. I would say I designed this place when my population was under a 100K so it has taken a few hours to mature.


View closeup from the other side.


Here is an entertainment area.


Basketball area underneath some transit. Looks neat.


This circle has turned out to be the center of my city, I never really intended for it to be though in the beginning. The way the subway system is set up its like three large loops and each touches right here. There are at any time hundreds/thousands of little daveopians running around this thing.


A zoomed in view of the circle. Busy busy.


Alot of people subway hoping here.


Here is an interesting before and after. We have above Daveopia population 75K, roughly same as entry 1. This area was a failed experiment to get people to work in the adjacent industry. Outside of an established area near the center of my city, industry refuses to attract workers. So I gave the area a little tender love and care....


And the after. Mucho upgrade. The large squarish building is the aquarium in the foreground. There are several differences between the two picks, some pretty subtle, but interesting.


Till next time!

Hope you enjoyed!

Turth Zero

Daveopia Beginning

Hello there! Welcome to Daveopia!

I have been without a sim city building game for about a decade. I am jumping right back into the action and enjoying every minute of it with Skylines! I have been working on one city since the start, the population currently is roughly 75K at the journal entry, so we are jumping in the middle of the city building experience. Doing very well. Enjoy!


This is the start to my city a few weeks ago. Notice the location of the industry and the circles, so young and tendor the city was. The circle later becomes a central part of my city.


Where my city currently stands, a well connected beast mode city.


What the entry used to look like. The entire area needed to be redone as the city grew and grew.


Much has changed, this is the same entry to the grand daveopia.


Elevated systems weaving between the city. Sweet.

*UPDATE, learned how to upload large images!


More transportation systems in play, three tiers. Why there are three tiers is like explaining how the universe works, the transportation system is like a huge web. Sweet.


Here is an overall pic of my city now at 100K. There was some large additions towards the closest part of this pic.


Close up of the new area Above.


Great overall view of the city.

Till next time!


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