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  1. Oh, sorry. Thanks for the help.
  2. Yes, I worked around it with terrain modification.
  3. I don't see any reason for that lot to require perfectly flat terrain, though. I don't think it's intentional...
  4. This here is a series of screenshots I prepared, not specifically for this but eh. As you can tell I flattened the terrain with stubs beforehand and it still complains that it's too steep. EDIT: It actually accepts some places, but not all. I modified the terrain in SC4T so it could be related for all we know. It's absolutely baffling at this point. Since it's a ploppable RCI lot, it could have been based on a growing lot with no slope tolerance whatsoever...
  5. It's this lot pack. It's only the "office" (Apparently called "Shipping", my bad), and I've terraformed with road stubs but it still refuses to plop anywhere near the top of the slope. AFAIK it's unique to this one lot, I'll have to do more investigating.
  6. For some reason I am unable to plop the Agave Azul Office on terrain that is perfectly flat. I've even levelled the terrain and it still refuses to plop. How do I fix this? I guess editing the lot itself is the only solution? EDIT: First, it appears PIMX doesn't work on Windows 10, unless I'm missing something. Second, said lot doesn't appear to even be in my plugins anyway... EDIT2: It's there, but the file is called "distribution". This is highly unusual, I've never seen any lot do this before... Should I upload the city file in question? Blank, of course. I have a blank backup I can upload to check the terrain.
  7. Agave Azul

    I am unable to plop the office on completely flat terrain that is physically impossible to level. Please fix. EDIT: Thread
  8. For the record, Imgur has already blocked FimFiction, any links to content parts of the site are blocked. Who's to say they won't do the same here?
  9. Is it just me or does the game automatically rotate lots back to face the road if you rotate them away then idle long enough? I don't believe I've run into this until now. Is it a global timer of some kind? Maybe the one that controls timed props?
  10. Region size issue

    You see how the water is covered with lighter pixels in the first screenshot? Those are the artifacts I'm talking about.
  11. Region size issue

    The issue is that if I so much as open the jpeg the artifacts kick in immediately, Photo Viewer and SC4M display the image just fine, but Paint and other such programs cover it with a white mesh of some description, I can't even copy it through any means to fix the problem. No settings do anything since the artifacts are permanently baked into the image upon being loaded, meaning it's a pixel-by-pixel fix.
  12. Region size issue

    As long as exactly one of the RGB values is 255 and the city tile is the right size it doesn't matter AFAIK. And I've noticed in general that jpgs tend to be terrible for storing things pixel-by-pixel. I'm not sure if greyscales in general even work, in Australia for example all the terrain is bumpy to the point of being literally unplayable. Is this an issue with the medium or is Melbourne really that hilly? And the 128 region limit seems to be smaller than 128. 127, perhaps?
  13. Region size issue

    Split the whole region into western and eastern halves. If I wanted it half width but the full map I wouldn't be having this problem, I'd just use a different-sized config.bmp in SC4M and let it stretch the map (Why is "no" even an option?)
  14. Region size issue

    Well, this is really starting to cheese me off. I'm trying to cut this map in half because it's actually too big for the game (the game actually stops scrolling at around 128 and behaves like it's about to crash) and I actually like the flooded version, but this seems to be physically impossible: -If I edit the jpeg directly, no matter what settings I use, even if I save it as a different file type, artifacts obliterate the whole thing -Exporting a new jpeg via SC4M darkens it, making the terrain completely flat -If I try editing the RGB file, SC4M says the edited RGB file is not an RGB file at all -If I try using a differently sized config.bmp, it brings up a box; if I say Yes it distorts the terrain, if I say No SC4M hangs indefinitely (Why the Freya is that even an option then if it just completely fails to create the region? Just don't bring up that box, or bring up one that only has "OK" and have it resize automatically. What's the point of giving me a choice if one freezes the whole program?) Is there an alternative? Or will I have to import cities one by one using the Import City function?
  15. The current state of the War on Terror is an 11v1 Warcraft 3 map with the terrorists on the one side, except the one terrorist player's town hall is invulnerable.