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  1. MacDonald Station

  2. Anthony Bikes

  3. The Diaspra

    While I am at it: I think you have probably figured it out by now. But just to be sure. The driveway props have a blank Building/PropFamily property. The value should be 0x645997A6. Ahem, and there is building 90a that has not been added to the building family, and there is a version of building 90c added to the R§§ family which is a CS§§ (that should simply not get used by the game). Sorry for the fuss, that's it for now, I think. Great stuff though, can't wait to get the game running.
  4. The Diaspra

    I tried using the messaging system without luck. so I post here. These houses are great, as are your other BATs. However, since I have gotten used to check every single download for problems, I put yours through a routine check as well. And voilà, the "occupant size" and the "pollution at center" and the "pollution radii" properties are faulty, i.e. reduced to one value, which will lead to very undesirable effects in the game. It does seem like the typical mess that would happen when modifying exemplars with iLive reader version 1.4. It might be a good idea to look into this, when you got some time.
  5. Harishna's Mexico City Bat Collection

    add: the maxis night version of the Farmacia Victor is fine!
  6. Harishna's Mexico City Bat Collection

    @requested: I do have the same problem.
  7. Humvee

    how do i get this nice little humvee to show up in harware mode properly???
  8. Old Street lots by 9988

    it is a great idea but unfortunately these lot files are empty! the files are there but they don't have any content :-(
  9. Anthony Bikes

    this is a great building! i did notice an issue with the exemplar file for the growable service building though... the properties Occupant Size, Pollution at center, and Pollution radii have only one value. This can lead to unwanted effects in the game. Anyone who wants to fix the growable version for themselves could use the PIM-X to generate a new growable version. The ploppable version works fine and looks great!