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  1. NAM Version 35 Released

    I hate that I can no longer plop ped mall tiles on a building and personalizes the building to my city needs. Are there any fixes to this problem beside lot editor. Because before for I could use pad mall to override the building and delate certain pieces such as how the parking lot was placed.
  2. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    Nice Work. One question what is the white skyscraper building in your 5th picture next to the park ?
  3. New SorGun Recap

    Nice Work so real lots of details
  4. Downtown's Public Transport

    Good Work. What a good mass transit line !
  5. Retrofitting Simburbia

    Nice work
  6. Despite years of planning and high occupancy rate the area has grown at a rapid rate creating new challenges and opportunities. The Construction Boom has taken a hold of the island with the rebuilding of Park Avenue ,and the museum distract parking garage and the start of new projects such as ,new bike trails ,new concert pavilion, and New Lofts and Town homes under construction. Lets see what going on the. Rebuilding of Park Avenue Finished Road (Notice The Dinosaur statue and Flamingo statue built for the Zoo and Museum ) Rebuilding of Parking Garage (Notice the Star Track statue also built for the Museum ) Reconstructed Parking Garage New Pavilion under construction Finished Pavilion New townhomes under construction Finished townhome New Lofts under construction The New Lofts Completed . New Bike Trail (The Red Line on end of the picture) Aerial View (The finished part) Since I had so much to say on the last journal I made a part 2 and hey maybe a part 3-deleted scene later on. I hope you enjoy. And Thank you for visiting
  7. Where the heat and electricity comes from?

    This is nice love the power plants and that logo is awesome . Good job
  8. Urban Living (Central Park Project) Part 1

    Nothing like a good central park but this park has no beginning or ending the trail stretches for miles and passes through some of the city best landmark Where to begin ? Urban Park - Is a master plan community home of 50/50 50% residential and 50 %commercial creating a community with enough job to support itself creating less residential traffic. Home of the large Urban forest trail that goes around the island creating a beautiful scenery for cyclist ,joggers, or anyone who to see nature . Also home of the city zoo and Capital City Discovery Center The Main Entrance to the island The island before is was developed Developers wanted a Mall or a Amusement Park . A battle between city council and the mayor was created. In the end neither the Mall or Amusement Park was built. Both sides agreed to create a mixed used development with 85% of the land being used for park land or any development that benefits the city such as museum or zoo . With the other 15% going towards building of commercial and residential. Discovery Center The City Zoo A lost temple dating back from the original settlers who lived here Pagoda monument a gift given to the city by a local developer Urban trail cutting through the Forest Soccer Fields ,Tennis Court , and the bridge that connects Urban Park with Riverside Park Park View Bed Breakfast one of the city top wedding venue The Market Place Home of fresh fruits ,vegetables and, food stands Thank you for visiting it took a good while to put this together since there was so much to say and there still more to say. But I hope you enjoyed it
  9. That was a flop

    1. arozarker12


      Sometimes a flop turns into the beginning of a good thing!

  10. Entry 5, One of Michigan's Vacation Spots...

    Good job love your downtown
  11. University Park / Victory Park

    Since University Park and Victory Park are smaller parks I combined them on the City Journal View of University Park and Riverside Park connection The wild flower patch at the University Park giving the students a place to relax and the bridge that connect university park with River Side Park University Park trail University Park trail cutting through the University University Park connecting to Center Park View of University Park and Victory Park connection The Bridge that's connects University Park and Victory Park together The Sports Park at Victory Park Aerial View of Victory Park Please Rate and comment
  12. Update 26- Business Bay

    Nice job once again love the city and the set up you have .
  13. Christmas 2014

    Nice town love the snow and the mountain