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About this City Journal

The beautiful Winnebago, and its major suburbs located in beautiful Michigan, USA.

Entries in this City Journal


*Note East Winnebago was originally ment to be a large ghetto, but those plans were changed; when the city of Westminster took that instead of East Winnebago.


East Winnebago, a major commercial and tourism zone of the Winnebago Metro. A lot of major hotels and modern skyscrapers, are in this area, oppose of Winnebago's older skyscraper CBD.


Part of Downtown, now a major commercial district, highly competitioning Winnebago itself.


One time, East Winnebago had a formal downtown, urbanized. Though, as the city boomed suddenly, city planners tore down a lot of Western Downtown, for parks and nature, and allowed skyscrapers to tower around them, but a challenge was; many people didn't sell their land, for parks, but instead, took the higher prices, for developers to buyout their land, and block, to build highrises, and skyscrapers.


The tower by the beach, is one of the oldest skyscrapers in E. Winnebago. ;) It's the former, WTO Tower of Winnebago, they have since, moved to Downtown Winnebago itself. It's now a insurance-hotel structure. As its surrounded by modern towers, makes it seem ugly against the skyline.


One of the main "central" parks, in E. Winnebago.


This area, is where most of historical downtown still stands, urbanized-ish. The city, is trying to preserve this area, the best they can.


Another "central" park, of E. Winnebago, in the back of the CBD.


Night time, brings life to a major tourism/commercial area.


E. Winnebago...


Entry 4! Small update, for a small city, Aeroville! Aeroville, once had a record company! Aeroville Records... Though, those days are gone, and this is often a quiet suburb now...

The quiet suburb, of Aeroville Michigan.... Little to no crime, safe, and is a great place to live!


A overview, of the small downtown, its uniqueness with only three medium-rises, gives it character...


"Good Morning Downtown Aeroville! It's 7 on the dot! With some backup at Pinnacle Avenue!, from your local radio station; AeroRock 106.3"


Quiet Suburbs, So beautiful.... :yes:


The local Cub's Food, only grocery store in "town"!


Hampton Inn, the only hotel in "town"!


A overview of Aeroville.....


I hope you enjoyed this small update! :thumb:


Entry 3:

Welcome back.... If you want to be welcomed.

Westminster is our topic of this entry, newspapers call it one of Michigan's most dangerous cities. Strikes, Riots, happen 24/7 basically. Tourists like to call Westminster, "The Devil's City"


Quite a ugly city; but its expected with high crime....


Downtown Westminster, Urbanized, and full of many slum buildings, well mostly.


The Westminster Medical Clinic, with its usual "Low Pay, For Medical Workers!" Strike!


A close up of downtown, to show the "beauty" of Westminster.


Police Strikes, to common, as crime just runs the town.


The city doesn't pay for beatification. Leaving, this once beautiful parking garage, to grime.


Most cars, I've ever seen at a Kmart parking lot....


To wrap this up; The Westminster City Dumps, that collects the trash for Winnebago, and the suburbs. Whats not put into landfills, are put into the power plants, or taken from the landfills, into the plants.

- - - - -

Thank you, for touring this with us!

Next time, we will go to Aeroville, MI..


Entry 2: The Core. (For Some Reason all the cars don't show up in pictures, but its actually heavily traffic)

In cities around the world, there's always at least one thing to do, here its a entire mess....


In Downtown Winnebago, there's a lot to do, good and bad. The city life, is glamorous, if you know what you are doing, and where.


Beautiful, downtown Winnebago Michigan, Known for its historic art deco styled skyscrapers, its clubs, restaurants, shopping, as well as its share of crime. Downtown may look fine, and perfect, but within, it sits a area of crime. This city is almost known, for the WPA (Winnebago People Mover) controlled by the Winnebago Transit Authority, its popular but in disrepair.


The other area of Downtown, home of the tallest structure, the US Bank tower. As well as much parking as one can see. It's odd with it, a distant from the main area of downtown, a tall structure in the way of medium density, urban planners weren't smart of this one.


The suburbia area of Winnebago, just beyond Downtown. It's growing to huge populations, and is known for medium and high wealth to mostly live in it, with it being close to downtown... As well as a target.


Just like any other city, this city has to have a sports venue, for all the screams to be let out.


Like any other city, major shopping districts arise, to move business from downtown. JCPenney, Nordstrom, Hacht's, McDonald's, and other major brands sit here, taking business and giving the city, its major retail zone


The mall, a popular gateway to teenagers who sit in the back of the arcade, or adults shopping for that good deal. Surrounded by hotels, Walmart, and new shopping centres, waiting to take the business from the mall.


Then, sitting in the western corner of the main area of Winnebago, slums easily gather, away from the city lights, and into a medium density land of ghettos, and public housing. It's a trash ridden, high crime area. Where the lowest of the low live, where the poor family must rest, as its cheap, and dumpy apartments is all they have.


The graffiti won't ever stop here....


Good Night, Winnebago.....

Next time, we will look at the Winnebago's Western suburb, the city of Westminster, Michigan.


Entry 1:

The background

Before this CJ formally starts, I dedicated my time to set up a back story as well as the history of Winnebago Michigan, and its metropolitan area.

On August 5th, 1710 the city of Winnebago Michigan was born. The city, like Detroit became a large fur trade centre for the current day area of Michigan. The city continued to flourish, up to modern day. Which, today the city, most called better then Detroit. Downtown isn't filled with urban decay, or abandonment, but is flourishing. Though, other areas of Winnebago, isn't as lucky.

Areas such as East Winnebago, is known for its urbanized ghetto zone, often known for being more urbanized then Downtown Winnebago it self, just without the beautiful art deco skyscrapers, on its own skyline unlike downtown. Though other major suburbs of Winnebago rest today, such as Westminster and other suburbs in better condition. Winnebago is filled with beautiful art deco high-rises, major shopping chains, and vibrant people.

We hope to see you soon,

The Mayor of Winnebago, Michigan

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