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  1. Frankly, 3D is not worth the processing required. The only way you'll ever get it working is going with an engine that is splitting processing across many cores, and even then you won't ever get the performance you need. I think you'll find that most people simply want an improved SC4 with the following: the bugs fixed the major drawbacks removed and/or alieviated far better performance (easily gained by splitting simulation pieces into different cores) larger city tiles (or tiling gone completely from regions if the improved processing can allow for it) Or an entirely new game that is superior.
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Nobody is going to stop you from creating great stations. In fact, quite the opposite. Don't stop. Or, better yet. Stop making stations and start making bridges!
  3. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    You've never played World of Warcraft have you? If you had, you would know that all custom content created for the game (if it wants to be used) gets hosted on Curse (or wherever the current go-to repository is) so that the automatic downloaders can find and install the content. Its fairly easy to have a downloader program that presents readmes to the user, upvotes content etc. To be fair, content creators published the content for it to be used. If the system in place back in the day was Steam, they would have submitted their software to a site where all these things can be automated. People here get hung up on content creators rights and the antiquated way SC4 did it....modern game mods don't give content creators imposing download walls, immunity to being included in DL systems etc. They just don't. Its time for the SC4 community to recognize modern content contributed to modern games comes with a more flexibility for the user to install it, control it, and remember what they have installed....and SC4 needs to get on that bandwagon. The creators still have the same control they had before....they can come back and remove their content if they don't like it. The SC4 distribution model was a great idea back in 2004. It's crap today.
  4. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    That's not what I am saying. I'm describing a technical issue with APT. You have to define a behavior file for every item. Some linux programs rebuild the kernel, some drop man files in various directories, etc etc. This is the behavior the APT system uses to install all the pieces of the item properly. You either do a behavior file, or a custom script for every single install item (not a good choice...requires coding vs just defining a simple definition file)
  5. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    apt would need the existing sites to present as apt repositories and some minor scripting. The hurdle to using apt isn't the dependence boondoggle that is SC4....it is the directory boondoggle. Z____, aaaaaaXYZ, <choose darknight or regular files from zip> etc etc etc. This is a very big hurdle that essentially every single file has to cope with. Just to get going very far, a mod definition file has to be defined that apt can draw upon for every single mod. It's not going to be a simple task. Essentially everyone has to contribute the knowledge of SC4 directory builds to a definition file project before you can get going very far. Then you have to start building out the mod definition files. Granted, it wouldn't be hard for 20 people to do the biggest 2-3000 of mods. But getting beyond that sampling of the main DLs is daunting to say the least and would take some diligence and persistence by several people over several years to build up definition files for 6000+ files (where it would start to really shine)
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Any park like that with the baseball diamonds would have lots of lights. I've never seen one with a soccer field like that. A real baseball complex would be cool (like the ones seen all over the US)...the ones where 4 fields all merge together facing away from each other.
  7. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Another big one is the residential plopping abandonment bug.
  8. no doubt, this is the last, great bug left that really gets in the way.
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Do whatever is easier for you to get them out....because people who are going to DL them will DL them in whatever form you put them up in.
  10. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    My poxxed region from a decade ago....OMG its back. You've done it! You've done it! I seriously shed a tear over this.
  11. RRetail Development

    IRM relots would be great. Marinas could use some love. How about the military bases? Sorry this came so late, hopefully you haven't disappeared.
  12. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    consider the possibility that the original code compile had something bogus and simply re-compiling it fixes it? I've seen such nonsense from compilers before....back in the day. As in the era of compilers SC4 would have been compiled on......
  13. It has been a few years...

    5,000 files since 2011? You're going to want to go through those.... (and the ones on trop) I suspect you might be shocked at where this game is vs 2011.....