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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    The last one is extremely good. Especially the night lighting.
  2. RRetail Development

    sorry to hear. The large lots that can go next to each other and look like they belong together are really great, and look like they would fit right into modern suburbia.
  3. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    Taking the recently updated threads box out and replacing it with groups isn't a fair swap. Both need to be there.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    How do you not run into eternal commuters with that transit map Haljackey?
  5. Computer advice for SC4

    That's not virtual memory you describe, that's call SWAP. These are entirely different things. SWAP is when you run out of memory and the OS starts putting stuff in memoy on the disk. Virtual Memory is the OS compartmentalizing memory so that different processes cannot touch other process memory. This is a security feature introduced by M$ in Windows 8 and is entirely exactly as I described, and 32 bit has nothing to do with it. In windows 10, SC4 has no address space issues because the OS starts giving it memory addresses in its process space at 0x000000, as far as the process knows, nothing else is taking any memory and it has every memory address up to the 4gb line available to it. In Windows 10, every process will be given memory segments virtually. Absolutely no direct physical access is even possible without some serious code that circumvents M$'s OS security layer. I doubt such a thing exists outside custom hardware drivers. In fact, this was a very big hurdle the graphic card companies had to get past with drivers because they all were doing direct memory access. Its possible they still are, but there is zero chance SC4 (or most other apps) are going to have any driver that can directly access the chips anymore unless they are hardware vendors. These types of apps simply doesn't exist in modern OSes....the OS developers don't really allow it. They really don't even want the hardware vendors doing it anymore......
  6. Computer advice for SC4

    I'm fairly certain the OS memory issue Fantozzi describes isn't valid, at least post Windows 8. Windows should be allocating virtual memory in the newer OSes and should give as much as the application requests. I run SC4 on a computer with 32gb of memory with tons of other apps that started before it without any issue. SimCity only knows it can request 4GB (2gb unpatched), so that's the max it will ever ask for. Fantozzi, you should 4gb patch SC4......
  7. Parallel Ports

    Everything just becomes eye candy. Just don't install ANY of the functional lots for a seaport controller you aren't using. AKA, you can use all the BSC non-functional lots while using Peg's (or the Heretic) controller, but not the actual functional ones. I'm guessing you can make the functional lots non-functional but I've never explored that idea.
  8. Parallel Ports

    As far as I know, you can mix BSC and PEG lots, you just can't have both seaport controllers running.
  9. Parallel Ports

    CSDK3 is in the STEX here, just search for it. the BSC one is on sc4d in their LEX. There are many dozens of lots. Its better to just search this site or sc4d for details....these are old, very extensive seaport controllers that I can't give justice to. Just don't use both at the same time...they are not compatible.
  10. Parallel Ports

    Either the BSC or Pegasus seaport controller can run the boats down the side of the harbor like you want if the lots are setup that way.
  11. Parallel Ports

    I think the answer is use the CDK3, BSC Seaports, the one linked above, or some other custom port that runs along the shore the way you want. The Maxis one is not going to do what you want.
  12. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Let's keep in mind, this guy fought through it because he wanted to. For every one of him, there are tens (maybe hundreds) who simply would say "nah, not worth it." or worse things. At minimum, we have to be able to provide a baseline that fixes the game to be playable for entry level people. It can literally take several hours to get just the basic of things in place to get it to work like you'd expect. The community owes it to itself and to those who might enter into the community to do it. And it's owed it for half a decade or more. AT MINIMUM, there should be a permanent top-level front page post that lists (with links) EVERY SINGLE MOD that everyone should download at minimum, hour one. If we can't at least get this done, this entire discussion is just wasting all our time, isn't going to go anywhere, and the community is likely doomed to never be able to grow out of what it is. The post may already exist, but that's irrelevant. It should be in your face on the header of every page on the site. You shouldn't be able to get rid of it unless you have an account on the site (i'm serious). This shouldn't take but a few minutes. Why are we spinning our wheels? Let's take STEP ONE. Let's get a list up that represents what the community feels is a mandatory minimum ASAP.
  13. I honestly don't see hardly any light in the last picture in the parking lots.
  14. RRetail Development

    The solar plant needs a lot multiplier.....its teeeny tiny vs what a real one would be.