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  1. BSP Allmendinger Organ Co

    Looks great. I love these kind of brown brick buildings. May i also ask for the name of the building next to yours in the picture (the one with the ants or bugs) ? thank you
  2. Frauenkirche Dresden

    Wow , looks great , ive seen this some time ago in one german simcity forum, iam glad it made it way to the stex. great work. thanks for shareing.
  3. BSP The Vinton Building

    Looks great , i like these kind of buildings. Another great work out of the jasoncw BATtery.
  4. Art Deco Residences BSC

    Cute buildings would fit perfectly in a tropical city journal. great job
  5. Its not working , i get big brown box ! i wonder if anyone that left a comment here actually tested the lot ?
  6. Under Bridge Scenery

    Originally posted by: Lord Kronos ruhlcore, You're using the wrong hole digging lot. You'd be using the 15m hole, use the sunken road lot, to get a depth of 14 meters which is what Buddybud has designed these lots to be used with. It is mentioned numerous times previously in this thread, and on the download page on the STEX. LKquote> Thanks for the help Lord Kronos. Now its working. All the time ive red "road digging lots" i thought the digging lots in general were meant not the actual "road" digging lot. Now its working. Great lots buddybud. bye ruhl
  7. Under Bridge Scenery

    Hi Buddybud ! I was building my first sunken highway with the rural highwaywall lots today and i just wanted to write how great these lots are and how well thought out all the diffrent options with bridges and walls are. They look really great. But i also have a little question and i hope its okay to post it in this thread. (if theres a special thread for the rural highwaywalls iam sorry. My Question is : when i am building off- and onramps on the sunken highway and use your ramp walls i get little grafic failure at the bottom of the ramps (in the red circle of the picture). Just wanted to ask if you have a idea where that could come from. One time it was all correct but i dont know why. Now i always get this little failure. Maybe you have a little help for me. PS. I use , of course , the hole digger lots, so the level terrain is all correct. Thank you bye ruhl
  8. Small Market Hall by Kwakelaar

    looks cute/great, i will defnetly use it. thanks Kwakelaar
  9. BSC Farm Rewards SG Vol 01

    Absolutley Great
  10. BSC Farm Fields SG Vol 02

    Great Cute Farms !
  11. DEDWD Aussie Windmill

    great building
  12. BSC Parks v2 Base Set

    great additions to the game. thanks deadwoods
  13. BSC Parks v2 Texture Set

    great variety of nice park textures. great job
  14. BSC Parks Chess Plaza

    great building , great lot