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NOTICE: Version two is now up here on Simtropolis and has been updated to the same items as the previous version on Steam. So for Steam users, you don't need to do anything, just rebuild your avenues.




Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. If you built avenues with previous versions I ask you to kindly rebuilt them with these pieces.








Whats new in version 2?




- Menu Icons! Yes you read that right, no more scrolling and waiting for pop-up bubbles. This version comes with shiny new menu icons for your enjoyment!


 Big thank you to Ratonces, who showed me how to do it.








- No more guide grids; easy, flexible placement; tolerates slopes.




- More realistic spacing of elements. Less fountains, trees and benches.




- Removed garbage production and reduced EntertainmentAccumulation, as well as Tourism numbers.




- Changed piece size standard from 6x10 to 6x12, fillers from 4x2 to 6x2.








The MAv2 is an Integrated Park, Roads and Electric Grid system. This version features major improvements in usability, look and versatility.




17 Assets in total, neatly packaged in one zip file, allow the creation of a beautiful avenue system with integrated park effect and electric transmission as a bonus.




The Guide Grid system from the previous version has been done away with completely and several new avenue pieces added instead.




These can be plopped anywhere(except in water, shore or on very steep terrain), and don't require to be placed next to a road as normal parks do. They are fully functional both as parks and as transport systems. You can zone next to them, build services, bus-stops, and even make your own Avenue Median filler parks (6x2) to customize the look of your avenues. Or zone in the median for some nice shopping spaces.




The Cims love to use the avenue, they sit on the benches, they walk on the median, they gather on corners, they take the pedestrian overpasses. It makes your city acquire an additional layer of liveliness and realism.




The pieces have a unified lanscaped look. Common elements are benches, fountains, trashcans, flower pots, trees, shrubs, and other vanilla props.




Some variety is added through the use of vending machines props, billboards and kiosks, as well as "crowd" props to bring some spots to life. More customization is available if you make your own fillers in the Asset Editor, or as future releases from me.




The zip file, (or steam collection, which I'll update next) contains all you need to build your Avenues.




My videos about the first version are now obsolete. I'll be making new ones in the next few days.




Here is a quick-and-dirty demo with youtube annotations, when I get some time I'll make a proper video.







An image tutorial will be added has been added to this page as well, but the main idea is this:






How to use - Simple General Instructions




Familiarize yourself with the pieces, which are now all in the parks menu and have icons.




Pick your first piece and plop it.




Select the two-lane one-way-road with trees tool and drag a 4 cell (300 construction cost in hard mode) stretch from an outgoing stub on the avenue piece.




Using the grid created by the road you just drew as a guide, draw another 4 cell road but this time in the opposite direction.




Now you can snap another piece into those stubs. Then repeat the above process, making sure to use the two-lane one-way-road with trees tool and ensuring you are always making 300 construction cost (6 cells) segments.




Rinse and repeat until you are done making any layout you want. Easy huh?




How to use - perpendicular avenues




To make a crossing between two perpendicular avenues, or a T intersection, use the 4 node avenue intersection piece. Plop it, then do the same as above, but when you drag from the stubless nodes, this time drag 2 extra, or 6 cells (450 contruction cost in hard mode) This is to account for the missing stubs on this piece. If you don't care about symmetry or about putting fillers in all gaps, you can drag as many cells as you want in length.




You can use the 5 node piece to make an intersection as above but with a 6-lane road leaving on one side.




How to use - Intersections




I've condensed U-turns, Ts and Intersections for the normal roads into one piece for each road type. For normal "intersection" pieces (ones without the word "nodes" in them), you plop the piece, then you can either leave it as it is for a U-Turn effect, drag the respective road type from one side for a T intersection, or from both sides for a full intersection.










The rest of the pieces are fairly intuitive once you get the hang of how it works. 




There are some Half-T pieces, which means the road joins the avenue but only on one side; and Double-T pieces, which means the roads join on both sides but dont traverse the median.


Then there is a curve piece for making avenue corners, a straight piece, and a filler for the gaps between sections.




The filler you can use to fill these gaps left between pieces, or you can zone in them for some shops to be in the median, or you can make your own 6x2 filler parks to add variety!




Have fun building!










Suggestions as always are welcome, as well as any comments or problems you may discover.














Are you rich and want to help a Mexican buy his tacos? Donate.






What's New 2.0


  • - Added MENU ICONS.
  • - No more guide grids.
  • - More spacing between props.
  • - More intersection types.
  • - No more garbage production.
  • - Easy to use.
  • - Can build on slopes.
  • - Slightly reduced EntertainmentAccumulation and Tourist numbers.
  • - 6x12 standard piece measure. 6x2 Fillers.

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    • By Shannanigan O'Crabby
      Hey gang,

      Is there a super secret way to control how high the scaffolding animation goes on growable buildings?
      I searched around but couldn't find any info.

      I have these low roof houses... yet the construction goes up 6-7 levels. Its kind of ridiculous.
      I thought the Floor numbers in the Asset Editor properties might do it but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
      Or I'm doing it wrong... which is a strong possibility as that floor height numbers business makes no sense to me.

      I assumed 1 = 1 meter so my houses are approx. 4 high. But I'm still getting massive scaffolding animation.
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      Notes and stuff: One day, I was looking at the forums (before I registered.) I say a section marked 'City Journals'. I thought 'Hey, that section looks nice, maybe I'll find a nice city timeline in there.' 
      Immediately, I saw a thread marked 'Skylines of Cathnoquey.' I thought 'That looks interesting, I should read it.'
      I spent the next 3 hours reading it.
      (Good job Linoa, your journal is one of the best I've seen)
      After I was done, I wanted more. Much more. I waited for updates.
      *One week passes*
      *One month passes* 
      *One year passes*
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      (If the author has real-life problems, I understand.) There seemed to be a big hole where the 'Organic City Timeline Journals' category was.
      At this point, my interest in C:S began to rise again. I thought 'Why not make a city journal?' So I did. I tried to make one and lost the save file. 
      (I just remade it.)
      The town that I remade I wanted to be the first town to have the city journal focused on. I hope to update this one until I lose interest within a month for at least a few years until my SSD has no more room for my save files. That town's name was Lynnfield (Named for a reason that you maybe will see once I stop being lazy and make a state map for Lynnfield.)
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             In northeastern Kabylake province (named for the giant lake in the middle of the province and another hint to where the name Lynnfield came from), at the intersection of Freeway I-670 and A-87 (The major highways in the province) lies a sleepy village by the name of Lynnfield.
      It's an unassuming little town, situated at the tributary of two rivers. This quiet little town of 2.950 hasn't seen much development since its founding a mere 35 years ago.

      The city lies just off Freeway A-87. The city is linked to a freeway, connected by a roundabout named Maxwell Circle, aptly named for the giant statue of a GTX 980 in the center. On the other side of the freeway lies the city's farming industry, which has largely driven the local economy and provided the majority of employment in the city.

      Freeway A-87, which provides highway access to Lynnfield.

      Cosine Co., a major engineering company in Kabylake, recently opened another of its many headquarters, providing Lynnfield citizens an alternative to farm work and a break from the sun and the heat.

      Atlantic Salmon Apartments, named for how the colors of the complex resemble the skin and meat of a salmon, is the latest addition to a downtown that otherwise hasn't changed in the past 15 years.

      Bob the motorcyclist takes a right turn to the farm he's employed at. He's contemplating leaving the city or applying for a job at Cosine Co., as the city has provided little jobs for college graduates like him.

      Lynnfield high school. Built 20 years ago, the school is starting to have an overflow problem and the city, governed by Mayor McFatbags, seems to spend all its budget at improving the Mayor's mansion, so the problem remains. However, elections are coming up, and there's a disruptive candidate that gives the previously uncontesed (for reasons that the city absolutely does not want to disclose) mayor McFatbags a run for his money.

      The intersection of Blemont and 7th street, the main East-West and North-South axes of the town. Plans to upgrade the roads and potentially accommodate more new citizens have been stalled by the mayor's monopolistic council, but as mentioned before, there a a wave of young Lynnfielders who are tired of stagnation and corruption in the city and running for a spot in city council and even mayor.

      The city hall.
      The 2 main highways near the city provide the city a huge opportunity as a transportation hub, which many of the young Lynnfielders running for city council or Mayor are hoping to take advantage of. Being the largest town within a few tens of miles with low tax rates and easy accessibility, maybe the city will grow some day...
      That's it for today! There probably will be more tomorrow, considering how excited I am at continuing this. This is my first CJ, so feedback is strongly appreciated.
      Edit: Ideas for future updates and mods/assets are also appreciated. The map is Copper Creek, if anyone's curious.
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      Hi all
      This is my first post on here, so please be kind  I have also spoken to Avanya as well, who helped a bit *thank you again*.
      Is there anyone who can break down (a touch) into how Cities Sky... sees and works markers when looking at cargo train stations? I have googled, researched, asked people, etc, etc, but unfortunately haven't found anyone or thing to say, yes, this is it and this is how you do it.
      Below is the beginning of what I am trying to create, with main settings showing, and the 'Object reference....' System.Null... error I'm getting about 50% of the time when I do a save.
      When I insert the markers I am putting 2 Truck Despawn ones in each entry tunnel, and 2 Truck Spawn ones in each exit tunnel, though I'm not sure that I need 2??? I'm using the thought pattern that there will be 2 trucks coming in, 1 on each lane, so 2 Despawn for each entry, and the same thought pattern for the exits. I also put a Spawn Position and Spawn Target on each track (4 tracks) almost on top of each other. You can also see the Cargo pathways clearly marked, again with the thought process, this is where the trucks will enter, drop and pickup cargo, then leave.
      Also, the markers I am putting in then saving, don't save (neither do the props). When I reopen it the markers are back to where and what they are in the template. (Any ideas???)
      If anyone can lead me in the right direction it will be much appreciated.


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