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Road ( Trench / Raise / Bridge / Tunnel ) Mod - XoXiDe 1.01 and 1.05

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Ok per request I am uploading one of my mods to Simtrop for users.


Its 1 variations of the mod which I call 1.01 and 1.05.


Both are similar except for extreme variable changes.  So one can described as conservative and the other liberal.


Depending on how you use it and one of my own personal reasons was to trench low enough to create flat bridges without arching.


It will allow you to trench lower before tunnels are created and allow you to go higher before a bridge mode takes effect giving you raised sections to pull bridges from.


What you can do with it is really a limitation of your own imagination.


0x0f988430 Max height = 128 m

0x0f98843a Max Depth = -128m

0x0e028a11 Max height of raised = 18 m

0x0f9f13a8 Max depth of Trench = 24m

0x0e0287f8 Max Slope = 40m

0x0e3224cb Max Tunnel Slope = 18m

0x0e74351a max bridge Slope = 30m

0x0eceda5f Max Slope at intersection = 10m

0x0e322775 = 0.05


Yuttho has been using it to make some pretty amazing stuff so enjoy



What's New 1.01 and 1.05


  • rev 1.01 and 1.05 first deployments

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I didn't realize some people were asking some questions


@fhreire what you mean.. its just something you install and use (scratching head) there isn't anything different about its use.  It just is different values to let you have some more dynamic range of use for bridge tunnel and trenches.


@fatkids_inc yes it should work fine on all systems since its just a .package and not a DLL or compiled item its just script modifications.


@mattenz12 what would you like to know .. just ask


@nickyzero glad you like it


@galfastanta yes just extract and go

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I'm having some issues with not being able to delete streetcar tunnels created using the 1.01 version of this mod. I'm building on the Coyote Cliffs zone in the Badlands Region.


Update: I just uninstalled the mod and the problem persists. I even created a new sandbox.. same plot and it appears the street car tunnels cannot be bulldozed on this plot. So I think this is a game issue (unrelated to this kickass mod). 

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Tunnels do not work in my version. I am on latest and have Cities of Tomorrow expansion. I can not go lower than 2 units of depth with a road on any region. Therefore I cannot create tunnels under a flat surface. Is there a fix?

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the mod is just changes in the values already built into the game.


If your on a map with water table being close to your land then you will not be able to go past that point crazyjat  its not that it is not working it really depends on two factors.. distance between your points.. so moving further apart can allow it to work or sometimes water gets in the way.


browninator you asked what version.. lower number is less extreme numbers .. the higher version number is the more extreme values..  you can almost go 2x as high and also stack if needed as sky showed in his video..


The mod will work from now till the end of time.. there is no fix needed since its using the values in the game not a modification of anything the game would need an update to.

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Is it possible to have only tunnels at different depths instead of trenches?

It'd be great to have more control over where tunnel entrances are created as well, at least an option to have them always placed close to the road start and end (short, steep ramps).

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@damienMB yes.. you can have different depths.. .. I choose to make it so the idea was to allow for a FLUSH road over a trench road (which is more common in real life) for that aspect of use.  It was also the most impossible to do with out the modded values.


But you can mod them to be nearly anything the above values are not magic.. your welcome to take what I have done and make a variant of your own


all my posts are to help the community with ideas as much as try to offer things I think are improvements.  I'm not much on cheats or hacks of features.. I like to increase value or detail in a way that allows you to be more engaged with your own city to Build. 


Its a city builder to me not a game but maxis designed it as a game not a city builder which is completely silly to me

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i am new to this all..but i seem not able to contact on ramps to my bridge/over pass going to check out you tube tomorrow see if i can find a walk threw on it 

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Can  some one tell how to add this mod i tried adding the package file to "simcity data" folder and "simcity user data folder" 

Thanks in advamce

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This mod doesn't seem to be working anymore, is that because the game was recently patched?

her the same, i can not more  raise or trenche than the normal value

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is it possible to use this mod with project akar ?

if no , is it possible to make a mod that is compatible with akar , I don't want to use the separate regional bridges and tunnels mod.

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On 11/19/2013 at 3:30 PM, xoxide said:

DESIGN tip.. I find 1.01 is easier to control in some ways since its not as extreme on the variable changes.  So I have 1.01 loaded on my machines across the board.  1.05 lets you go deeper and higher but as a result you may have to play with some blending of the terrains and angles in some cases if you get extreme also.



Sometimes moving your road before placement can smooth it when in trench or bridge / raised mode but it depends on terrain.


The mod uses the built in engine and tweaks the values it doesn't create any new mechanics only some math changes.


Another suggestion after watching Yuttho build is I would suggest TRENCH first before you create bridges and that will give you greater flexibility as well in your designs.


You have to just play with it .

If I load both mods will they interfere with each other? What keystrokes do I use to make it work? Hoping someone is still reading and replying. I know I'm a little late to the party.

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