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  1. Nice job and Happy Birthday
  2. New Highway Sign A *Update*

    wish we could name and rename type and control so many textual displays both English / alternative and simlish within the game engine .. <sigh>
  3. the mod is just changes in the values already built into the game.   If your on a map with water table being close to your land then you will not be able to go past that point crazyjat  its not that it is not working it really depends on two factors.. distance between your points.. so moving further apart can allow it to work or sometimes water gets in the way.   browninator you asked what version.. lower number is less extreme numbers .. the higher version number is the more extreme values..  you can almost go 2x as high and also stack if needed as sky showed in his video..   The mod will work from now till the end of time.. there is no fix needed since its using the values in the game not a modification of anything the game would need an update to.
  4. Tobse_Bus2

    nice work
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1gpamz/crest_oralb_codes_11_to_give_away_starting_at_830/ jeff
  6. those who care Patrick said he would look into it more this weekend. He was going on a short trip. I still say a little good will go further than you realize or may think. Any positive efforts are not wasted and in the end would be better for the community, glassbox, the game and the mod community if more features are possible with bug fix and a combination of features. This is not a black and white YES NO subject. You have to be more open minded and try.
  7. Interesting.. had the same problem as we did day 2 nights ago testing first round with the bus stations I ended up killing a map and trying again It does seem random.. cuz in one situation where I didn't go over normal qty for bus it was fine but didn't like going over at all middle of game it would just say what it did before "game is not performing correctly" will update again is there a newer version of script to use now ?
  8. I really don't understand what the harm is in trying to work with other people and as a community on every subject and topic. Baby Steps in cooperation are just a proactive approach to dealing with other problems and helps create and foster mutual collaboration and improved game content in the long run. This is a case of just adding some UP and DOWN and Selection to something that already is coded. To make it official and make it part of the game. Good will from the community and from Maxis in this case for implementation of such features would go a long ways in showing they are listening and take us seriously. But how can anyone expect them to take us seriously if you are not willing to try and see just what it will take to make something like this happen. People signed 10k of DRM remove request . and yet we can't get a more than 40 people to say Yes please Add Bridges and Underpasses officially in the game?? The hardest part of this request would be the UI / UX implementation NOT the actual code that makes the roads since its already being done by a mod. Its just as simple as it was mentioned "lets hear from the community" and yet you want to be silent on the subject?? that kind of doesn't make any sense. Simtropolis users have been at the forefront of this type of collaborative effort for years and I get the strange sensation that most of you just don't care one way or the other or have completely given up. I mean a few users have done it.. THANK YOU to those who have. its just important to have communications between us and all levels of Maxis on a proactive POSTIVE note. That's not much to ask from them or much to be expected from us.
  9. yea the city size is a huge issue and most likely one of the ones we will not see for a long time the way things are currently going. However I want to take every chance we can at improving the game and UI / UX as we move forward as well. I mean when the developers kit is released I know you of all people will take it and run with it if anyone can but that means we have to get to that point which is a different story.
  10. it has been mentioned in a number of forums and threads, and will come out as a dlc as a city specialty . I would love to see it . But this second if you put it in the game it would just not do very much .. the backbone of Farming is processing food and needing those goods to be sold an used by the community and other aspects to make it really be correct. I say YES and it will come but if it comes to soon it will just not be what we want either.
  11. STARGATE-Trail Parks set

    that's just kewl.. :) i'm picturing animations with puddles forming and people walking in and out of 2 to get around the city as a transportation system :) haha   or flying in and out with jumpers   very kewl.
  12. i'm not sure what it would be specifically in complete but was told it would have to come in the form of a DLC since its not currently any part of the game and would need to be built and include all aspects of the specialty industry it would bring and the influences. I have asked for it since launch ahhahaah
  13. Sims Can Not Find Shops or Parks

    if this is a new bug.. we need more details for devs let me get this straight.. all of a sudden post 4.0 and post release of the theme park (are you all use it?) you are having a shopping issue and a shut down of shops and the theme park or just the shops near by in the rCi .. at what level $ $$ $$$ any common factors you can place or put in the city please put the usual information user id: server name: region name: city name: Description of problem: as much information you can about the conditions you think are breaking or what is going on to that may cause shops or business's to close I can' take a look myself and make some observations .. at this point I do not expect to see the devs online until Monday. Sometimes they will pop online but I know that they were looking forward to a weekend after a lot going on this week on their end with the mac release coming up and 5.0 coming up after that release I will do what I can to help but I need as much detail as possible so I can pass it along to the devs and make sure it gets to the right one Jeff