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  1. alrighty then. Thanks guys. I was hoping it wasn't that but I suppose I'll have to re-install.
  2. hey guys its not the graphics settings because they're still all on high. there's a picture of the lots. I'm also having a crash to desktop whenever I use the godmode trees. I'm using the pacific northwest tree controller and nothing else. also, the text in game is all gibberish, leading me to believe it may be whats in my program files folder, not my plugins folder. I have the uk version of the game with the right hand registry change in it. I also downloaded the ep1 update for the north america region, followed by the bat one.. should I go and do the region 2 (europe) instead of region 1? would I have to re-install the game before doing this? also, whenever I try and place trees the game crashes. I have ONLY the pacific northwest tree controller and the dependencies for that... nothing else. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with my game here and it sucks.
  3. I'm having these wierd issues all at once, and I have no idea why they're happening. the lots in my cities look like either grass or concrete, with no fences or light poles or plants or anything.. just the buildings on top of a square of whatever texture comes with it. My graphic settings are all high and I have a nice computer, so this is unusual. despite having installed the night lighting update the bats i've installed won't light up. The simfox day n night mod isn't registering with the game for some reason, even though I physically have it in the documents/sc4/plugins/mods folder. any suggestions? Much appreciated.
  4. BAT Request Thread

    someone should do the Wainwright Building. It's beautiful.
  5. starting up sc4 again...

  6. Will you buy Simcity 2013?

    I agree with this post. I do not want a 3D version of Simcity 4.5. Simcity 4 lacks the analytic and statstical data requried to accurately build and manage a city. I hate playing Simcity 4 sometimes because their is an issue that is hindering my city that the data isn't showing. I cannot wait to get this new Simcity and finally be able to manage my city accurately. You took my point too far. By "sc4 with 3d and curvy roads", I don't rule out, say, changing the ridiculous pathfinding engine. I'm talking about FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES TO THE WAY THE USER INTERRACTS WITH THE GAME... like, say, making it always online.. or having those ridiculous spaces between cities in a region, or, i dunno, making the cities ten feet by ten feet - that stuff is stupid (and isn't just an "update")... It fundamentally changes the way the game is played. People got on simcity becase they wanted to re-create new york city, tokyo, london, their hometown, etc... NOT to pretend to be a mayor, to cypher with people online, or to "make great works".. I get that they want to make money, but what they've thrown out there is just plain garbage.
  7. Will you buy Simcity 2013?

    I was optimistic at first, but... In this interview with Telegraph, Maxis was asked how they planned to re-invent the game without upsetting hardcore gamers. They said: "Nobody wanted a re-hashed Sim City 4." This just isn't true. The few people who did care about the game through the 00's basically wanted sc4 with curvy roads and 3D - no mickey mouse embellishments or middle school pandering. If Maxis was coming out with that right now, we'd all approve and they know it. They're sweeping their nonchalance about pleasing the "base" under the rug. Its like those politicians who cut medicare and grin in old peoples faces. Also, that whole "you get to micro-manage!" thing was tried with cities xl, and it was the most annoying thing ever. I dunno about you guys, but I just wanna plop and watch, plop and watch. There's a reason they call it a "sandbox" game. That's why I won't buy it unless mods make it awesome.
  8. dunno when/how this happened, but I have nam (could've sworn I used the right side version), sam, rhw. I don't remember there being an option for driving side in the game installation... but even if there is and I re-install, does that mean I have to re-install nam too? Does anybody know what I did wrong/how I can fix it? I just noticed it today. your help is much appreciated.
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Seems the only ocurrance of that building was on the official Maxis exchange way back in the days.. haven't been made avaliable after the site went down. thanks a lot man. I have a lot of other embankments/sea walls and whatnot, but these are just so much classier than all the other peg stuff.
  10. yeah ncaa... you're tough.

  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'm looking for the sea walls in this picture. Theres also some lots that have the same textures used for the platforms, along with 1x1 grassy and half/half lots of both.
  12. Bayonne and the Seaport - part 2

    this is BEAUTIFUL. Definitely bookmarking this cj!
  13. We do have faith in the community and it's modding capabilities. That isn't the problem, the problem lies in EA's end of the bargain, so to speak. If they do not fulfill modability to our expectations (e.g. lot editor style, no 3D models from scratch) than there really isn't much we can do despite having the knowledge to do more. Besides, even if we are given the same level of modability like we are in SC4 (which is unlikely, since this game is multiplayer and bandwidth is at a premium) all is essentially thrown out the window in a mere years time when EA pulls the plug on the servers. yeah I didn't think about any of that before posting that comment. I forget that its supposed to be all online now? but regardless, I maintain that the game still has some way to go. This isn't the final iteration.
  14. 1) I need to know what this sidewalk mod is so I can get rid of it. Not gonna explain why I don't remember, but I don't. I tried to download other ones to see if they'd simply override that one, but didn't work. 2) anybody know that target thingy you can change to get rid of the opening animation in the game? Its really annoying now that I know that I don't have to have it lol if you can help me out that'd be great. I'll reward you with internet cat pictures. also, sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to put this thread. this is the best place i saw.
  15. that was sc4 at e3 '02. there's some earlier pictures of the game that I can't find online anymore, but they looked FAR worse than even that. All I'm saying is have a little faith in the modding community. all you need is modability and curvy roads/3d for this to have potential to be better than sc4.