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  1. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    Spring cottage looks so at home there ... nice rural shot.
  2. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    It seems that a city builder has finally arrived to tempt this particular SC4 dinosaur back into the world of Simtropolis. Just getting started with Cities: Skylines and it looks as though we might finally have a worthy successor. Hello to anyone who remembers me (especially those who still make use of my BATs - in my rp200x or zero7 incarnations).
  3. Peninsula HK Hotel

    Well worth the wait - a superb model.
  4. Ski Race

    Love it!
  5. Emerald Plaza

    Great looking building and amazing how quickly it all came together.
  6. Mntoes - UK housing project

    And mntoes said let there be light ... and lo. there was light! That's looking much better. Glad to of been able to help; even if you're not totally happy with the version you've shown it should only be a matter of tweaking the values now.
  7. Mntoes - UK housing project

    I fired up gmax and put together a simple test building - the first time I've actually modelled anything in gmax for years. Upstairs windows have been done as maxis glass texture with opacity = 70. This shows the pattern during the day and goes transparent when lit in the night version. Downstairs I've used what I think is the technique you've used. So the texture has a picture of curtains on and has an opacity map to keep the net curtains semi-transparent and the main curtains solid. Images are HD rendered for clarity. The lighting is a single omni on each floor with the following settings: You should set inverse square decay on an omni used as a real light rather than a lighting effect (inverse square is the real-world decay for a light source). 'Start' is the distance from the light that the decay will kick in - together with the light's multiplier it will give you control of how bright the light appear and how much light will spill out beyond the windows. The window texture and opacity mask I've used are: This is all a fairly crude and needs tuning to get the balance of day and night textures right, but I hope it'll help you solve your nighlighting problems. If you are happy manipulating things with reader, there's a technique available that allows you to do a gmax equivalent of the two stage TruNite render used by BAT4Max. From what I've seen of how it is working, it is the best option currently available to gmax users. www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm Technique is described towards the bottom of the page.
  8. Festival of Britain Set (Darknite)

    It may have taken a while to get here, but you've done a great job of bringing these structures back to life.
  9. Mntoes - UK housing project

    Originally posted by: mntoes Zero 7 I'm using on omni light reflecting through a texture with an alpha map. I can't seem to get a better result than that shown. Do you have a better solution? Night lighting is one of my weakneses and I really would like to improve it. I know I could do better as you say even with Gmax. Thanks Mntoes.quote> I've sent a PM. Will help if I can.
  10. Mntoes - UK housing project

    The day version of the houses look superb. You should be able to do much better with the night lighting, though, even in gmax. What approach are you taking to the nightlights?
  11. Psander5's BATs

    I like the diagonal version of Skylon - I think it sits quite nicely on a corner like that. I don't think you need to add anything more to the lot - if you make it too busy it will pull focus away from Skylon itself.
  12. Psander5's BATs

    Glad to hear you've got your issues with the Dome of Discovery sorted. It'll be good to see it in game. I'm also looking forward to having Skylon to play with - I think a park will need to be built around them. The fact that it will free you to make more Sheffield buildings pleases me too - but then when have I been known to not appreciate someone making good UK content
  13. Totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. I've been anti-installer ever since they first appeared. Unfortunately, just like the 'Maxis-look' vs 'the best the game can display' debate, positions are ingrained and unlikely to change. The point about EULAs and copyright is a good one. Firstly EULAs, even those from commercial companies, are rarely valid in any jurisdiction other than the Corporate States of America. Copyright exists as soon as you create something - it doesn't even have to be claimed, just proved if you wish to enforce your rights. EULAs really are completely pretentious - especially in the SC4 custom content context. And don't get me started on uninvited pop-ups and images I don't need saved in a folder on my machine ... Just use a bog standard zip file unless you have a multitude of options to offer, as with NAM.
  14. BAT4Max v.5

    Originally posted by: thingfishs Well it seems something always goes wrong for me, even with a one step procedure. I turned off my UAC, opened MaxScript, pressed run script, selected the installer file from the V5 folder, followed instructions (all seemed to go OK except the usual "night windows are incompatible..." and it said that installation had been successful. However, when I restart Max the interface is unchanged (for example the LODs bit just has the old 3 options). I am using Max 2010 and it's installed in my C drive root folder. quote> What did you get when you unzipped the file? You should have 'BAT4Max5_Installer.mzp' and nothing else. If you've got .ms files visible and have run 'newInstaller.ms' it will not have carried out the full install For some reason when I first extracted the file I ended up with the contents of the mzp file instead of the mzp itself. I don't know how that happened and I haven't been able to reproduce it. Something odd with WinRar I think.
  15. BAT4Max v.5

    First impressions on the interface are good. The layout seems to be more appropriate to the workflow used for the day model / night model method and it's good to see the FSH create and insert buttons replaced with the more logical 'day export' and 'night export'. The explanation of the LOD creation explains why it's not straightforward to exclude the groundplane. I wonder if there's a way to limit the scope of geometry.max to a particular layer ( or a layer-based equivalent). I haven't looked as Maxscript since I abandoned my automated render for your version of BAT4Max so I don't know of a definite way of doing it without using an array. No problems with the new version encountered so far.