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  1. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    I understood, I did not want to say that this is easy, that was a problem with the translator, I know that it is very difficult to post such content and I am grateful! I just wanted to know if it was allowed to do this, thank you! - Gilberto Rodrigues
  2. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    Thanks dude! Very good indeed !!
  3. AON Center

    I really liked it !! Thanks man, it worked out right
  4. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    Very good face! Thanks! But if it does not give much work, why do not you compact all these Dependecies in a file just to facilitate? Just a tip. Thank you again!!
  5. Town Plan

    Thank friend!
  6. Town Plan

    Good Morning! I do not know if this post is in the right place, I apologize I'm still learning ... I would like to ask you if there is any application, program, that you can do to make a city plan (SC4) before you start playing, that would help a lot! thank you everyone for the attention! I'm waiting for the answer.
  7. DukeLand

    Version 1.0.0


    I made this map manually in SC4, Terrain for Terrain, the name is DukeLand in honor of my dog Duke, who passed away Friday 18/08/2017 I hope you like it, with any mistake, let me know. The images are from the beginning of the construction, I will let you see the end result as a surprise
  8. 2 Lakes and ocean

    Thanks @hippybudkiller ! But how can 1,830 downloads and only one reaction?
  9. DOT Printing

    Perfect! Thanks!
  10. SimCity BuildIt, the popular simulator version for mobiles, has become the most played title in the franchise's 26-year history. The information is from EA Mobile itself. Launched in December last year, the game has nearly 40 million users. According to the publisher, gamers spend about 40 minutes a day with the game in five or six games. "I think SimCity BuildIt has broken out for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the game was made by a deeply experienced team with an incredible creative and technical force, "comments Jason Willing, vice president of EA Mobile, as reported in Venture Beat. The trump of the title lies in its way of working with mobile platforms. Still as Willing explains, controls and elements that cherish efficiency in finger-handling, relatively short games and, of course, franchise marks such as natural disasters and service simulation were some of the things that won over players.
  11. Tour of Africa: Introduction

  12. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    I really like SC4, and as my pc can not install a new one ... .-.
  13. AON Center

    Thanks for sharing !!