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  1. Hello, I personally dislike (but not hating) how @BSC packs the dependencies. They're making packing deps in .exe and (making worse) creating it in huge number, so I can't install it fast like @Pegasus did. Also, Pegasus is packing the previous files, making the installing much easier (for instance, CDK3 Super Pak or The Terrain Kit) with his own. I don't hate BSC, they're producing quality content and the popular mods: Census Repository and CAMeLot Counter, aren't possible without BSC. I'm using Linux, how do I install the dependencies fast?
  2. Hello, I'm planning to rearrange my plugins so my plugins available on modules (plugins-in-packages), like Girafe's floras and Northern Hemisphere/Europe Tree Controller saved in Euro Trees module or essentials saved in Essentials module. This is will be applied to my catalog at Omnibus. Should I do this? Should I redownload my plugins? Thanks.
  3. Site Suggestion Box

    The icon for Simtropolis should be changed to this: So, in practice:
  4. CDK3 Essentials

    Confused which mods to be installed? Here, you can find the CDK3 essentials, without shipping and with 30 day warranty*. Foundation Here, you can find the essential files. Whatever your CDK options, CDK3 Super Pak and (if you want to install CDK seaports) CDK3 Master Seaport Controller still need to install. Some items have split into more files, you should download all volumes. Warning, this file can cause prop pox (hides all props). Don't forget to backup your regions or remove the offending object (hint, it's a modified umbrella) using Reader. CDK3 Docks Note, functional seaports at the top of the list. OWW2 Docks Under construction. Please wait until Pegworks completed this list. Notify me if they're not updating the list.** I hope this list helpful. If you have a suggestion or fix for this catalog, please notify me. Thanks. *Only for Dr Vu and his partner. **I'm one and only member from the company.
  5. Can't type ingame

    Try to contact Steam for SKU2/Europe copy. Maybe, your copy isn't SKU2. In SKU2, there is Danish and Finnish support. When in autorun, select your language. Maybe, support for non-normal Latin character isn't supported in SKU1/North America. If doesn't work, you can try to reinstall DirectX (DX9 is fine). DirectX includes components needed for gaming. But, region dll availability isn't guaranteed 100%. Last resort, you can reinstall Windows. After installing, you should install DX9 and SimCity 4, of course. I hope this is helpful. Thanks.
  6. Error when Submitting Form at CB

    That's clearly false positive. OK, my IP is different, in the range of 125.161.10x.xxx. But, my and my brother computer aren't infected with Conficker. My computer is using Linux, while my brother computer's using Windows 10 (which stronger than XP). His computer doesn't have any Conficker symptoms. You can cross-check the IP and if it's false positive, you can unblock the IP. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I've found a pair of hidden news title and content. The news contains dirt road, which is NAM replaced by RHW. So, the news is replaced (or deleted) by NAM. Here's the news: The discovery screenshot can be found at https://imgur.com/a/Lx7Ya. Thanks.
  8. CAM with RCI Demand

    But, there are many open-source DLL files, for instance Boost library. Or, if migration isn't an issue, move to Java or Python. Still, some apps require Windows DLL, but with this technique, less Windows DLL will be required. Sorry if wrong. Thanks.
  9. Error when Submitting Form at CB

    My IP stills in range of 180.244.6x.xx
  10. How about partially block cars? Only a few cars are allowed to drive. But, mass transit is allowed (including buses and tram cars). I want this. There are some examples in RL, including Amsterdam.
  11. GIMP Metal & Grunge Texture Creator

    Nice. Can you make network texture creator? (Not the tool, but like this)
  12. Fictional Network Textures

    The new version has arrived. Now with MIS & SAM-7 textures. Check it below. Jalanku.zip Due to an error, the file was reuploaded.
  13. Hello, I've made some progress with network texturing. Today, I introduce my hobby, fictional network textures (Jalanku) with about 2x dashes than the European version. Currently, I made road textures: ortho, 90deg small curve, medium curve, large curve, S-curve and diagonal. There is no FAs, FTLs or ramps. You can see my progress by downloading the zip below this post. If you have tips & trick about photorealistic texturing, suggestion or critics, you can reply this thread as long as your reply is constructive. Thank you. Jalanku.zip
  14. Thanks for info. Sorry if I misunderstood.
  15. Error when Submitting Form at CB

    Thanks for info.