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  1. Two mod requests, if anybody has the time: 1. A version of the 25 tiles mod that distributes the new areas evenly. All the current ones I've found so far place all the new tiles at the last milestone. As I usually play a natural playthrough without the Unlock All mod, I'd like to be able to expand my city more quickly rather than play with the default amount of land for the majority of the game. So, I could really benefit from a mod that spreads them out a bit more, with as many as 2 or even 3 new tiles unlocked on some milestones. 2. A mod that removes the restrictions on vanilla trees. Currently, all Conifer Trees are exclusive to Boreal maps, Palm Trees and Palm plants are exclusive to Tropical maps, and large bushes are restricted to Temperate and Tropical maps. Since they've gotten rid of the restrictions on the European buildings, these restrictions feel a bit arbitrary so it'd be nice to get rid of them.
  2. A new expansion for Cities: Skylines has officially been announced! More info available here.
  3. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    I would just like to say that I'm thrilled with the bright and colorful look you're going for. I think a bit too many people in the C:S modding community make only dark and gritty building that clash a bit with the game's artstyle, IMO. I eagerly await the release of your Mighty Cone building!
  4. Ah, excellent. I can't vote on the poll but I WOULD vote for #3 if I could. Thank you for clarifying, for some I assumed the bridge meshes were public domain. I understand your reasoning, though it does seem a shame as I love that bridge mesh.
  5. I know requests are a no-go, but is there any chance in the future you might consider making eight lane roads and some variations? IMO it feels like the gap between six lane and 12 lane is a little bit big, and while Networks Extensions does have an eight lane road, I doubt they're planning on adding Bus/Bike/Tram variations anytime soon. Furthermore, they've already got a very nice bridge model you could use.
  6. How are the cul-de-sacs coming? I was understanding they'd be included in the same update as 2+2 National Roads but I haven't seen any mention of them since. Have they been canned?
  7. Honestly it doesn't bother me but I'm not exactly a realism stickler.
  8. No offense Bad Peanut, but maybe you should edit the first post of the thread to clarify you're no longer taking suggestions? It still says you are so that might be confusing some people.
  9. I would vote Option 1. It sounds like its operating on a similar principle to the Monorail station and it'd be the most consistent with it. The Monorail stations are easy enough to place.
  10. So errrm Floating Parks

    I like the floating parks but to be honest I would much preferred big, functional Marinas with boats that actually sail. Here's hoping for the next expansion, "On the Waterfront".
  11. The buildings look fabulous, Avanya! There's one thing that bothers me, though; for some some reason CO decided to make the European Suburbs their own theme rather than include them with the base European theme. Guess in the meantime I'll go back to using the Building Themes mod to correct it.
  12. Do you think it'd be possible for you to recreate the 16-lane monster road created in the Road Modding dev diary? I'd like to have it just for novelty purposes. (also the sooner somebody figures out how to create toll booths, the better)
  13. Those are superb buildings! I'm glad CO has decided to work with creative geniuses such as yourself, Avanya.
  14. Would it be possible for someone to make a variation of the 25 tiles mod that distributes the additional tiles among all the milestones? At the moment, all 16 extra tiles are unlocked with the final milestone, but I'd like a version where all the tiles are interspaced throughout the other milestones instead of all bunched up at the end.
  15. Additional Public Transit

    I mean no insult to the creator. Don't get me wrong, the model and texture look extremely high quality- but to me, for some reason the depot just looks out of place compared to the other assets in the game. It seems like the textures are too high-res, and I feel like it resembles a warehouse more than a depot. Not to mention, I'm not a big fan of the appearance of red brick on it.It just seems to clash with the sleek and modern Concrete Tracks. I suppose the same argument could be applied to the tram depot but I think that one seems more seamless, I'm not sure why. This is exactly what I was thinking! I eagerly await what you come up with!