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  1. European W2W building

  2. Contiguous United States

    All HIS maps (including this one) require NE2000m.dat to work properly. Otherwise you may get the issue of large swathes of land being underwater.
  3. IRM W2W SG Industry Pack 02 by Simgoober

  4. Forest Valley

    I do love it! Sorry that i reviewed my own Map... sorry.
  5. Clerkenwell Library

  6. Forest Valley

    Version 1.0.0


    Deutsch-German / Österreichisch-Austrian / Schweizerdeutsch-Swissgerman Hallo Leute! Das Waldheimer-Tal (englische Version: Forest Valley) ist ein Tal der fiktiven Sorte, welches ich mit viel Präzision erstellt habe. Normalerweise sind die meisten Regionen groß, doch man kann ja auch mal ein bisschen Abwechslung gebrauchen! English (UK) Hello Guys! Forest Valley is a fictitious Valley, I've created it with a lot of precision basically are the most Regions large or medium-sized but a small one is nice too! Español-Spanisch (TEST) Hola! Región del Bosque o Valle del Bosque (version Inglés: Forest Valley) es un región ficticia, he creado con mucha precisión. Normalmente son los Regiónes gran o mediano, pero un pequeño región es tambíen bonito!
  7. AppleValley

    New Updates will be coming in a few hours!
  8. A Nonny Moose Memorial

    I love this Memorial. But one thing, can you make a HD version? But anyways great work!
  9. Ok, now my new Lenovo PC is here! And it does work very well! My First New Content will be uploaded soon!

    1. DecodingInspire


      Ok, Guys! I am very sorry to say this, but i can´t upload new SC4 Things ´cus i can´t install the Game and another things... My Operating System is too new... I am very sorry.

  10. In 3 days my new PC is here and then i can play SC4 and can make some new contents for SC4!!! Oh yeah!

  11. Hello Guys sorry that I were not online. My PC died 2months ago. And I am going to buy a new PC, don't worry, I will get a new and faster PC so fast I can. Just relax and wait until the next upload.

  12. Are there any "year" sc4 mods?

    I think he means SimCity 3000, not SimCity 4.
  13. Drawing when scrolling

    This Game is from 2003 I think. When you scroll or zoom in/out the city the graphics must be loaded, It isnt a technical problem you can make it faster the loading of the graphics, you must go to the options you can make it high. it works on my pc but the loading of the city isnt much better only a bit. MY PC Athlon XP 2600+ NVIDIA GeForce 5200 FX Direct X 9.0 RAM: 512MB 2years ago was it 1GB but one of them is corrupted. i dont know why.
  14. Ok Guys

    I did it, I uploaded 10mins ago the new Version of my Park Lot called The Clock-Plaza There are more PEOPLE!

  15. Burger King v2.0

    It is a really beautiful Building, it is much better than my bad BAT-Building (ClockPlaza and some new one that i am going to upload). Ok. It is for every Town, but Cities is it small but you can use it in the Smaller Districts of the Cities. I like it much but I must say I hate dependencies. (and my pc too) Review: 5 Stars Design: 5 Stars Building: 5 Stars looks in Town: 5 Stars looks in Cities inside: 4.6 Stars looks in Suburbs: 5 Stars