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  1. Back to Rural Again!

    oowww, ammazingg dudee... perfect
  2. Los Angeles

    BTW, for how long or hours you have to make this perfect layout
  3. Los Angeles

    wooww its just woow great layout dude, i want make a city like that thumbs up
  4. mons lacus Map

    woowww, another great great map good job dude
  5. Van Prooijen Trading

    This is superb building in 2017.. thanks a lot master... I want make BAT like that... so envious
  6. Fixed Highbury Stadium

    Looks great for arsenal hardcore fans...
  7. Great bat dude Always love your work
  8. Background

    Thanks dude
  9. Background

    Oh, i almost forgot ... A building like a palace that looks central on your city...
  10. Background

    Cooll, Uniqueits a stories about a "democrazy" Could you tell me BAT that you using it ??? thanks pals...
  11. PEG RTK3 REC AddOn1

    This is we call awesome BAT.. I'll try to make to my CJ seee yaaa...
  12. This is awesome mod dude

    Thanks to you, my city journal now different...

  13. Bixel's Zone List Helper

    Nice, I always admire your sense of BATing dude great Job bytheway
  14. Welcome to Downtown Bristol!

    Oke, thanks again @Doctoryzer Your CJ looks awesome again mmm, are you make a default map or downloadable map for yor this CJ ?
  15. Welcome to Downtown Bristol!

    Hei dude how to make a lot of TOYOTA can you share those building, its sound legit