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  1. Cities Skylines :: European City :: Dunham :: Episode 7 - industrialization

    By the way, thx for your comment. It's the first actually here XD
  2. Cities Skylines :: European City :: Dunham :: Episode 7 - industrialization

    Hey Altec, I like doing smaller projects. But I have a smaller project in mind that will be bigger. But first I want to End this Series. Episode 8 and 9 are allready released on youtube. Il but them here today. Specially in Episode 9 I go a little gracy with details XD. You will see Episode 8: Episode 9:
  3. Episode 8

  4. Episode 6 is out now. The Quality of the Vide is much higher now. just figgured it our how editing works hehe. hope you Enjoy the video!
  5. Finally Episode Nr. 5: of Dunham: Have fun...
  6. Everybody need Corn! Have a look into my VID
  7. Hello dear Cities Skylines Freaks!!! I wan't to present you my new castle-town. I have the plan, that this castle developes to a modern metropole through all tmes. I hope I can do it to there! Have a look in to the Video, hope you Enjoy.... Here als some Pictures for you: