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  1. Uh, guys? I'm having trouble keeping up with the amount of dead-ringers for C:S buildings I'm finding in Toronto. I started around Trinity–Bellwoods and stopped somewhere in Cabbagetown South because I was getting overwhelmed. Seriously, if you want to, go to Google Maps and start looking around beginning somewhere like the west end of Richmond street.
  2. Show us your Detail Shots

    This is my apology to @Ronyx69 for making him look at this travesty earlier today.
  3. Funny Screenshots

    I'm beginning to think I may have to put the water simulation into a retirement home, since it tends to completely forget what it was previously doing upon loading a save:
  4. I'd post the texture in question here but I don't want to accidentally step on Textures.com's toes. Mind if I chat you up on Discord or something? I remember asking him about that a while back. I think he lost interest in that mod due the overwhelming number of roads, paths, etc. that would need working on. I should probably add that this was during the period where NeXT had forked over to NeXT2 and Mass Transit was around the corner, making things extra daunting. Now that I think about it though, I did figure out a workaround for one issue he was having with the skin (shoulder stripe markings aligning the wrong way).
  5. At the moment I'm currently working on map theme based on Hokkaido (along with a fictional map to go with it), and I'm hoping I can get some feedback and assistance with finishing this. I'm also wanting to create a Japan-style network skin (mostly because not only is manually detailing countless roads tedious, but decals count toward the prop limit). I have some additional screenshots (from an older, now-broken save) that show off a few other things (like the concrete texture), although I had a different LUT active (rather than with the default temperate LUT seen below): http://imgur.com/a/cb2CK Would anyone be interested in kicking me in towards the right direction? Voice chat and screensharing over Discord is an option for whatever it's worth...
  6. Cymru Centre

    Version 1.0.0


    Format: .bld Dimensions: 3x3 Intended zone type: Commercial Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
  7. SunnySide 60

    Version 1.0.0


    Format: .bld Dimensions: 3x3 Intended zone type: Commercial Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
  8. SunnyProperties.SunnyRender.DayNightCloudsProperties is a boolean property that determines whether the sky has an actual skybox image applied to it or not: It doesn't look like a mod is disabling it (the property still defaults to false with "--noWorkshop --disableMods" appended to the launch options). Is there a reason for this? I always find myself using ModTools' scene explorer to re-enable it because of - to me - how much nicer it looks compared to the regular, empty, rather desolate-looking sky.
  9. Show us your Detail Shots

    I used the small square hatch decal from this pack, along with these various lines for filling in gaps were necessary (e.g. the middle part). I have no clue if that is actually what a 2-to-1 lane transition would look like in Japan. Also, the vanilla road arrows are TEARING ME APAAAAHHHT
  10. Show us your Detail Shots

    I found that I could use Ronyx's ploppable asphalt to cover up gaps in the ground. Full set of screenshots showing progression:
  11. Twitch has been using this overly-aggressive and hostile tactic for a while now. Just look up the phrase "Audio for portions of this video has been muted as it appears to contain copyrighted content owned or controlled by a third party." with your search engine of choice.
  12. Just recently found out the hard way that the entirety of the original OST (not the songs introduced in Unlimited such as Sixth Floor, Electric City, etc. for whatever reason) is on Twitch's "no-go" list: Bleh.
  13. I remember asking you about Patreon on Reddit a while back. Glad you have one now! Also this AnimUV stuff is BLOODY PERFECT FOR SOMETHING I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO, GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Edit: I'm totally up for a Discord server.
  14. Yet another possible counterpart within Tokyo, this time for H5 4x4 Highrise08: https://www.google.lv/maps/@35.6576264,139.7775215,425a,35y,103.46h,49.35t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Aside from the obvious difference of being reduced to a single building, the C:S version also has a tennis court on the roof instead of a helipad.
  15. I was following a cop car around in C:S and noticed that occasionally its status would change to "Doughnut break."