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  • Format: .bld
  • Dimensions: 2x2
  • Intended zone type: Civic - Library

Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.

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    • By Manuel-ito
      In this installment of the Maxis renewal series, the basic Maxis civic services, as well as some government related rewards, have been re-loted.
      As usual, changes include general lot redecoration, like most flora seasonalized and SCILT sidewalk textures, among other things.
      Lots overridden: Small and Large elementary schools, Small and Large high schools, City college, Basic and Mayor art museums, Local and Central Libraries, Private schools, Opera, Police kiosk, Small, Large and Deluxe police stations, Small and Large fire stations, Clinic, Medical center and Disease center, City halls, Courthouse, Stock exchange and Bureau of bureaucracy (Back shown in the screenshot)
      As usual, these overrides require a considerable amount of dependencies:
      CityHalls Mod Reward Fix (Needed for the City Hall Overrides. Make sure the overrides load after this!)
      Opera House Fix (Recommended)
      Maxis buildingprop Vol 1 and 2 OR T-Wrecks' Maxis prop name and query fix
      CP's SCILT (Linked to maxis default version, choose any version you want)
      PEG MTP Super resource pack
      SHK Parking Pack
      BSC Textures Vol 01
      BSC Textures Vol 02
      BSC Textures - Cycledogg Vol01b
      BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol 01
      BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol 02
      BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol 02
      BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol 01
      BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
      BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol 01
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 01
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 02
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 04
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 05
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 07
      BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol 09
      NUTs prop pack A
      As with any lot overrides, it's recommended to bulldoze any existing instances of these Maxis lot overrides in your desired region before (un)installing this plugin, otherwise it may lead to problems ranging from texture and prop mismatches to other issues. You can plop them back afterwards.
    • By Yellowfin
      Format: .bld Dimensions: 5x5 Intended zone type: Reward - Science Center Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
    • By chfzdn
      We have ideas for city simulation games but we don't have places to discuss and show off aside from forums. While this is working well, it can slows down consensus-based decision making. For instance, the SimCity 4's plugin redistribution problems remain unfixed completely due to lack of proper consensus among file exchanges. These problems are preventing the bigger challenges to be solved including the heavily-discussed better plugin downloading system.
      The Citysim Conference attempts to making the ideas into reality by grouping citysim community figures (game makers, modders etc) into one physical places. This year's Citysim Conf addresses open-source city simulators and SC4's plugin redistribution and downloading systems. For the place, we want to be accessible by everyone, especially Asian figures (who accounts for awesome mods). This will be decided by consensus. The time for the conf is around May 15, 2018. For who are asking for logo, preparations and other media, we want the figures who competent in the field to make it well (logo can be made by @Ganaram Inukshuk etc).
      Share your own replies (opinions included). Replies are respected. Thank you for your attention.
    • By AndisArt

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY SimCity 3000!
      SimCity 3000 turns 19 today and in celebration here is your chance to get your favorite buildings from the game into SimCity 4!
      From now until Sunday, February 11th 6pm UTC you can nominate up to three of your favorite buildings from SimCity 3000. Then the content creators will pick from the most popular votes and recreate these buildings for SimCity 4! 
      Here are the rules:
      each user can post up to three buildings for nomination buildings must be original SimCity 3000 content (incl. Add-On content) and not be custom made buildings must not be from the landmarks category with real-world buildings, only original designs from the game nominations are required to be showing a clear image of the building, preferably with the original ingame name if possible please post your nominations individually, so that each building can be liked. the most liked buildings will be considered for creation. Users can give likes to as many buildings as they want For submitting the nominations you can use pictures from the internet or from the SimCity 3000 STEX section, play the game and make a screenshot (please note the name of building as well) or check this selection of SimCity 3000 buildings found here (with names): 
      For BATers: This project is open to all BATers, if you want to participate, post here or send me a PM. Your involvement can be as small or big as you like. There will be two rounds of due dates for the submission of the buildings, targeted for March and April respectively. BATers are not required to lot their buildings if they dont want to and can just submit their creation as a SimCity4 .model file. 
      So far we have for creating BATs:  JP Schriefer, MushyMushy, Diego del Llano, jasoncw, mattb325, nofunk and myself
      Happy submitting and good luck!
    • By Jasoncw
      Designed by Isamu Noguchi, The Pylon sits at the base of Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, and anchors the entrance to Hart Plaza, which he also designed with the same spirit of elemental simplicity. The Pylon was inspired by the double helix of DNA. Noguchi said, "All things tend to spiral- water and air. This is a basic thing. It is so basic it is beyond design. It's so basic, it is like a needle." It was built in 1973.
      There are two landmark lots included, a 1x1 and a 2x2, which allow you to align The Pylon to either roads or avenues, or to be placed in traffic circles. You can use any combination of these two lots without conflicts.

      There are two versions of the .SC4Model file, but you can only install one of them.

      Please read the readme for more information.
      Files Included:
      Jasoncw - BSP - The Pylon (AA).SC4Model: This version features anti-aliasing, resulting in smoother borders around the building. Features TruNite. This is the recommended .SC4Model file to install.
      Jasoncw - BSP - The Pylon (NAA).SC4Model: The anti-aliasing effect on the other version causes a visual glitch (gameplay is not affected) when the building overlaps certain objects in the game (for example, the Wind Power Plant). If you run into problems with the AA version, you can replace it with this one. Also features TruNite.
      Jasoncw - BSP - The Pylon (1x1).SC4Lot:

      Lot Size: 1x1
      Plop Cost: §25,000
      Monthly Cost: §50
      Jasoncw - BSP - The Pylon (2x2).SC4Lot:

      Lot Size: 2x2
      Plop Cost: §25,000
      Monthly Cost: §50
      Jasoncw - BSP - The Pylon - ReadMe.html: This is the readme. It contains more information and installation instructions.
      BAT: Jasoncw
      Modding & Query: Jasoncw
      Click here for development discussion of new projects by Jasoncw
      Click here for development discussion of new projects by The Barry Sanders Project

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