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  1. Sidewalk Bus Stops

    Thank you!! I now might be able to use buses more often :) 
  2. (Online and Offline) Solar Storage Batteries

    omg that's cool! :d   (yes I'm back XD
  3. (Offline Only) Commercial Parking Lot

    wooow nice! :D   now maybe  parking garage for the bigger towns XDXD nah just playing, it's really nice ^^
  4. Museum [Offline Only]

    wow it's looks really nice LOVE the details! :D
  5. *mod ideal* Plopable flag poles! :D

    Well hope you figure it out ^^ I'm only an artist and low level programmer here ^^;
  6. WOOO!! hope this will make the game a lot better once we start to grow our community more thinkers, more modders and programmers and artists! who knows that we can do together? ^^
  7. A lot more xD like in SimCity 4 xD
  8. Haha :) maybe.   Hehe C: time for new buildings to pop up now ^^
  9.   neek week on the 18th is a golden globe for SimCity 2013   What do you mean by that? I guess I'll see xD
  10. OMG A BUILDING!! :D the start of a new era for SimCity modding huh? ^^
  11. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    AWESOME! :D   this makes %100 plop built cities easier to make! :D