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  1. CamModB1

  2. i like this mod, i really do, but i also really miss having the original plop points
  3. ProcessorFactory Upgraded 1.0

    would u mind making a modpak that features all these type mods u have done?
  4. Regional MagLev Tracks

    this looks cool! i so need to get COT. whats next? perhaps regional zoning? fix the regional cursor distance issue? or maybe find a way to get the overlays aligned again? u do great work sir. THANK YOU
  5. i want to get this mod and all your other mods like this one if i could do it all at once. can u compile these mods into one pack?
  6. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    it may be that only SOME maps allow the placement of ALL buildings outside the vanilla box. Ive only tried mustang run so far. ill test a few more maps and see if theres a difference. ill ask other modders to plz test this as well.     EDIT: I have tested this and found that there ARE INDEED SOME MAP PLOTS that allow placement of services, parks, utilites, and services. All you have to do is experiment with the different map plots and find one that suits you. With that being said, MOST plots will NOT let u place these particular buildings. Please spread this to all other places like reddit and possibly put this info into the main mod page HERE. im talking to you yayie haha!
  7. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    i am not able to plop any services, parks, or uitilites outside the vanilla city box. yes im trying only north and east sides of the map. i have UDON, AKAR, AVALON, ALL RCI PLOP. they all work perfectly fine but i see some users plopping EVERYTHING outside the borders. what am i doing wrong?
  8. Elevated Railway (Offline Only - replaces maglev)

    Yeah is Cities of tomorrow needed?   Same here....ive seen several people ask this question with no asnwer...
  9. Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)”

    downloaded and installed to the SimCity Data folder. Error message popped up before the launch screen. it said "SimCity has stopped working". i deleted the mod from the Data folder and viola the game works fine. any help? do i need COT?
  10. Civilian Vehicles - Mixed Collection

    this really looks great ya'll! could be my favorite mod so far. if people start changing buildings to dunkin donuts and starbucks thatd be something!
  11. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    you should include install instructions in the mod description. i see that folks are having trouble making it work correctly and that makes me not wanna download this